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How To Complete A New Jersey Business Entity Search

It is important to do a business entity search if your filing for a New Jersey LLC. It allows you to know what other companies have registered the same or similar names. When you do this, you won’t have to worry about registering something similar to a different business that may have nothing to do with the products or services you are offering. By simply going to the New Jersey Portal website, specifically in the business entity search section, you can do your search there. Once you have determined that is available, you can register that name, and that’s what you will use when you set up your LLC.


New Jersey Business Entity Search

Is It Possible To Set Up An LLC In New Jersey?

It is certainly possible to create a limited liability company in New Jersey. This is true for all states. You can set one up within minutes, although it will take some time for the approval process to go through. Next, you will complete the forms and submit them to the state of New Jersey for approval. The protection that it can provide is the main reason that people do this, so if you do not have an LLC protecting your company, or yourself, you will need to get this done as soon as possible.

How To Set Up An LLC In New Jersey

The process for setting one up in New Jersey is simple. It’s also one of the most affordable ones that you can set up in the United States. Once you have completed your search for your LLC name and registered it, you can then take the next step which is finding a registered agent. If you happen to be working with a company that is helping you get this done, they will likely have a registered agent that they can recommend.

In fact, many of these businesses will act as your registered agent which will cost you a couple of hundred dollars a year. Once that is done, you will have paperwork to fill out. What needs to be submitted to the Division of Revenue Business Formation web portal is the Public Records Filing document. If you do this online, the cost will be a little over $125. The same is true if you pay by credit card. However, the filing fee itself is a flat $125. What you are submitting is a filled-out Public Records Filing.

What Is The Public Records Filing Document?

This is where all of the information is contained regarding your LLC. It will be the name of the LLC, followed by the three-letter code LLC, and then the business purpose will also be listed. The limited liability company and its registered agent must be on the document as well, including their name and address. The authorized representative that is completing the form will sign the paper. They will then be submitted. It will take about three days or less to complete this process and have it approved in New Jersey.

Why The Operating Agreement Is An Optional Document

The Operating Agreement is optional because it only pertains to you, your company, and potential legal matters. It is a good way of outlining what your LLC is responsible for doing. You are going to list your members and managers, the rights that they have, and their responsibilities, and it will show that your LLC is a completely separate entity. This is important if you are ever in court. You need to show that there is a separation between your assets and the LLC itself. It is for this reason that setting up a limited liability company can be so important.

Are There Any Further Steps Today?

It is important to obtain your EIN number. This is what most businesses do if they have employees. Business licenses must be obtained before you start doing your business. Consider state tax registration and how you will pay your taxes when the time comes. If this is done properly, your business will thrive and will be fully protected by the limited liability company. New Jersey makes it extremely easy to accomplish all of this, but you may still want to work with a professional business that can help you get it done.

This overview of how to research your business name, and set up your LLC, should help you on the path to creating one. The fees for doing so are minimal, especially when compared to the benefits of having an LLC at your disposal. If it is filed properly, it will be approved within days, and you can expedite that process if you want to. Now that you know how to do this, you may also want to consider working with professional businesses that can help you get this done.

Finding a Good Domain Name

Finding a good domain name for your business is a great idea, but can sometimes be tricky without the right tools. We recommend using the Business Name Generator tool from The Really Useful Information Company.