How You Can Obtain A New Jersey Business License

If your goal is to set up a small business in New Jersey, you will likely need to have some type of business license to be legal. You can get permits and licenses that can help start the process, and you can locate all of the information that you need at the New Jersey Business Portal. It is at this portal that you will locate financing and incentive information, as well as tips and strategies for growing your business. Employer responsibilities will also be listed, along with places to register for a New Jersey business license. If you are creating a business in the state, consider also setting up an LLC so that you can protect your assets.


Can You Get More Than One Business License?

Most of the businesses that are operating in New Jersey must have some type of license. It just depends on the profession or purpose of the business itself. For example, you need to have proper licenses and permits for child care centers, telemarketing companies, and also car-rental services. In the licenses and permits section, you can determine which one would be the best suited for you. If you are only operating at the local level, or if you will have an online presence, this can dictate which one you should get for your company.


New Jersey Business License

Why You Should Set Up An LLC With This Business

Once your business is set up, if you want to protect yourself, setting up an LLC would be the next logical decision to make. Limited liability companies have become very popular in recent years because of how many people have stated how it has protected their assets. If you already have a name for your business, you will then want to check if that name has been registered with any other company.

If not, could use that for the LLC that you are creating. You also need to find a registered agent. The purpose of the registered agent is to provide you with legal documents. It’s either an individual or a business, that has a permanent place to operate. You will want to begin with the Public Records Filing in order to start the process of getting your limited liability company set up.


Tips On Understanding A Public Record Filing

This document goes by many other names depending upon the state you are in. In this particular case, it is referred to as the Public Records Filing. It is going to contain the name of your LLC, the three-letter code after the name, the purpose of the business that you are either operating now or you will be setting up. The registered agent needs to be listed along with their name and address, and the signatures of authorized representatives should also be present on the document. You can submit all of this for hundred and $25 if you visit the Division of Revenue Business Formation web portal.


Why You Need To Have An Operating Agreement

Another document that people are using is called the Operating Agreement. It is designed to provide an overview of what your LLC does. It will list the managers and members, and what they are allowed to do within the context of the rules set up within the limited liability company. Therefore, the rights and responsibilities of each person will be listed. This document, once completed, defines the fact that it is separate from your business. It is necessary to use this, or at least advantageous if you are facing a court battle with an individual or business trying to strip you of your assets.


Does It Take Long To Set Up An LLC In New Jersey?

One of the best aspects of setting up a New Jersey LLC is the speed at which it will happen. In normal circumstances, it will happen within 1 to 3 business days. They also provide you with the option of completing this process in 24 hours. Of course, this will be for an extra fee. Just make sure that the naming requirements of the LLC are correct, and that it is not confusing or similar to another business. If it is filled out properly, and you submitted online, within days your LLC will be fully functional.


Why This Is An Excellent Idea For Most Businesses Today

Most of the businesses that provide services or products run the risk of being sued at some point in time. The LLC will protect the individual in charge of the business, and it will render those suing them helpless when it comes to accessing their assets. This asset protection is one of the top reasons that limited liability companies are created. If you happen to be in the New Jersey area, and you have an existing business, you should create one of these right away.

If you have a goal of creating a limited liability company, consider getting this done immediately. It’s a fast process, one that you can likely do in the span of a few hours, but you can also rely on experts to help you. They can do the paperwork for you, working directly with you, to ensure that the document submitted is not missing any information. After the Public Records Filing has been submitted to the Division of Revenue Business Formation web portal, you will soon have your LLC helping to protect you. For more information, find a reputable business that creates LLCs and all of the states.

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