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Business Entity Search: New Mexico

Before you start up a company in the state of New Mexico, you must adhere to the right procedures before choosing a business name. If you do not follow the correct steps it can end up causing headaches and prolonging the process. In this guide, we will give you information on how to search for your New Mexico LLC Title. This will be the initial step involved in how to form an LLC in New Mexico.

To do this individuals will need to compare the LLC title that they would like to use against other registered existing businesses in your state.

This part of the process refers to an LLC name being “distinguishable upon the records”.

The New Mexico Secretary of State maintains the New Mexico database for business titles.

The New Mexico State LLC title has to comply with requirements associated with the New Mexico LLC Act, along with other rules.

If you know what to do and you just need the link for the “name search”, use this: New Mexico business entity search.

However, we still suggest that you continue to read over this guide to ensure individuals are not making any mistakes when choosing your New Mexico LLC title.


New Mexico Business Entity Search

Requirements For A New Mexico LLC Name

Rule and stipulations governing New Mexico LLC names can be found in Section 53-19-3 of the New Mexico LLC Act.

We have made them slightly easier to understand and read the information below:

– Using A Comma In Your LLC Title

You can add a comma to your NM LLC Title, but it is not a requirement. The state accepts both variations, which means it is your choice whether to add a comma or not.

Here is an example:

If your “base” Title for an LLC is CBA Management here are a few examples of the LLC name that you can use:

CBA Management LLC

CBA Management, LLC

Note: There are other alternatives to ending your LLC Title with the “LLC” designator.

– New Mexico LLC Designator

The New Mexico LLC Title that you choose has to include an “ending” (designator). Here are the designators that the state allows:





Limited Co.

Ltd. Co.

Limited Liability

Ltd. Company

Limited Liability Company

Limited Liability Co.

Abbreviations and words are prohibited in a New Mexico LLC Title. At the same time, your New Mexico LLC name can’t indicate that your business is a corporation or any other business entity types that are not LLC’s

You also cannot use these designators or words in your New Mexico LLC name:


Incorporated or Inc.

Corporation or Corp.

L.P. or LP

L.L.P or LLP

You also can’t use these words in an LLC name:



Insurance Company


You are also not allowed to make the New Mexico LLC name that you choose, sounds like it is one of the government agencies. Avoid using words such as Government, Fire Department, Police, Federal, Country, Town, City, United States of America, or any other words that might mislead consumers or the public.

If you have any queries about your LLC name, contact the New Mexico Secretary of State at 505-827-4508. Their hours of operation are 8 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday, Mountain Time.

The New Mexico LLC name that you have chosen has to be distinguishable.

The LLC name that you would like to use must be unique (distinguishable) according to the records held by the New Mexico Secretary of State.

LLC name uniqueness or distinguishability is made up of various components.

For instance, when LLC examiners (individuals that review LLC documents) look at your LLC name, they compare the “core” of your LLC name to other existing New Mexico businesses.

They will ignore:

Conjunctions and articles (a, an & and, the)




Plural and Singular Words

Certain Special Characters

Certain Abbreviations

Here are examples of names that are NOT distinguishable:

Peter Paul and Mary Studios, LLC vs Peter-Paul-Mary Studios, Inc

Smith Group, LLC vs. Smith Group, Inc.

Tier Three Consulting, LLC vs. Tier 3 Consulting, LLC

Apple Orchards, LLC vs, The Apple Orchards, LLC

Printing Shop, LLC vs. The Printing Shop, LLC

Black & Yellow, LLC vs, Black and Yellow, LLC


Tips On How To Search For A New Mexico LLC Name


This part of the guide covers the “business services entity” search function, featured on the Secretary of State website. On this webpage, you will find out about the different steps required to check if the business name is available or to investigate the different business filings and details of particular entities. To make it more convenient for you, here are the instructions you need to search for a business name as well as entity ID #.

Step One:

The first part of the process involves navigating to the webpage. From here you can enter an “entity name” directly into the provided search bar, followed by clicking on Search. You can also refine and filter your results using the Contains and Exact Match options.

Step Two:

Your search will produce a list that contains all the entities that match up to the metrics associated with your search. Go through the results till you find one of the businesses you would like to “investigate”, followed by clicking on the entity name to proceed.

Step Three:

This will take you to a final page that provides all the information that the Secretary of State makes available for public viewing. Data that is displayed includes organizer names, contact information, the entity ID number, and the registered-agent information.


Search By Business ID Number


Step One:

Start by clicking on navigating to the webpage. Once you have landed on the page you can enter the business information ID# into the entry field followed by clicking on Search.

Step Two:

If you have entered the correct business ID#, this number will produce one search result. From here click on the blue entity name to proceed.

Step Three:

The next page provides the information that the Secretary of State has made available for public viewing. Data displayed will also include the contact information, ID #, the organizer’s names, and registered-agent details.


How To Search For Name Availability


Step One:

First, navigate to the correct webpage where you can enter the business name to the left in the 1st entry field. Click on Search to continue to the next step.

Step Two:

If the name you have chosen is available, an image will be shown like the one displayed below. If the name you have chosen is used already, a list that contains the registered entities that are conflicting with the name you have chosen will come up.

Finding a Good Domain Name

Finding a good domain name for your business is a great idea, but can sometimes be tricky without the right tools. We recommend using the Business Name Generator tool from The Really Useful Information Company.

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