LLC Permits And Business Licenses In New Mexico

After registering for your tax identification number, completing any business license applications and forming an LLC in New Mexico, you will be required to comply with all city and county permit and businesses license requirements of New Mexico. So you might be asking. I just started a small business in Santa Fe, do I need a New Mexico Business License?

Your specific requirements you may need for your LLC will depend on the location of your businesses and the industry that your businesses belongs to.

It is very risky to not comply with permit and business license in New Mexico requirements, and could result in your having to pay fines and penalties. Even worse you might be prohibited from conducting business in the state of New Mexico if you get caught operating with out a New Mexico small business license you may need.


New Mexico LLC Business Licenses

What types of questions will be asked on business license application?

Depending on the type of application applying for, you will most likely be asked:

• Name of business

• Address/location of business

• Tax Identification Number (EIN

• Owners names and addresses

• Any employees

• Type of ownership

• Date business started

You will also be asked to send in a check or money order for the application fee. The application fee may vary depending on the city fees and different applications.

Different types of permits and Business licenses you might need to have in New Mexico

The following are some examples of permits and New Mexico Businesses license that your LLC might be required to have:

New Mexico Seller/reseller permit (a very common business licenses)

Sales & use tax permit in New Mexico

New Mexico Liquor business license

Tobacco & alcohol permit business license

Zoning permit

Alarm permit

Signage permit

New Mexico Occupational permit

Health permit

Building permit

City tax permits & business licenses

New Mexico Business Licenses DIY

*No Business License in New Mexico Required

New Mexico does not have any state-level, general business state licenses. Business licenses instead are mandated by the local government.

New Mexico Counties

There are 33 Counties in New Mexico

Call the county office customer service that your LCC is located in. Ask about the permit and/or business license requirements in that county.

For Bernalillo county customer service information visit

In New Mexico, many required business licenses and permits are provided locally. Depending on where your business is located, business owners would apply for an llc and permits at a county clerk’s office. Although, there are also cases where licenses are provided by a different office or by a city. In Albuquerque, business licenses are handled by the city’s Treasury Division.

For Albuquerque county planning department information visit

New Mexico’s Regulation and Business Licensing Department

You might be required by the NMRLD to contact certain agents for your LLC’s permit and New Mexico business license requirements. Need help getting your an LLC for your New Mexico Small Business? Contact us for assistance.

Occupational Licenses

Occupational licensing requirements are needed by the state of New Mexico for certain professionals and trades. The state of NM has 48 different boards, businesses and establishments which supply licenses that make up over 380 different occupations. These licenses are often a way to oversight, protect the health, well-being and safety of citizens. Qualifications for license applicants can be as easy as submitting an application along with set fees. In other cases, qualifications are very intricate and can cover the completion of advanced degrees, continuing education requirements and the passing of required exams. The different licensing authorities provide the public with information on standards of practice, a method of searching for licensed individuals and an option for dispute resolution.They tend to be those where a state business license is required in order to practice (accounting, legal, medical, etc.). The occupational license is required in order to practice those professions in New Mexico. However, don’t confuse that with needing to have a local business license in order to do business. If holding an occupational business license is something you are required to have, you might be required to also have a local business license. If you have any questions in regards to the business license requirements you may need in New Mexico feel free to contact us.

What We Recommend

In the United States, there are almost 20,000 permit and llc licensing jurisdictions, with each of them having its own regulations and rules.

To save yourself some time, we recommend that you hire a professional service company (such as IncFile) to conduct research and prepare all of your business and llc applications. They can tell you if you need a business license or not and help you through the process. It’s always better to use a professional to make sure you set up your business license correctly.

This type of service can provide a comprehensive package to you of all of the tax registrations, permits, and business licenses that are required for your LLC in New Mexico, along with all of the application forms that are needed. For more information visit our home page or contact us online.

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