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How To Easily Get A Small Business License In New York

Are you looking to start a small business in the state of New York? First, you may need to secure a number of state licenses or registrations as the start of the process. Let’s take a quick look at the main informational resources that are available and the additional steps you will be required to take.


New York Business License


New York Small Business Information Programs


it is possible to find a number of answers to your questions at some of the following state-run websites.

Business First Resource Center (Small Business section)

Empire State Development (Small Business section)

New York Small Business Development Center

Business section of

These essential websites will provide invaluable information of topics such as:

Financial Assistance

Start-up Assistance

Industry Resources



Employee Hiring and Training

Regional Resources


Additionally, these sites are going to provide you with in-depth knowledge on licenses and permits.


Get One or More Business Licenses

It is important to realize that not every New York business is going to require a license. However, there are a number of businesses that are required to obtain a business license. Apart for license that are required to specific occupations and professions, a business may be required to obtain a license or permit for such variables as food, agriculture, specific products offered for sale, and environmental.

The New York License Center offers a list of the various licenses that are issued by the state, including many that are required for specific businesses. You can click on the Center’s link to obtain more information. The site also offers links to the state’s online Business Wizard, which allows you to enter the specifics of your business and it will generate all of the permits and licenses that you must obtain.

The Business Wizard also offers a list of state agencies that issue all the necessary business licenses as well as what each one offers. However, keep in mind that this is a rather extensive list. In addition to all of the available licenses, you may apply for them online.

As a business owner, you may also be required to obtain a business license on a local level. An example of this would be New York City, which also has its own Business Wizard website. Similar to the state website, the local site will allow you to add all pertinent information about the business and receive a listing of all required local licenses. It is always a wise idea to check the local and county websites where your business will be located to ensure you obtain all possible licenses.


File Records for Your Form of Business

In addition to the permits and licenses that will be required, all LLCs and corporations will have their own organizational documents that will need to be filed. Specifically, LLCs, corporations and various other business entities will need to register and file State Records, Division of Corproations, and the Uniform Commercial Code of the Bew York Department of State. You may find more detailed information directly on the DOC website.


Obtain Professional Licensing

If you are a member of a large group of occupations or professionals, it is necessary to be licensed by the State of the New York. The state makes a limited distinction between an occupation and a profession. It is possible to receive more information of licensing for a number of professions by visiting with the Office of the Professions, which is a division within the New York State Education Department. The Office of Professions lists a number of the state’s licensed professions as well as links that lead to more detailed information as well as licensing requirements. Lawyers and physicians are not on the Office of Professions list as well as a number of others.

The New York Department of Labor also features a number of state-licensed occupations in addition to various professions on its official website. Some of the various professions that are listed such as Architect overlap with the listings on the Office of Professions site. There is also a section that includes the state agencies that regulate all of the listed occupations and similar to the Office of Professions website, it offers links to more detailed information.


Register an Assumed or Fictitious Business Name

The vast majority of businesses will not operate under the name of their owner. Typically, they will operate under a business name. Additionally, some businesses may choose to register with the state under ana actual or true name and at some point decide to operate under another name. Depending upon how your business is structured, this other name may be known as a fictitious name, trade name, assumed name, or as a DBA or “Doing Business As”. New York LLCs, limited partnerships, and corporations that use an assumed name will need to file a specific form with the state. Other business operations using an assumed name, such as general partnerships and sole proprietorships will need to file a form with the county clerk in every county where the business entity conducts business.


Register a Trademark or Service Mark

There are a number of legal definitions for trade names, trademarks, and service marks. However, in general terms, trade names, service marks, and trademarks are used to specifically identify a service, business, or product. This includes the distinguishing of a service, product, or business from any potential competitors. Service marks and trademarks may be registered with the state. You will find much more detailed information as well as all necessary forms on the DOC website. Click here for more information about Service Mark Registration or Trademark Regis Also, it is a good idea to research the DOC’s FAQ Trademark page.