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Overview Of North Carolina Articles Of Organization

If you are operating an LLC in North Carolina, or if you are considering the possibility, you should also think about protecting your personal assets. An excellent way to do this is to form what is called a limited liability company. You can do this in every state, but it must be done in a certain way depending upon where your business is located. In North Carolina, you will have to fill out paperwork, and one of those documents is called the Articles of Organization. This is the document that you will submit to the Business Registration Division of the North Carolina Secretary of State office for consideration to create one.


North Carolina Articles Of Organization


What Do The Articles Of Organization Represent?

On this document, you need to list very specific information about your LLC. There are things that must be done prior to completing this document. Without doing so, you will not be able to complete it. For example, the name of the LLC needs to be registered. In order to register it, it needs to be available. To determine availability, you must find out whether or not any company in North Carolina is using this particular name. You don’t want something similar to a dissimilar business. Once you have registered this, this can be added to the Articles of Organization. It’s also necessary to find a registered agent. This can be done independently, or you can use a business that is helping you to create your LLC to provide you with one. Additional information will include your principal office location, its phone number, and you may want to also provide your email. If you don’t have one chosen, you can pick a date in advance when the LLC will be fully active. Once it is signed by you or the representatives representing you will, it can be filed either by mail or online. You will pay a filing fee of $125, and then it will take about 12 days for this to be approved.


Is This Something A Company Can Do For You?

Businesses will be able to do this for you that specializes in the creation of limited liability companies. You may not realize how easy they are to locate. They charge reasonable amounts of money for offering the service and can provide you with year-round coverage depending upon the type of business that they are operating. In some cases, they can also act as your registered agent, which we will now discuss.


What A Registered Agent Does For You

The registered agent represents a company, or it could be a person, that is willing to receive your legal mail. All of this information will be delivered to you, but it must be first sent to them. They must have a physical location, one that can receive mail, in order to qualify for this position. That is why many of the companies that help people set up LLCs will also act as registered agents. In the state of North Carolina, you do need to have one, so if you decide to work with the business that can set up your LLC, you won’t have to worry about finding one to work with you.


How To File Your Articles Of Organization

To file this paper, and get it directly to the Business Registration Division, you will go online, and it is there that you will submit this document, and wait up to 12 days for it to be approved. If this is something you would prefer not to do, you can work with a company that has trained professionals that can do it for you. They will also make sure that all of the information that is required will be added to the document so that it will be approved without delay.


Different Options To Consider With LLCs

To form your LLC, you need to also consider tax reasons for doing so. It is also important to obtain your EIN number. Business licenses can also be obtained, and you must find out information regarding the Department of Revenue and the type of taxes that you will be responsible for paying. Since the LLC itself does not file taxes, those taxes will be expected from you or the members that are part of the limited liability company. Once you have evaluated all of these options, and understand how the LLC is going to help you, you can then file to have it activated.

This information regarding the Articles of Organization for North Carolina should help you understand the proper procedure for entering this information. This document is short, but it does require very specific types of information, allowing you to create your LLC in just about two weeks. If you haven’t done it before, you can do research, or simply work with the company that will do all of the hard work for you. At the same time, they can also provide you with a registered agent that is necessary when setting up a limited liability company.

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