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How To Get A North Carolina Business License

To set up a business in North Carolina, you will likely need some type of business license based upon the services and products that you offer. In this state, there is no designation for one generic business license is. Therefore, you must do research in regard to the type that you will need, allowing you to fulfill all of the state requirements. There are nearly a thousand regulatory state-issued licenses, ones that relate to different occupations, plus there are hundreds of permits that you may also have to have. Here is an overview of how you can decide on which business license you will need.


Different Types Of Business Licenses In North Carolina

If you want a business license, you must first determine which one would be the most appropriate in general. There are different business licenses, occupational licenses, and others in between. For example, when you go to the North Carolina business and occupational license database, you simply have to type in the keyword that is related to your business. You will then scroll down, look at all of the different businesses that are there, and choose one that is relative to the one that you are setting up. This is the easiest way to go about finding the exact license that you need and then you can apply to get it.


North Carolina Business License


What About Setting Up An LLC?

Setting up an LLC is similar in design to many of the other states. You must first register your name for the LLC. This will be followed by getting a registered agent to act as your mediation point between those sending legal documents and you. You must also fill out the Articles of Organization which is what you will submit to seek approval for your limited liability company. The Operating Agreement is something else that you can use, though it is not mandatory, something that is similar in most other states.


How To File Your Articles Of Organization

Before you file this document, you will have to fill it out with the necessary information. This will include the name of the LLC, the people or person that is signing the articles including their name and address. The LLC’s registered agent must also be listed. They must also list their address and name as well. You will then need to place the phone number and address of the principal office of the LLC, along with its email. If you are not sure when you want to have this started, you can simply choose an effective date in the future. The signature of the organizer or member that is submitting this documentation must be on the document. This could also be a representative that is doing the same. This will be submitted directly to the North Carolina Secretary of State, Business Registration Division. The total cost is $125 and can be submitted by mail or you can complete this online.


The Operating Agreement

This is the optional document that you should certainly fill out. It is advisable for one specific purpose. It allows the courts to understand that your LLC is not you, but is a separate entity, and this is spelled out in detail with all of the content that you will provide. This content will include who the members are, what their powers are, and what their duties and rights will be. With all of this information on this document, it will paint a clear picture of how your LLC operates and defined that it is certainly a separate entity.


Other Things You Need To Do For Starting A Business

You should have already obtained your EIN number by completing IRS form SS-4. This IRS employer identification number is absolutely necessary. Business licenses should be obtained, and you should also learn more information about the taxes that you will have to pay. In regard to the business license, this is the initial step that you ought to take just to make sure that your business will be in compliance with state and county laws.


Is This Too Complex For A Person To Do On Their Own?

This is not going to be complex if you take your time. The documents are simple to fill out. What is difficult is knowing if you have made mistakes, especially on the Articles of Organization that must be submitted to the state of North Carolina. By simply working with a company that understands how to do this, you can seek their advice and they can also complete the paperwork at your behest. Once submitted, it will take about 12 business days for the LLC to be activated. Once it is active, you can feel confident that your assets will be protected.

This brief overview of how to obtain a business license in North Carolina, as well as how to set up an LLC, should help you toward getting your business started. All of this is straightforward, but if you want to have someone else do it, you can always work with a reputable business that can offer you their services.

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