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How To Easily Obtain Your North Dakota Business License

If you have set up a business in North Dakota, but it is not active yet, there are likely a few things you have left to do. One of those is likely obtaining the proper business license for your company. The one that you get will often depend upon the type of products or services that you offer. It should be noted that not every person that starts a business in North Dakota is going to need a business license. However, for those that do, you must obtain the one that you need. In fact, some businesses will need more than one license to be legal in the state. Here is an overview of how you can determine what business licenses you may need in the state of North Dakota.


North Dakota Business License


Business Licenses For Small Businesses In North Dakota

From business licenses to permits, it is important to obtain the proper ones for the company that you are currently operating. You may not have started yet, and if that is the case, it’s better to know in advance what types of business licenses will be necessary for your company. One of the first places you should visit is the North Dakota Department of Commerce. There is also the North Dakota Small Business Development Center. Between these two resources, you can quickly determine what business licenses, if any, you will need to operate a business in the state.


Professional Licensing In North Dakota

If you happen to be a professional in an occupation that requires a special type of licensing, you can visit the NDSU website for more information. There you will find a list of occupations and professions that will require state licensing. This will include professions such as HVAC professionals, veterinarians, engineers, attorneys, and accountants to name a few. Every one of these professions will be listed on the state regulatory board, and you will also be subject to renewal fees and application fees. It is also necessary, in many situations, to file a fictitious business name. You will do this if you are setting up a sole proprietorship, partnership, and you must also file certain papers to set up an LLC.


How To Set Up An LLC In North Dakota

Limited liability companies often work in conjunction with those that have created an assumed door fictitious business name. They provide protection for those that are the owners of the business that is providing products or services. You can protect your personal assets by setting one of these up in conjunction with your company. Before submitting your paperwork, you will need to register the name of your LLC which can be done by submitting the Application for Reservation of name form. This will cost $50 for the filing fee, but once this is registered, the name of your business, and the name of your LLC, can be the same.


Registered Agents And Articles Of Organization

You do have to have what is called the registered agent if you are setting up an LLC. They will receive the mail sent by the state regarding legal matters. The Articles of Organization represent the document you must submit to the North Dakota Secretary of State using form SFN 58701. On this form, you will list the registered agent, the name of your LLC, and the principal place where the LLC will be operating from. You also need to state when it will begin, how long it will last, and what the purpose of the limited liability company will be. You should also list the organizers and they must sign the form at the bottom.

The total cost will be $135 and you will submit this through the FirstStop website. You can also send the send by fax or regular mail. Once it is approved, you will benefit from the security of having an LLC that will protect your business. Also, remember that you should complete your Operating Agreement. This is a document, which is not mandatory, that can serve your limited liability company well by defining that the LLC is distinct from you and your assets.

If you do have a business in North Dakota, you now know how to find the proper licenses and permits that you may need to run your business. From standard businesses of sole proprietorships to professionals that are offering their services, you must have the proper licensing to conduct business in the state. If you decide to protect your business with an LLC, you also know how to do that, which begins with securing the name of your limited liability company. From there, submit your Articles of Organization to the North Dakota Secretary of State, and within weeks you will have your LLC set up. Always remember that you can have businesses do this for you. You should contact one today to get this process started.

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