Northwest Registered Agent Review

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  • Preparation & Filing of Articles
  • Next Business Day Processing
  • Registered Agent Service (1st Year FREE)
  • Lifetime Company Alerts
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  • Free Business Tax Consultation
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Northwest Registered Agent Review

If you’re starting a business, you’re likely facing many challenging questions, including whether to form a Limited Liability Company (LLC) to protect your enterprise and your assets. And if you choose to become an LLC, how do you go about doing it? Most business owners use a professional incorporation service to save them the hassle of filing themselves.

There are several filing services available to form an LLC, but which one is best for you? Northwest Registered Agent is one of the largest and most respected players in the LLC filing industry. To help you choose the right LLC filing service, below is a Northwest Registered Agent Review to help explore Northwest’s services, pricing, and customer reviews, and to take a look at how Northwest rates against its main competitors.

What is an LLC?

You can register a business under three main structures:

Sole proprietorship

  • LLC
  • Corporation

There are benefits and drawbacks to each. For example, sole proprietorships make filing taxes simple but do not protect you from personal liability if your business is sued or goes bankrupt.

LLCs typically are more flexible than a corporation and offer more protection than a sole proprietorship. An LLC can relieve you of personal responsibility for your business’ debts or other liabilities. Another benefit is that your assets—including your home or personal bank accounts—won’t be viewed as company assets if your business suffers bankruptcy or a lawsuit.

You don’t need to own a big company to register it as an LLC. In fact, LLC formation supports businesses owned by only one person. Sole owner LLCs are called “single member.” An LLC with more than one owner is called a “multiple member” LLC.

Other benefits of an LLC include:

Easy to file taxes: If you have an LLC, the IRS typically taxes it as if it’s a sole proprietorship, which means your profits are taxed only once. This arrangement allows owners to report income and pay any business tax on their personal tax returns. This process is known as “pass-through taxation” and makes up approximately 50% of U.S. business income.

Require little maintenance: LLCs aren’t burdened with the type of formal structural and reporting requirements of a corporation. There’s relatively little paperwork needed to maintain your LLC.

Exclusive rights to your LLC name: After an LLC formation, no other company in your state can use your LLC name—an essential benefit in protecting your company’s brand.

Although LLCs have fewer reporting responsibilities than corporations, after LLC formation, owners are required to:

  • Develop an operating agreement that identifies the responsibilities of the company’s members and officers
  • File regular reports on the enterprise’s location and activities
Employer identification number

Northwest Registered Agent LLC Formation Services

Regardless of whether you develop an LLC or a corporation, most states—whether large urban areas like New York or less populated states like Montana—require company owners to appoint a registered agent in any state where they do business. A registered agent’s fundamental role is to notify you if your enterprise is involved in a lawsuit. You can serve as your own registered agent, but most LLCs prefer to use Northwest Registered Agent or another registered agent to manage the process.

Northwest Registered Agent can help you incorporate as:

This Northwest Registered Agent review will focus on Northwest’s LLC formation service since most business owners use LLCs to incorporate their business. Also, Northwest’s LLC formation service is one of the main reasons to use Northwest Registered Agent. Multiple customer reviews support Northwest’s extensive expertise in starting a new LLC.

Northwest Registered Agent offers an LLC formation package for $225 (plus state fees) and includes everything below.

Expertise in LLC Formation in All States

Online reviews praise the Northwest Registered Agent support team, which uses accountants, paralegals, and attorneys to file incorporation documents. The Northwest support team is knowledgeable in navigating the various LLC formation process requirements in each state. This expertise in expediting LLC business formation is another reason to use Northwest Registered Agent.

Let a professional file your federal EIN number today

Let a professional file your federal EIN number today

Registered Agent Service in All 50 States

When you hire Northwest Registered Agent to start an LLC, they will represent your business in any state. Northwest Registered Agent has offices in all states and provides:

  • Acceptance and management of mail, tax notices, and lawsuits related to your company
  • Scanning of your enterprise documents at the local office
  • Access to Northwest Registered Agent’s Corporate Guides® services, which allows you to talk directly to an agent who specialized in LLC rules in your state whenever you have a question
  • Reporting on annual compliance

One Price for LLC Formation Services

Another strong reason to use Northwest Registered Agent is it charges a flat package rate of $225 plus state fees for every LLC incorporation service. They do not charge an extra fee if business owners need to expedite LLC filing in individual states.

Northwest Registered Agent does not add extra charges to state filing fees. Business owners pay only what each state charges for LLC formation and LLC filing. Northwest charges no hidden fees but does provide some paid add-on programs to their registered agent and LLC formation services.

Documents and an Annual Service Agreement

When you form an LLC with Northwest Registered Agent, they supply you with:

  • Custom-drafted articles of organization
  • LLC membership certificates
  • Initial LLC resolutions
  • LLC operating agreement
  • Registered agent service for a year

Online Account to Manage Your Services

These tools allow Northwest Registered Agent clients to access:

  • LLC formation documents
  • Compliance reports
  • Copies of any document scanned by Northwest Registered Agent state offices
  • LLC resources for states where you do business
  • Easy filing of new documents or amendments via your online account

One-on-One Customer Service

Dozens of customer reviews highlight Northwest’s customer support as a leading reason to use Northwest Registered Agent. Northwest’s Corporate Guides® program provides personal registered agent services and customer support in every state. Online reviews emphasize how helpful Northwest’s support team is in navigating such issues as how to get started on LLC formation, file state fees, and making sure you comply with various laws and regulations.

No-Cost Mail Forwarding

Northwest Registered Agent accepts legal company mail. It also will scan and forward up to five standard company documents per year. Northwest allows companies to use their address to receive mail instead of the owner’s personal address.

Northwest Registered Agent Privacy Benefits

Northwest Registered Agent’s commitment to their clients’ privacy is one of the main differentiators between forming an LLC with Northwest and one of its competitors. Northwest Registered Agent’s Privacy by Default® program helps protect Northwest clients’ personal addresses and telephone numbers, and other sensitive data from being used by third-party marketers and protects it from public exposure. Northwest’s privacy program is included in the price of the Northwest Registered Agent services fee.

Customer reviews emphasize that two of the most significant benefits of the Northwest Registered Agent privacy policy include not selling data and limited information available publicly.

A Guarantee Not to Sell Data

Northwest Registered Agent guarantees not to share or sell your data to third parties. Some online competitors don’t make this guarantee and peddle your company information to third party companies looking to market their services. Northwest Registered Agent competitors who sell your data can offer a reduced LLC formation fee because they profit through data sales to third parties. Northwest Registered Agent LLC filing fee is steeper than some other formation services because Northwest never sells your information.

Limited Information Available to the Public

Northwest Registered Agent defaults to using their business address whenever possible to limit exposure of your personal contact information. Many documents filed by a registered agent—including operating agreements, articles of organization, and annual reports—become part of the public record. Northwest Registered Agent ensures that your private address is kept off the public record and out of search engines as part of Northwest’s superior customer service. Northwest Registered Agent makes available only information that businesses are legally obligated to make public.

Additional Northwest Registered Agent customer support services that help protect clients’ privacy include mail forwarding, virtual offices, and a business telephone number.

Mail Forwarding

Northwest Registered Agent provides unlimited mail forwarding to clients at an additional price. This Northwest customer support program gives you another way to protect your personal address. Northwest Registered Agent allows you to use their business address to send mail to offices they own. Northwest Registered Agent customer service team then scans and uploads your business mail to keep your personal information private.

Virtual Offices

Northwest Registered Agent is growing its virtual offices in the United States. As part of this customer support service, your business gets a registered office business address, which helps protect your personal address from going public. Virtual office service includes:

  • A telephone number for your business
  • Same-day digital scanning customer support
  • Mail forwarding available
  • Address to use for your business

Business Telephone Number

Another Northwest Registered Agent customer service option you can select is the Northwest second phone number services. This customer support feature allows you to use a Northwest Registered Agent phone number that automatically forwards calls to your personal number. You can choose an area code from any state. This customer support program is a safeguard against public exposure of your personal phone number.

Let a professional file your federal EIN number today

Let a professional file your federal EIN number today

Other Services Provided by Northwest Registered Agent

In addition to LLC and corporation formation service, Northwest Registered Agent provides a variety of other services.

Registered Agent Service

If you decide to start an LLC by filing your own paperwork, you can still use Northwest as your registered agent for a fee of $125, which covers one year of service. Dozens of online reviews rank Northwest’s registered agent service as outstanding. Their basic registered agent service includes:

  • State forms pre-filled for ease of use
  • Automated annual report reminders
  • Online access to your scanned business documents
  • Access to all Northwest Registered Agent business services, including customer support

Change of Registered Agent

If you change your registered agent for your business, Northwest Registered Agent will help streamline the filing process. Northwest Registered Agent will supply the appropriate paperwork depending on your state. Northwest also will make sure you’re up to date on state fees associated with a change of registered agent and will file the documents needed along with your state fee.

Annual Report Filing

Are you looking for an easy to use online system for filing an annual report? Northwest Registered Agent can help you file in any state to ensure your LLC or corporation remains in good standing.

Multiple State Registration

Northwest Register Agent can help you register to do business in another state. Northwest provides a process called “foreign qualification” to register your business as a foreign corporation or LLC.

BOC-3 Service

Northwest Register Agent LLC will immediately file your BOC-3 online with the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). Northwest can serve as your Form BOC-3 registered agent in specific states or provide blanket registered agent support throughout the United States. Motor carriers need to use a registered agent because the FMCSA does not allow them to file for themselves.

Non-US Resident Incorporation Formation

International companies can use the Northwest Register Agent incorporation service. Northwest’s customer service for international enterprises includes all compliance filing services, plus state and federal specialized international customer support for:

  • Where to incorporate
  • How to secure a federal tax ID
  • How to stay current with U.S. laws

Bank Account Set Up

You’ll need to keep personal and company assets separate to maintain the LLC’s limited liability, so it’s wise to open a company bank account. Northwest will help you get started by getting you the documents required by most banks, including a free template to help open an account.

EIN Registration

Northwest Registered Agent handles the paperwork included in securing a federal employer identification number (EIN or FEIN). EIN customer support includes same-day processing to expedite the EIN to start your LLC or corporation quickly.

S Corp Election

If your business elects to be an S-corp (an IRS tax designation), Northwest Registered Agent will help make sure that you meet eligibility requirements and submit appropriate forms to the IRS. Northwest Registered Agent can file S-corp election paperwork at the same time they provide incorporation service for your LLC or corporation.

Corporate Seal & Book

As a Northwest Registered Agent customer, you are eligible to buy an embossing seal, corporate books, and other corporate supplies directly from Northwest. They offer individual products and corporate packages at special prices.

Business License Registration

Most companies need a license before offering a product or service or operating in a state. Northwest Registered Agent LLC can help your company secure a permit by filing an application and paying a state fee.

Northwest Registered Agent Customer Reviews

Northwest Registered Agent has been family-owned and operated since 1998. They have more than 200 customer support staff nationwide, which has won Northwest a reputation for high-quality customer service. Also, customer reviews praise the Northwest Registered Agent easy to use online incorporation services and a data privacy commitment never to sell your information.

Below are some Northwest Registered Agent online reviews from 2020 available on the Better Business Bureau website, which gives Northwest Registered Agent services an overall 4.5 out of 5 stars:

“Northwest Registered Agent LLC was instrumental in my startup entity obtaining an LLC in November of 2019, and then give me ample time to prepare for State renewal fees. This was quite courteous and helpful. Additionally, Northwest Registered Agent LLC aided me in successfully obtaining a federal Employer Identification Number in a timely manner. I highly recommend Northwest Registered Agent, LLC.”

“I have been using their Registered Agency early this year, and I took some time off to write this review out of my busy schedule to say that I am truly impressed with this Agency! Their customer service is exemplary, and the services they offer are definitely what I need for my LLC! They have excellent customer service, prompt responses, very friendly corporate guides, and they are delightfully prompt in notifying me of important documents coming in the mail. I could not ask for more. This is the best Registered Agency out there. Five stars and highly recommended!”

“I just want to say that I was very skeptical at first using a service to help with my business paperwork. But the agency really outdid themselves as far as customer service. I had a lot of questions, and they were answered very promptly. I was even given a follow-up email with information for a service I did not pay for. They were still willing to guide me. I would recommend them if you’re starting a business. As a young woman, this was truly helpful.”

“All I can say is if you are looking to form an LLC like my wife and I were looking to do, Northwest Registered Agent is where you want to be. Easy to use website. Great service. Prompt service. Friendly staff. A true blessing and pleasure to work with. I give them my highest recommendation.”

Is Northwest Registered Agent Right For Your LLC?

Northwest Registered Agent is one of the industry’s leading registered agent services and LLC formation services because of their highly responsive customer service, high-quality online account service, dedication to protecting their client’s personal data, and hundreds of positive online reviews. Northwest Registered Agent services are more expensive than some competitors, but there are no hidden fees, and they do not profit from selling your data to third-party marketers.

Northwest Registered Agent leads many of their competitors in customer satisfaction. Their one-on-one customer support, quick document preparation, and short submission timelines have earned hundreds of stellar Northwest Registered Agent reviews.

If you’re considering forming an LLC or a corporation, we recommend Northwest Registered Agent for their high-quality service, ease of use, and excellent customer service. Check out Northwest’s services and decide for yourself.

Alternatives to Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent is only one of many online registered agents equipped to handle your LLC formation services. Many offer similar services to Northwest Registered Agent, although some offer a wider variety of services and different pricing structures. Below is an overview of a few of Northwest Registered Agent’s competitors.


Incfile is a registered agent service that allows you to file formation papers for an LLC, corporation, or nonprofit organization. It offers a free registered agent service as part of its pricing tiers. You can also verify a company name’s availability and file a fictitious business name if you’re operating under a trade name.

You can use IncFile to change your business name, obtain an operation agreement, and secure a certificate of good standing. Also, IncFile helps with tax filings for clients by providing customer service assistance in filing federal taxes and taxes in states where you do business. Incfile offers tiered pricing for its corporate and LLC formation service:

    • Silver tier: free service where you pay only state fees and includes rapid filing of state formation papers, customer service support, and business name availability search.
    • Gold tier: costs $149 for an LLC operating agreement or corporate bylaws; the price also covers the preparation of meeting minutes and filing as an S-corp
    • Platinum tier: includes all the above for $299 as well as a website for your business and custom domain name


ZenBusiness provides preparation and filing of most other registered agents, including filing articles of organization and registered agent service, EIN acquisition, and customer support for one year. Two features that differentiate ZenBusiness from other registered agents include a customizable operating agreement template and a publication service for LLC formations, where required, like New York.

ZenBusiness is one of the least expensive registered agent services. They charge only $39 to form a corporation or LLC and get a year of registered agent service with corporate bylaws and a CPA assessment. Upgrading to their $149 plan includes compliance monitoring, an EIN, and a banking resolution.

One drawback of ZenBusiness is that turnaround times for submitting compliance filing papers, documents to form an LLC, and other paperwork are based on the service package level. Unlike competitors, it doesn’t base turnaround times on a specific state’s processing speed but on the level of service package you purchase. You can expect the following turnaround times:

      • Starter package: Up to 4 weeks
      • Pro package: Up to 2 weeks
      • Premium package: Up to 5 days

Swyft Filings

Unlike many of its competitors, Swyft Filings does not include a full year of registered agent service in its LLC formation package. You must buy registered agent services per year for a separate fee. The most significant benefit to using Swyft Filings is if you need very rapid filing of a formation package. Swyft Filings lives up to its name as providing the quickest document turnaround services.

Swyft Filings provides a 100% guarantee for their services, and prices for formation services start at $49, with an additional charge for state fees. It charges $140 for a full year of registered agent services, which includes automated compliance reminders.

Harbor Compliance

Harbor Compliance has one of the most expensive pricing structures for an LLC or corporate business formation service. Their LLC formation package starts at $399, which includes a company name availability check and filing of your enterprise’s articles of organization. The price also includes registered agent service for a full year, an EIN filing, and a customizable operating agreement.

A leading benefit of Harbor Compliance is its customer support service that assigns an account manager (also called compliance specialists) to oversee each client’s account. These customer support specialists can be reached online or by phone to help clients navigate ownership and compliance issues.

Is Northwest Registered Agent Right For Your LLC?

Northwest Registered Agent is one of the industry’s leading registered agent services and LLC formation services because of their highly responsive customer service, high-quality online account service, dedication to protecting their client’s personal data, and hundreds of positive online reviews. Northwest Registered Agent services are more expensive than some competitors, but there are no hidden fees, and they do not profit from selling your data to third-party marketers.

Northwest Registered Agent leads many of their competitors in customer satisfaction. Their one-on-one customer support, quick document preparation, and short submission timelines have earned hundreds of stellar Northwest Registered Agent reviews.

If you’re considering forming an LLC or a corporation, we recommend Northwest Registered Agent for their high-quality service, ease of use, and excellent customer service. Check out Northwest’s services and decide for yourself.