Northwest Registered Agent LLC vs. Who is Better?

Comparing Northwest Registered Agent Vs Incorporate? Looking for a business formation service that you can trust? Find out which, between Northwest Registered Agent and, offers the best value in this comprehensive comparison.

If you are currently in the process of forming an LLC but do not have the funds to hire an LLC formation attorney or you don’t want to handle the formation yourself, companies like and Northwest Registered Agent offer fast and accurate LLC formation services. While such services do exist, figuring out which service to choose can prove to be a bit difficult.

In this vs. Northwest Registered Agent comparison guide, we will be taking a closer look at the characteristics these LLC formation services share, what sets them apart, and which one will best serve your needs.

About Northwest Registered Agent LLC

Formed in 1998, Northwest Registered Agent has carved a name for itself as a pragmatic company that offers businesses professional LLC formation solutions amongst other legal services. The service is one of few LLC service providers that include one year of registered agent services upon formation.

Apart from that, Northwest Registered Agent’s customer support is one of the best in the industry. Their premium in-house customer support team is made up of professionals who are trained and well-versed on matters related to Corporate Guidelines. As such, you can rest assured that whenever you call with questions related to LLC formation or complicated state rules, the first person you talk to will answer all of your questions right away.

Unlike a majority of their competitors, the service will not sell your personal information to other corporations. Northwest Registered Agent also runs its – own servers and writes all of its code. And that goes to show that this is a service that takes the privacy and security of its clients seriously. And while their pricing might be a bit higher than that of most LLC services, Northwest Registered Agent is a reliable and professional agency with a no-nonsense approach to company formation and one of the best support teams in the industry.

Does Northwest Registered Agent LLC offer good value? To the right entrepreneur, yes!


Formerly known as The Company Corporation, has helped form well over 750,000 companies since it opened up for business in 1899. Seeing that the company was established in the 19th century, it’s not hard to tell that there’s no competitor in the market that can match the company’s longevity.

The service has a Corporate Compliance Guarantee that covers its LLC formation services against filing defects for as long as your business exists. As such, if your filing is deemed invalid due to an error(s) on the part of, they will resolve the issue immediately or pay you up to 75,000 USD.’s Learning Center has a huge collection of comprehensive guides that cover topics ranging from tax deductions and filings to state-specific formation requirements. There is a wealth of useful information available to all clients.

However, it is worth noting that some of the features the service lists on its package selection page aren’t included in some of the packages. For instance, the “Annual Report Prep and File” and “Access to the online tool: CSC Navigator” features only become available to clients after they’ve added a registered agent service, which costs an extra $235.

Another thing about is that they love to upsell their service. By the time you reach the checkout page, the service will have tried to get you to add an EIN or federal tax identification number with expedited shipping, a compliance seal and kit (plus extra shipping fees), operating agreements, a business license research package, registered agent service, annual report service, and FedEx shipping.

Do and Northwest Registered Agent Offer Great Value? and Northwest Registered Agent are both respected names in the business service industry. They are both proficient at forming compliant LLCs fast, and with minimal effort and hassle for you. However, of the two, Northwest has several distinct advantages that make it our top pick.

For instance, Northwest Registered Agent LLC’s customer support is the best in the industry; there is no other LLC formation service that can match the level of personalization Northwest offers. Besides, the company includes one year of registered agent service in all its LLC packages, something that charges fees for.

All things considered, however, still is a good Northwest substitute.

If you’d like to learn more about both options before making a decision, continue reading for more information on the two LLC formation services providers.


Northwest Registered Agent Vs Incorporate

Six Things and Northwest Registered Agent Have in Common

1.) Affordability: With either service, you will receive professional LLC formation solutions at reasonable prices. Both companies can save you some money compared to hiring an attorney and having them draft and file your business’s articles of organization. And considering that LLC is not as intricate as business structure, you probably don’t even need the expertise of an attorney.

2.) Customer Support: While saving money is always welcome, you do not want to be left hanging if you have any problems or questions. and Northwest Registered Agent both have quite extensive and professional customer support departments that are capable of answering any questions that you might have.

3.) Experience: It is always better to work with a service provider with lots of experience and both of these service providers have lots of it. Both Northwest and Incorporate have formed thousands of businesses over the years and, therefore, have the knowledge to get things done right.

4.) Efficiency: Need an LLC formed urgently? That is not an issue for these companies. and Northwest Registered Agent can expedite the formation of your LLC – at an extra cost – to cut the turnaround time from a few weeks to a few days in most states.

5.) Additional Services: It’s worth noting that apart from forming LLCs, both companies offer a variety of useful business services. Whether you need a foreign qualification, an LLC operating agreement, or a federal tax identification number or EIN, amongst other business services, both providers have you covered.

6.) Educational: Whether you are a client or not, both Incorporate and Northwest have tons of useful information on their sites that you can use. Northwest Registered Agent offers a comprehensive selection of guides that cover a variety of business topics while has an information-filled learning center full of valuable information.

Side by Side Comparisons


Northwest Registered Agent charges 225 USD (plus state fees) to LLCs, which is way higher than the 99 USD charges.

As someone interested in having your LLC formed by either one of these companies, chances are you’d rather pay 99 USD than 225 USD. However, before you make that decision, it’s worth noting that there several considerable benefits to choosing Northwest’s service over what has to offer. While you might be wondering how that’s possible, we advise you to continue reading to find out why Northwest is the better option despite them charging 126 USD more.


Both companies do a good job of providing clients the basics of LLC formation, including the preparation and filing of articles of organization and doing business name availability checks. Beyond that, however, Northwest includes a year’s worth of registered agent service, something that does not include in either one of their packages.

When going through each of the company’s registered agent services, which we’ll be doing in a bit, it becomes clear that Northwest Registered Agent solutions are by far more superior than what has to offer. To add the service to’s LLC formation package, you would need to pay an extra 235 USD. Considering that Northwest Registered Agent’s 225 USD price point includes registered agent service and LLC formation, the pricing does not look too bad, especially since charges 334 USD for a similar service.


Northwest has been in business since 1998, and since then, it has become a trusted midsize company with a loyal customer base. While both Northwest Registered Agent and have served similar volumes of customers, the latter has an advantage over Northwest when it comes to longevity – has been in business since 1899 and has helped form over 750,000 businesses in its over a century of existence.

Customer Support

The customer support team at has a great reputation for its responsiveness and availability – their customer support lines are available from 8 am – 8 pm every weekday and from 9 am – 6 pm on Saturdays. While that is the case, is still way behind compared to Northwest Registered Agent; and that is thanks to Northwest’s Corporate Guides Program.

Each Northwest Registered Agent client is assigned personal support from a company employee who guides them through all the steps involved in forming an LLC. What is more, clients are given the employees direct contact information, so they are always just an email or phone call away. The good thing about this program is that it eliminates the need to explain your situation over and over again to random employees that aren’t familiar with your business.

Turnaround Times

Both Northwest Registered Agent LLC and base their turnaround times on the specific guidelines of each client’s state. That means that Northwest is quicker in some states and Incorporate is faster in others – however, in most cases, they are dead even to an extent.

Order Tracking

The good thing about is that it offers its clients a real-time order status tracking tool feature on its website. The tool makes it possible for users to see which step their formation is in at any time. Northwest Registered Agent does also track your order progress, though its tracking tool isn’t as fancy.

Registered Agent Service

All LLCs in America are required to list a registered agent, i.e., a business entity or person that receives crucial document deliveries such as service of process from their state government, confirms receipt of said documents, and forwards them to the LLC. Registered agents are crucial since states need to have a reliable channel through which they can contact businesses at any time.

We already mentioned that Northwest Registered Agent includes one year of registered agent service in all of its LLC formation packages, something that doesn’t do. But that’s not all.

If you choose to continue with the service after one year has passed, all Northwest will charge you for the service is 125 USD/year, which is much lower than what charges per year – 235 USD.

Furthermore, Northwest Registered Agent is the only major LLC formation services provider that scans all the documents they receive as registered agents. Competing companies only scan the government-issued documents they are required to by law.

Customer Reviews

Neither Northwest nor has particularly large volumes of feedback from customers. However, there’s a huge difference between the quality of reviews left for either service. Northwest generally receives strong, positive feedback from its customers who give the service high scores and ratings on different review websites., on the other hand, receives mostly negative reviews, with a majority of complaints being about their unclear, and rather expensive billing procedures.

Ease of Use

This category is a bit complicated considering that both companies have user-friendly websites and their LLC formation solutions might save you both time and money.

Additional Services

With Northwest Registered Agent or, you will have access to a rather impressive assortment of business solutions that help you establish and manage your business. Both companies can help you with mail forwarding, EIN acquisition, annual reports, registered agent service, and more.

However, it’s worth noting that Northwest Registered Agent also offers a professional virtual office service while only does mail forwarding., on the other hand, can help you reinstate a dissolved business, something that Northwest doesn’t offer its customers.

Which Option Should You Use to Form Your LLC?

With and Northwest Registered Agent, we are looking at two well-known online LLC formation service providers. Both can make your life easier whilst saving you considerable amounts of time and money.

While we think the winner of this comparison is a no-brainer, you might still be undecided. So, to wrap things up, we will point out some of the reasons why people pick one service provider over the other. At the end of the day, it’s your choice to make. So, whichever service you end up picking, all we can do is wish you all the best in your business endeavors.

Choose Northwest Registered Agent If You:

– Appreciate working with a service that has a proven track record as evidenced by mostly positive reviews
– Would like to enjoy a full year of free registered agent service
– Appreciate knowing that you have a dedicated customer support representative to help you through the formation process

Choose If You:

– Prefer working with a service with longevity and the most experienced in the industry


If I Choose Northwest Registered Agent to Handle My LLC Formation, Which Package Should I Pick?

The interesting thing is that Northwest only offers a single LLC formation package. And while it costs 225 USD, which is quite expensive, it comes inclusive of the LLC formation process, access to the service’s world-class support team, and one year of registered agent service.

Does Northwest Registered Agent Handle Extra State Requirements such as New York Publication?

While the service might not handle all state-specific requirements, they do assist their clients through some of the processes to help ensure they have an easier time registering their business.

For instance, let us look at publication requirements in New York. Northwest Registered Agent allows its customers to use their Albany, New York address as their “principal office” or “address for service of process,” and provides them with comprehensive instructions on how to go about finishing the requirement by themselves.

However, do note that does offer to handle this part of the process for you.

Which LLC Formation Service has the Least Upsells?

Northwest Registered Agent has virtually zero upsells, which is not the case with, which tries its best to get you to add their registered agent service, which costs 253 USD/year, to your order.

The company starts misleading you right from the service package selection screen. You are offered two features that are not even included in any of the service’s formation services packages. The interesting thing is that despite them including these features in the selection graphics, their terms and conditions dictate that you can’t access them until you sign up for the registered agent service.

Does Either or Northwest Registered Agent Share Client Information with Third-Parties?

We can confirm that both companies do not share any information with third parties. While there are services out there that distribute their client’s personal information to their partners under the guise of “bonus features” or “free extras”, and Northwest do a great job of keeping their clients’ business and information in-house.

Is There Any Service that Has a Refund Policy?

Northwest does provide refunds with a 25 USD processing fee, which they call “You changed your mind fee.” When it comes to, well, let’s just say they are somewhat ambiguous. According to the service, “If you can order before we’ve submitted it to a local, state, or federal office, we’ll refund the entire amount paid for the order minus a service fee. If you cancel an order after we’ve submitted it, we’ll use our discretion to determine what amount, if any, we’ll refund.”

Which LLC Formation Service is Faster?

Both and Northwest base their formation processing times on each state’s requirement. As a result, the turnaround times for both services are quite similar. However, there are states where each service is faster than the other by a day or two.

Can I Form an LLC by Myself?

Yes, you can; in fact, some entrepreneurs opt to go this route each day. If you are thinking of taking the Do-It-Yourself route, then please note that it can be quite some work – more than you might think – especially considering that each state has its own LLC formation rules and regulations.

If you are not conversant with your state’s LLC formation requirements, then that means you will have to learn them. To avoid the hassle and stress, we advise you to hire services like and Northwest Registered Agent and have them handle the process for you. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your LLC is being formed by experts who know what they are doing.