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Our Articles Of Organization Ohio Overview

The most prominent document when filing for an LLC in Ohio is the Articles of Organization. It is this one document that is submitted to the Ohio Secretary of State office, the one that they will evaluate and ultimately approve as you try to set up your limited liability company. Doing this yourself can be done, but there are certain tasks that must be completed prior to filling it out as you will soon see. If your goal is to create an LLC in Ohio, and you have never done this before, you will first need to understand a little bit more about the Articles of Organization.


What Is Required On This Document?

There is quite a bit of information that you must input into this document. In order to do so, there are three prerequisite activities that you must accomplish. Initially, you must reserve the name of your LLC. This is done by visiting the Ohio Secretary of State website. When you go into the business name database, and search for your name, you will likely find many similar ones. It just depends on how unique the name of your business is, and once you find it available, you will need to reserve it with the name reservation form. You will need to submit this with $39 so that it can be yours. This name is what you will put at the top of the document.


Articles Of Organization Ohio


The Registered Agent

This individual, or business, will be responsible for receiving and alerting you to mail that they receive. The physical address that they have must be capable of receiving mail, and it is their job to redirect that to you. In every state, the registered agent must be used by the LLC owner. If it is not there, then it could actually cause the LLC to be dissolved. This agent will be provided by a company that is helping you do your limited liability company, or you may discover one on your own.


Final Parts Of The Document

The final parts of the document will include the date when the LLC will be started when it will end, and what the purpose will be. The number, email, and address of the LLC must be listed. Likewise, the phone number, address, name, and signature of the registered agent should also be listed. In addition to this, if you have members and managers, they must sign this at the bottom to make it official. Once this is submitted by postal mail, or if you submit it online on their website, you must pay a $99 filing fee.


What Happens After The Articles Of Organization Are Filed?

Once filed, it will take up to three business days to get it approved. By comparison to many other states, this is extremely fast. In fact, if states do offer an accelerated submission, they often charge extra, but in Ohio, this is par for the course. Additionally, you may find that your LLC is approved the same day that you submitted it. It just depends on how many have been submitted, and what time of year you are doing this, but overall it is extremely fast.


How To Have This Done For You

If you want to save time, and likely get access to a registered agent quickly, you should consider hiring a company to do all of this for you. These businesses can act as your registered agent, and also fill out your paperwork, plus submitted so that it all goes through. They will double-check all of the work and information that they have created in the form of the Articles of Organization and other documents. There is one other document that you may want to fill out which is called the Operating Agreement. Though not mandatory, it is an excellent document to have at your disposal and an internal document that will present information regarding the activities of members, managers, and yourself.

Completing all of this could take time, even though the submission process is fast, which is why using a company to help you would be ideal. If you have no idea how to find a registered agent, many of these companies can provide them, and they can also ensure that your documents are submitted appropriately. Creating an LLC in Ohio is really a painless task, simply because they make it so easy to do. If you haven’t done one before, or if you would like someone else to do it, start comparing the many different rates that these businesses charge to expedite this process. Once this is done, you will benefit from everything that an LLC can do for you. Find out more today about these reliable companies that are in Ohio that can help you complete this very meaningful process.

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