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The Importance Of An Ohio Business Entity Search

There are many steps involved in forming a new business in Ohio. One of these steps is to formally register a name for your business. Before you do that, however, you have to conduct an Ohio business entity search to make sure that the name you want to use for your business is not already being used by another business entity. This step is not hard to do, but you have to do it correctly. The business experts at LLC Formation can provide guidance on this and every step in the business formation process. Read on to learn more about creating your business name and business entity searches.


Why Do You Need A Business Entity Search?

As mentioned before, the name you want to use for your business must be unique and distinctive. It cannot be a name that is already used by another business, nor can it be something similar to a name used by another entity. Company names are often copyrighted and trademarked. Therefore, if you use the same name for your business, it will be rejected when you try to register it because it will be considered a violation of trademark laws. A business entity search prevents this from happening because the search results will tell you if any company has the same or similar name to the one you want.


Ohio Business Entity Search


How Do You Do A Business Entity Search?

To conduct an Ohio business entity search, you need to go to the business search website of the Ohio Secretary of State. There, you will type in the desired name of your business in the search field. The results will produce a list of businesses that contain the words that you entered. If there is an exact match, you will not be able to use that name unless the status of that name is “canceled” or “dead”. A canceled name means that name was used before, but the state has canceled its usage. A dead name means the company that used this name is no longer in business. In both these cases, the name is free for you to use.

If the status of the name is “active” or “hold”, that means it is protected from other people from using it. “Active” means there is a company actively using this business name, so you cannot use it. “Hold” means the Ohio Secretary of State canceled it because the company was non-compliant with some legal requirements. The name is protected for one year from the use by others. When the year is up, the name is free to be used by another business.

When you enter a business name, type in different variations of the name to cover all bases to avoid similarities. It is better to be thorough before you register it.

Do not forget to do a domain name search for your business name because you will no doubt want to establish a web presence for your new business. You do a domain name search at one of the official registrars of domain names.

When all that is cleared and you have the perfect, unique name that you want, file for a trademark of that name to secure your rights to it. Then, proceed with registering your business name and the next steps in the formation of your business.


Why Should You Want A Unique Name For Your Business

A business name is the brand of the company. When people look at the business name, they associate that with a specific product or service that this company provides. If two very different companies share the same business name in Ohio, imagine the confusion it will cause to the public. Not only that, but the business name no longer serves as a company brand because there is no brand identity. In order to be successful in a competitive world, you want to stand out from your competition. Name recognition is an important part of getting an edge against your competitors.

Tips On Creating An Impactful Name For Your Business

If you offer a great product or service that is popular, but your business name is long and hard to remember, your customer will have a hard time finding you again. However, if you have a business name that is creative, easy to remember, and easy to spell, you are more likely to see your customers coming back. So, choose words that best describe your business, and keep the name short.

Be careful not to include words that have restrictions in your business name. For example, you cannot use a word like “bank” or “university” in your business name unless you have filed a license to offer services that these restricted words represent. Also, avoid names that will lead people to think that your business is an agency of the state or federal government. If you try to register a business name like that, it has a good chance of getting rejected.

An Ohio business entity search is required to make sure that the business name you want is not already used by someone else. This is one of many steps in the creation of your business in Ohio. LLC Formation can help with each step, from start to finish, until your business officially launches.

Finding a Good Domain Name

Finding a good domain name for your business is a great idea, but can sometimes be tricky without the right tools. We recommend using the Business Name Generator tool from The Really Useful Information Company.

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