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Get Help from LLC Formations to Acquire a Business License in Ohio

The first thing that you need before starting a business in Ohio is a business license. You may make tons of business plans, but you can’t execute them unless you have the license ready. The Ohio government is strict regarding business licenses, and you should make sure you get one before going forward with any business dealings.

It’s a common misconception that you can’t get a business license without overcoming multiple hurdles. Many believe that it’s a painstaking process that takes months to bear fruit. However, LLC Formations believes otherwise. This company ensures that you don’t meet any pitfalls while acquiring a license in Ohio. They have experienced professionals who can help you get your license within a few weeks, thus negating the misconception.


Ohio Business License


Getting an Ohio business license

It isn’t hard to get an Ohio business license if you have LLC Formations helping you. Ohio requires its entrepreneurs to go through a few registrations and obtain the state license before conducting business. Obtaining the license involves a 6-step process, made easy by LLC Formations. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Go through the state website

The Ohio state website contains a dedicated business section where you can click on the link called “Starting a Business.” This page takes you to various state publications, such as “Starting Your Business in Ohio, Part 1.” It covers essential details like environmental requirements, employees, taxes, business registration, permits, and licenses. The second link will take you to the page called “Starting Your Business in Ohio, Part 2.” It covers topics like business financing options. You can also check out the checklists available for various types of businesses in Ohio. This gives you a clear idea of what you should and shouldn’t do while taking care of your business in this state.

2. Acquiring your business license

Like many other states in the US, Ohio also allows its entrepreneurs to get one or more business licenses, provided you mention all the businesses properly. LLC Formations can make a list of all the businesses you need licenses and the maximum number of businesses you can be associated with.

In fact, some businesses require additional permits or licenses. You can ask LLC Formations experts to guide you through the process of getting these additional permits. Although the same information is available under the Licenses and Permits webpage, you may not understand the technical words or find your business under various heads. Let the professionals do the leg work while you pay attention to starting your business.

The Ohio state government also requires some local licenses for specific businesses. You can find their details on the Ohio state government website.

3. Filing records for your type of business

Limited liability companies and corporations must file records before starting their business activities. You should do this after receiving your company’s Certificate of Formation and license from the Ohio state government. The state doesn’t have provisions for online submissions. Therefore, you need to make copies of the organizational documents and send them to the respective office after receiving your business license. The Secretary of State goes through the documents before approving them. You can take a look at the documents you need to submit from the Business Filings section available on the Secretary of State’s website.

4. Acquire professional licensing

You will need professional licensing if you have involvement in various occupations and professions. Both Ohio Limited Liability Companies and corporations may have members who take care of multiple businesses. If you are also a part of that group, don’t forget to apply for professional licensing to avoid complications later. Some of the most common professions that require Ohio state licensing are nurses, architects, attorneys, physicians, engineers, veterinarians, accountants, and dentists.

5. Register your fictitious business name

It’s common to run a business under a different name that’s not the same as the owner’s name. In that case, you need to register your business’s fictitious name also. Some of the LLCs and corporations may want to register only one name with the state. Whatever the case may be, it’s essential to register the assumed name sooner rather than later. Moreover, the LLCs and corporations should also form a file with the Secretary of State if they want to operate under a different trade name. Similarly, sole proprietorships and partnerships that don’t operate under their owner’s name should later file for a fictitious name.

6. Register your service mark

A service mark or trademark differentiates your product from your competitors. It can be a logo, a unique catchphrase, or a design that isn’t remotely similar to other companies operating in Ohio. You can download the Secretary of State’s publication on Registering Your Service Mark or Trademark to find out more.

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