LLC Formations Provide Step By Step Instructions to Get Oklahoma Business License

The Oklahoma state government requires most businesses to get licenses and permits. Unlike what most people think, getting a license in Oklahoma isn’t difficult. You need to follow a few procedures, submit your business documents, pay licensing fees and wait for the Department of Commerce to send your approval. If all these steps seem too confusing, you can take help from LLC Formations. It assists people to kick-start their businesses by helping them get licenses in Oklahoma.

LLC Formations has a team of dedicated professionals who puts your interest first instead of thinking of making money. You can discuss the steps of getting your Oklahoma business license and find out within how many days you can start your business. The experts explain the entire process so easy that you may not require anyone’s help.

Form an Oklahoma LLC

Oklahoma business license information

The Oklahoma Department of Commerce website has an Oklahoma Business Start-up Guide. You should download a copy of that guide before you get started. One of the most crucial things that the guide contains is the basic information about the legal structure of naming your business, license and permit issues, certain tax information, and employer registration. Additionally, the Oklahoma Secretary of State website also provides useful details like the full overview of how to conduct a business in Oklahoma and structuring your business according to its types, such as partnership, sole proprietorship, and corporation.

Oklahoma Business License

Oklahoma business license

It is possible to get more than one business license in Oklahoma, provided you remain actively involved in those businesses. Oklahoma has a list of categories that divides different professions. LLC Formations can provide that list and find out the category under which your business falls. The general business categories that require Oklahoma state licenses are wholesale, retail, construction, transporting, consumer credit services, restaurants, and bars.

Different state agencies provide different types of licenses and permits. LLC Formations will find out the details from the Business Licensing & Operating Requirements section on the Department of Commerce website. A few businesses also require local licenses. The experts will check on your behalf whether your business gets exemption from local licensing requirements.

File records

Filing records involve submitting legal documents for your business. In addition to permits and licenses, you also need to submit your company’s documents that the Department of Commerce keeps as a record. It doesn’t matter whether you are running a Limited Liability Company or corporation; you must file your business records before obtaining your license. You need to submit the documents to the Oklahoma Secretary of State. The Oklahoma Secretary of State website contains business forms containing information regarding the documents you need to submit. You can talk to the LLC Formations experts if you are not sure which documents to provide.

Professional licensing

Like filing records, professional licensing is also essential to obtain your Oklahoma business license. This is important for members of many occupations and professions. The Oklahoma state government website contains a detailed section called the Professional License Online Services covering the state licensing requirements for various professions. You can find information about license verifications and license renewals for different professions, such as well driller firms, operators, accountants, and many more. Click on any one of the professions, and the site will redirect you to its list of requirements according to the profession.

Selecting a Trade Name

Most Oklahoma businesses run on their respective trade names instead of their owners’ names. In fact, LLCs and corporations need to register their businesses under one name. This name has many synonyms, such as actual name, true name, or registered name. However, you need to register its alternate name if you wish to change the registered name later. Most businesses have a Trade Name, “doing business as” name, fictitious name, or assumed name. LLCs and corporations in Oklahoma must file their names to the Secretary of State if they want to trade under an assumed name later. LLC Formations can file your company’s assumed name through a section available on the Secretary of State website.


Although service marks, trade names, and trademarks may have different legal definitions, they usually point to one thing: how to differentiate your product or service from your competitors. For this, you need to register your business’s trademark from the trademark section available on the Secretary of State website. Make sure your trademark is different from your competitor’s. You also need to pay fees while registering your trademark.

As you can see, the licensing process is quite easy and doesn’t involve too many complicated procedures. The LLC Formations experts are ready to help you whenever you want to start a business in Oklahoma. From licensing to finding a registered agent, they have experience in everything. You can call them at +1 786-686-3113 to set up an appointment as soon as possible.