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How To Get The Right Oregon Business License For Your Business

In the state of Oregon, there is no one particular business license that is required by every company that begins to offer products and services. However, just as in all of the other states, there are certain licenses that are required for your particular type of business. One of the easiest ways to get one is to go to a website that will list all of the different possible businesses that may need permits, licenses, certificates, or registrations. This can differ from city to city, and can also be different in each county, so you need to find out, at the local level, what you will need.

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Possible Requirements That You May Have To Fulfill When Running A Business In Oregon

There are certain potential requirements that may be needed for your particular type of business. For example, you may have to register trademarks, copyrights, or patents in order to do your business. If you have a wholesale business, or if you are providing retail products, each of these may need to have a business license so that you can provide your products or services. The main requirement is to file a DBA, also called an assumed name, and this is typically for sole proprietorships. At this time, you can choose the business name that you would like to use. You must use the Business Name Registration form to do this. If you decide to protect your business within LLC, there is a similar process involved. You need to know that other people who have already formed limited liability companies have not already chosen that name.


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How To Register The Name Of Your Business For Your LLC

Under Oregon law, you need to choose an LLC name, and you must also include the three letters LLC after it. The one that you choose must be distinguishable from other businesses. That is why many people choose the same day that they have registered their business as the name of their LLC. You have up to 120 days to claim this business name after you have filed a document called the Application for Name Reservation. This is done through the Oregon Secretary of State Corporation Division.

You can easily research whether or not the business name is available on the Oregon Central Business Registry webpage. Once you have decided on the one that you want, there is a $50 filing fee, and you will submit this with the Assumed Business Name New Registration form. From that point forward, you will then need to find a registered agent which will receive all of your mail from the Secretary of State, and then you can begin the process of creating your LLC.


How To Create Your LLC In Oregon

Creating your LLC begins with completing the Articles of Organization document. This is a somewhat complex document to complete. It will list your LLC’s name, how long it will be in existence, and the physical address or principal office of the LLC itself. You will then list the registered agent, along with their name and address, and the address for the Secretary of State will send all notices. You must define whether it is member-managed or if it is manager-managed, and the type of professional services that you will offer. The organizer, member, or manager of the LLC was also be listed by name and you must also list their address. This document will be submitted directly to the Oregon Secretary of State’s office with a $100 filing fee. Over the course of as little as 10 days, and up to six weeks, your LLC will be approved.


The Primary Benefits Of Setting Up An LLC

There are two reasons why forming an LLC in Oregon is a good thing. First of all, it provides you with asset protection. Second, it allows you to take advantage of tax benefits that may be available in Oregon. The filing process, as you can see, is fairly straightforward. Of course, there are certain things that must be done before submitting your Articles of Organization to complete this process. It simply a wise decision to make if you are interested in running your business without having to worry about the potential of losing your personal assets as a result of litigation on the part of someone else.

Starting a business in Oregon does not have to be difficult. It always begins with filing a doing business as form. Once it is approved, you can use that same name that you have chosen to create a limited liability company to protect your personal assets. By simply choosing the same name as your company, you can register that name, and subsequently find a registered agent to handle all of your official mail from the Secretary of State. Then submit your Articles of Organization, and also complete your Operating Agreement, so that you will have all of the documents that you will need to form your LLC in Oregon along with your business.