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How To Complete A Pennsylvania Business Entity Search

Will you be forming an LLC in the state of Pennsylvania? If you will be, you must first do a business entity search. This will allow you to identify whether or not someone is using the name that you would prefer for a limited liability company that is already set up. Although it is not necessary to have an LLC with the same exact name as your business, it can be helpful if both are similar or the same. You also need to make sure that the name that you are choosing is not nearly identical to someone else’s business. To start this process, you miss head over to the Pennsylvania Department of State business name database.


What Will You Do At This Database?

At the database, you will see a very simple platform where you can enter the name that you would like to search for. You can also adjust your search with certain parameters. For example, you can only search for the first word of the name that you would like to get. You can also switch the search parameters to all words, any words sound like, and also exact match. One of the best parameters is the corporate name availability search which will immediately identify if someone has chosen this name for an LLC. Once you have done a search, and it is available, you can then submit your paperwork to retain that name as your own.


Pennsylvania Business Entity Search


How To Register This Name For Your LLC

To register this name for yourself, as your official name for your limited liability business, you must file what is called the Name Reservation form. You will search for Form DSCB:15-208, and once it is filled out, you will submit this to the Pennsylvania Department of State. You will then pay a $70 filing fee, which you can do online or through regular mail. Once it is received, and approved, you can then use them for your LLC.


How To Find A Registered Agent In Pennsylvania

Once you have your name, you will then want to find a registered agent. These are businesses and individuals that are in Pennsylvania, specifically with a physical address where they can receive mail that will come from the state. The mail that they are going to receive on behalf of your LLC is usually of a legal nature. This is typically for lawsuits when people are suing you, and this is mandatory if you are to maintain your limited liability company. Once you have gone to the list, you can then choose one of the many registered agents that is currently available.


How To Complete Your Certificate Of Organization

Now that you have your LLC name, and also your registered agent ready, you can then begin to fill out the Certificate of Organization. On this document, you will place that name, along with the address and name of the registered agent, and several other bits of information. This will include the name of the organizers that are helping you with the LLC. You must state the date that the certificate will be active, and present what the LLC is about. If it is a public benefit company, you should state this, and you must also have the signatures of all of the organizers.

Once that is done, you will then submit this document, Form DSCB:15-8821, to the Pennsylvania Department of State. You must also accompany this document with Form DSCB:15-134A. This is referred to as the New Entity Docketing Statement. This statement requests the name of the LLC again, but it also requires those that are responsible for producing tax reports. A description of the type of business, and the federal employer identification number, must also be added. Finally, you will likely list December as the fiscal year-end. Both the docketing statement and their certificate must be sent in with a $125 fee. You can do this by mail, or online, to complete this process.


Why Choosing The Proper Name Is So Important

On one hand, you could choose your LLC name to match your company exactly. If it is a unique name, it is unlikely that anyone else has this which is what you want. However, if it is already taken, consider choosing a different name that is completely unique, that will distinguish you from all of the other companies with LLCs. By being flexible, you can speed up the process of forming your LLC.

By following the simple instructions provided for completing a business entity search, you can then reserve the name that you have found for your limited liability company. From that point forward, you can move toward starting your LLC by submitting the appropriate documents. If you do need help with any of this, you can contact a reliable business that creates limited liability companies in Pennsylvania that can help you get this done.

Finding a Good Domain Name

Finding a good domain name for your business is a great idea, but can sometimes be tricky without the right tools. We recommend using the Business Name Generator tool from The Really Useful Information Company.