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How Important is an Alaskan Registered Agent For Your Business?

Getting a registered agent is vital if you wish to register your business in the state of Alaska. Several other states in the U.S. require companies to get a registered agent if they intend to do business with them. An Alaskan registered agent is the main point of contact between your business and Alaska’s state government of Alaska. But what does it exactly mean? Why is it essential to get a registered agent for your company in Alaska? This article seeks to explain what an Alaskan registered agent does for your company, along with the reasons for hiring one.

What does an Alaskan Registered Agent Do?

An Alaskan registered agent is someone who receives legal and other essential documents on behalf of your business. The legal documents that a registered agent in Alaska could receive range from notices, official mail from the state, service of process, and other essential documents that need to be delivered to a specific business. A registered agent also lets the company know that they received these documents. This means that if your business gets a lawsuit, your Alaskan registered agent is responsible for obtaining the service of process and letting you know about it in the most prompt time.


Who Could Be an Alaskan Registered Agent?

Every state has its own set of qualifications that an individual must meet so that he or she could become a registered agent. The state of Alaska is no exception to this, and to be a registered agent in the state, an individual needs to meet the following requirements:

  • Have a physical address and be a resident of Alaska.
  • Be 18 years old or above.
  • Be available during regular business hours to receive service of the process personally.

A P.O. Box or even a mailbox service is not allowed because registered agents need to personally receive and sign legal documents. Aside from that, attorneys and law firms could act as registered agents for your company, but you can register your LLC or limited liability corporation as your registered agent. Also, corporations cannot become registered agents during registration.

There are three main ways to hire a registered agent for your company. The first is to list yourself as your business’s registered agent. You can do this if you are an Alaskan resident, have a physical address in Alaska, and available during regular business hours. You may also hire a friend or family member to stand as the registered agent for your business, although they also need to meet the requirements mentioned above to qualify. Finally, you may hire a professional registered agent service who will provide you with a registered agent representing your company.

Who Should You Get To Be Your Registered Agent?

While it is technically possible for you to become your own company’s registered agent, there are some disadvantages when you do this. First, you need to be available during regular business hours to receive important documents to not keep a flexible schedule for yourself and your company. Another concern is when you receive service of process in front of your employees or even customers. Being served right in front of them could give you some embarrassment, and no business owner would want to be informed of a lawsuit while other people are looking.

Because of this, a professional registered agent service would be very beneficial not just for your company but also for you. Since the registered agent’s physical address will be put on public record by the state, you do not have to worry about your privacy, mostly if your business operates outside of your home.

Besides that, if your business gets a lawsuit, your registered agent will inform you about it immediately and discreetly. However, you would need to prepare some money for this as it is often costly to get a registered agent through a professional registered agent service.

How Important is An Alaskan Registered Agent For Your Business?

An Alaskan registered agent is vital for your business because Alaskan law requires every enterprise to get one during registration and prevent any future legal problems in the future. If you fail to receive service of process or if your registered agent fails to inform you about it, it could highly cost your business and lead to a default judgment, which could force the state to dissolve your business.

With that being said, it is crucial to get a reliable registered agent that will regularly and immediately contact you if they receive legal documents for your business. If you need a registered agent for your company, you can trust LLC Formations to provide you with a solution. Apart from getting a registered agent-free for the first year, LLC Formations can also help you create your LLC in Alaska. LLC Formations makes sure that registering your company in Alaska or elsewhere in the United States will be fast and stress-free.

Hire your registered agent at the best price

Hire your registered agent at the best price