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  • Helps Preserve Your Privacy
  • All Correspondence Forward to Your Private Personal Address
  • Email and SMS notifications
  • Permanent Physical Address in the State
  • Stay On Top of Important Deadlines
  • Automatic Mail Forwarding
  • Helps Manage Documentation From the State
  • Digital Dashboard to Store Important Documents
  • 1st Year Free with Incorporation Service

Choosing A Registered Agent For Your California LLC

Before you can begin the filing process for your Articles of Organization, you’ll need to decide on a Registered Agent as you begin to start your LLC in California. However, this must be filed with the Secretary of State in California. When you hire a Registered Agent, they will be able to accept all of the legal mail for your LLC within the state of California.

This is essential in the case where your LLC gets sued. However, your Registered Agent’s address, will be used by the Secretary of State. This serves as one of the main official points of contact for other official documents as well. According to Section 17701.13, when you register your LLC it must have its own address in California.

If you don’t have an address, this is where your Registered Agent comes in. It should be noted that your address cannot be that of a PO Box. Additionally, your registered agent should be available during regular business hours. These run from 9 am to 5 pm in the event that any important mail should arrive.

One of the main ones is the Service of Process. This is another legal document that entails the likes of complaints, subpoenas, and summons for court. Your Registered Agent is a crucial element when it comes to the legal system and the court. This just simply means that Registered Agents are necessary since they can easily file on behalf of your LLC.

They’re also responsible for receiving legal mail and keeping track of other documents that require proper tracking. In essence, this is very similar to the working parts of what is known as a certified mail return receipt. However, within the legal world, this is the means by which process servers make a note or a record of everything that was delivered.

Registered Agent California

Can I Be My Own Registered Agent?

Simply put, yes you can actually be your own agent. It’s best to keep in mind that you’ll need to have your own address within the state. The following are the top 3 ways that this can be done when you’re filing for an LLC:
1 – You can be the registered agent for your LLC in California
2 – A family member or a close friend can be your agent if they have a street address in California.
3 –If all else fails, you’ll be able to hire a commercially Registered Agent for your LLC.

Registered Agent Information Is Public Record

While the opportunity for you to be your own agent exists, there are instances where you would not want your address exposed to the public. Hence, a Registered Agent can be hired to ensure that your address stays off of the public records. All of the information that you put on the Articles of Organization eventually becomes public.

Regular persons within the public domain can easily search for your information and it becomes easily accessible on websites that contain state records. You should also keep in mind that this bit of information will eventually multiply and it will be easily accessed on the internet as things are republished.

In no time your address will be on just about any website and everyone will be able to find it with a couple of clicks and searches. However, there is a solution to this. So, read on as we get into it.

What’s The Best California Registered Agent Option To Choose?

1 – Yourself
If you’ve been living in California for some time and you have your own address, you can be your own agent. However, you’ll need to always be available during regular business hours and you’ll also need to be fine with the idea of everyone knowing your address.

2 – Family Of Friend
If you’re not in a position to have your own address, your friend or family can be your agent. They’ll also need to be available during these hours and they’ll need to be on board with the idea of having their address on the public record.

3 – Registered Agent
If you don’t have an address or you prefer not to use it, you can simply hire a Registered Agent.

Commercial California Registered Agent Service

It should be noted that commercial registered agents and registered agent services all mean the same exact thing. A Registered Agent in California will be responsible for collecting legal mail for your LLC. Most agents usually charge anywhere between $100 or $300 each year.

How Can I Keep My Address Off Of Public Records?

Most businesses are started from the comfort of one’s home. So, keep in mind that any address you list on your Articles of Organization will be published at some point on public records and they will also be republished on various sites. If for some reason you prefer to keep your information private, Registered Agents will be your best option.

When you hire a Registered Agent, you’ll be able to use their address on your Articles of Organization. As such the Northwest Registered Agent offers this service to LLCs without the worry of additional costs. So, if you’re looking for a Registered Agent at a reasonable cost of $125, you can contact them and you’ll be on your way to using their address on your documents.

All of the mail that is sent to your LLC will be scanned and uploaded by them to your very own account.

Hire your registered agent at the best price

Hire your registered agent at the best price