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Choosing a Registered Agent for your Connecticut LLC

There are a specific set of rules that an LLC operating in the state of Connecticut must observe if they are to be allowed to operate in the state. The registered agent will play an important role in the legal aspects of your business. Your registered agent will be kept on the public record and is charged with receiving all legal notices and documents as well as anything else that comes from the Connecticut Secretary of State’s Office.

Furthermore, your registered agent will have to perform other important services such as being available during business hours, forwarding all communications in a timely manner, providing a virtual office, and other more important details.

In the following article, we will cover some of the important things to consider when choosing a candidate for this very important task.


Choosing a Registered Agent for your Connecticut LLC

The registered agent working on behalf of your company will agree to accept all service of process as well as other important legal communications. Because this job is especially important to the capacity your company has to operate in Connecticut, the selection of Registered agents should be done carefully.

This begins with a full understanding of what is required of this person or entity. The registered agent will be the contact point between your operations and the Connecticut Secretary of State. All official notices will go through them. Because of this, the first important requisite is that they have a registered street address, P.O. boxes will not serve this purpose.

The next important requisite for your registered agent is that they are available during regular working hours to receive service or process that may arrive. This means that between the hours of 9 AM and 5 PM, your registered agent must be physically present at their registered street address to receive subpoenas, summons, or any other sort of legal notice.

Can I be my own Registered Agent in Connecticut?

When it comes to choosing your registered agent in Connecticut, there are very few limitations. You can even be your own registered agent. If you are a resident of Connecticut and have a street address where you are currently operating, you can perform this function for yourself.

But the fact that you will have to be at the location at all times during the regular business day, does place some limitations on your capacity to conduct business. So, it is worth considering some of the other options for this task when you are forming your Connecticut LLC.

Option 1 – Be the Registered Agent acting for your LLC in Connecticut, but there are some caveats.

Option 2 – The LLC can act as its own Registered Agent.

Option 3 – you can assign the task of a registered agent to one of your staff.

Option 4 – You can have one of your acquaintances or friends act as your Registered Agent.

Option 5 – You can find a professional Connecticut Registered agent to perform this important task for your LLC.

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Registered Agent in Connecticut

You may have family and friends in the area and even have the potential to take on this role yourself. Nevertheless, there may be some reasons that you or your family and friends would prefer to keep your names and numbers off the public records.

It is important to remember that the information that you enter on your LLCs Articles of Organization will go on public file with the state of Connecticut. In essence, this information is made readily available for the general public interested in performing inquiries of any sort. Once this information is made public, it is just a question of time before the information is duplicated far and wide.

This means that the names of those listed as well as their home address, — and hours when they will be present at this specified location — will be available to anybody who is remotely curious. While this is typically no problem for the average business, not everyone wants their home address so widely broadcast.

This can be a good reason to choose a professional registered agent service in Connecticut.

What’s the best Registered Agent option for you?

Obviously, the most straightforward approach would be to handle this task yourself. If you have no problems being on call at the required times and can afford to have your registered address as a public record, this is possibly the best option.

Having friends, family and acquaintances handle this task can be a tricky thing. The importance is too great to leave this to just anybody. If the registered agent were not present to receive the service of process, your operations in Connecticut could be jeopardized.

The final option is having a professional service handle this important task. A professional registered agent service offers full privacy and reliable service for those companies that don’t have a registered address in Connecticut.

Hire your registered agent at the best price

Hire your registered agent at the best price