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Registered Agent DC – Everything You Need To Know

As you go about organizing your plans for an LLC in Washington DC you will need to consider how you will address your legal need for a registered agent. Here is everything you need to know about filling this important position.

DC Registered Agent

What Is A DC Registered Agent?

In order for your business or organization to operate legally within the state of DC, it is essential that they are registered with the DC Secretary of State. Part of this process involves providing the secretary of state’s office with a registered individual or entity that can be contacted should any legal issues arise concerning your business here.

This person, or entity, is called the registered agent of your LLC and functions as the contact point between the state and your company. Your registered agent is charged with receiving all manner of legal or official documents, tax notifications, compliance information, subpoenas, etc.

If your business is being sued for any reason, this registered agent will also be able to accept the service of process on behalf of your company.

Can I Be My Own Registered Agent in DC?

Obviously, you will only need an agent to handle this business, if you choose not to act as your own registered agent. As a matter of fact, you could choose a member of your trusted staff, a friend, relative or even an acquaintance to perform this task for you as well. The only requisites according to the Secretary of State in Arkansas are these:
To be a registered agent, your candidate must be:

Over the age of 18

Have a physical address in DC

Be available to receive service of process and other legal communications during business hours

If you feel you have a trusted person, or entity, who can meet these needs, you will simply need to register this person with your Articles of Organization. Your choice of the registered agent can also be changed at any time, the change must be registered with the secretary of state to avoid any confusion.

But there is another option that is worth considering, especially for companies that are not locally owned and operated. A professional registered agent service can be hired for a fee to handle these operations on behalf of your company and act as your registered agent. Of course, this will cost you a fee. But in all truth, this is only a nominal cost for the peace of mind that comes with a reliable professional in this position and the assurance that you will avoid all penalties and fees that can come from interrupted or delayed official communications.

Should I Use A Professional Registered Agent Service?

There is a single disadvantage to hiring a professional for this important task and many advantages. Professional registered agents will charge a fee for handling these services. If you are willing to shoulder an annual fee for the service, here are some of the benefits that come from signing on with a dedicated registered agent service:


Privacy — if you use the registered address of your registered agent, you will not have to have your personal address listed on the State registry. This is an important thing to consider when you are working from home and don’t want your home address published for the world to see.

Convenience — even if you were to handle the task yourself, you will run into the inconvenience of always having to coordinate your schedule around the fact that you must be present to receive these communications. Hiring an agent to do this will allow you to move about as you please.

Discretion — if your business is ever sued, you will not have the awkward situation arise where your business is served in front of your employees, or even worse, your clients. In this situation, you will be notified discretely by your registered agent and you can take time to notify the people who must be notified.

Peace of mind — you will receive regular compliance reminders from your registered agent and this will keep your organization in good standings. This will allow you to focus your mind on the running of your business rather than trying to juggle keeping someone on call to handle these particulars.

National Coverage — if you choose to expand your operations to other states, your registered agent can help here. For a slightly adjusted fee, your registered agent will be able to act as your registered agent here as well.

Final Notes on a DC Registered Agent

It is important that all businesses and organizations in DC can receive official and legal notifications. While the task of a DC registered agent may seem easily accomplished, there are many legal hassles that can be avoided by having this task handled by a professional. If you are considering how to address this need, consider the advantages of having this task handled by a professional.

Hire your registered agent at the best price

Hire your registered agent at the best price