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Why is a Kansas Registered Agent Important For Your Business?

Registering a business in the United States is not an easy task, regardless of the type of business (partnership, corporation, LLC) that you wish to own. For one, there are a ton of requirements and paperwork to fill up plus a lot of laws and regulations to consider. Each state has its own rules and regulations for registering a business, and Kansas is no exception to that. In 1990, Kansas was the first state in the US to allow access to government information and services online, making government transactions easier and faster for businesses in the state.

The state law of Kansas also requires each business that wishes to register in the state to establish a registered office and hire a registered agent in Kansas. While most states require private entities in the US to hire a registered agent during registration, most business owners place themselves as registered agents for their business. Nevertheless, getting a separate registered agent has many benefits for you and your business. This article will explain what a registered agent does and outline the benefits of getting one for your Kansas LLC.

What does a Registered Agent Do?

A registered agent is more than just an individual you would need to include when starting your business in Kansas. A registered agent is an individual who could accept legal documents and official mail from the government on behalf of your business. Most registered agents receive these documents at a local address within a state known as a registered office.

Aside from legal documents that include summons and subpoenas when your business receives a lawsuit, registered agents are also responsible for receiving business and tax notices, payment reminders, and other essential documents on your behalf. They also have the responsibility to inform you of these legal documents once they receive them on their end.


Who Can Be A Registered Agent in Kansas?

The state of Kansas has outlined the qualifications that each person has to meet to be considered a registered agent. There are general rules for hiring a registered agent when you apply to do business in Kansas. To be a registered agent in Kansas, a person must:
Be 18 years old or above
Maintain a physical address in Kansas (PO Boxes are not allowed)
Be available during regular business hours

When hiring a registered agent for your business in Kansas, there are at least four options that you could consider. The first is that you can register yourself as the registered agent of your business in Kansas, but you would need to meet the requirements mentioned above to be eligible. These same requirements also apply if you wish to register your own business or LLC as its registered agent or if you wish to get your friend or family member as a registered agent for your business. Another option you can try is to hire a commercial registered agent service for your business in Kansas, although costs for getting one may vary.

Benefits of Getting a Registered Agent

There are a lot of benefits to getting a registered agent for your business. For one, your registered agent’s address will be listed on the public record during your business registration and not your personal or office address, which provides you a sense of privacy, and it should be taken into consideration mainly if your company operates outside of your home. Getting a registered agent will also save you from the embarrassment of being served in front of your employees or even customers since he or she will receive legal documents on your behalf and notify you about it immediately and discreetly.

Furthermore, if you register yourself as your agent for your business, you would need to be available during regular business hours when you would typically receive legal documents and official notices. But if you have someone who could stand as a registered agent on behalf of your business, you can keep a flexible schedule and focus more on running your business at the same time. Hence, having a registered agent for your business not only gives you convenience but peace of mind as well.

Bottom Line

A registered agent is a necessity if you wish to do business in the state of Kansas and elsewhere in the United States. But it is hard to get one for your business, especially if you don’t know any friend or family living in Kansas who could stand as your business’s registered agent. If you plan to form an LLC in Kansas, you can trust LLC Formations to take care of these matters for you. LLC Formation can help you start your business in Kansas, and you also get a registered agent for the first year of your business for free! No matter how small or big your business is, LLC Formation could assist you in forming an LLC that provides protection and a safety net for you and your business.

Hire your registered agent at the best price

Hire your registered agent at the best price