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Understanding The Role Of A Maine Registered Agent

If you are in the state of Maine, operating your business, it’s good to have as much protection as possible. In particular, protection from legal liabilities that may lead to losing your personal assets. If you start a business, such as a partnership, or even a sole proprietorship, your possessions could be at risk if you are in a lawsuit. That is why so many people take the time to create a limited liability company. If you are in the state of Maine, and you would like to accomplish this, you will need to find a registered agent. Let’s discuss what the registered agent does, what their role is with a limited liability company, and how you can easily associate one with your Maine LLC.

What Does A Registered Agent Do?

A registered agent is an individual or even a registered agent company, that is allowed to receive the legal mail that is sent on behalf of your LLC. In the instance that you are sued, they will act as the conduit between the lawyers from the other party and your legal representation. In the state of Maine, they are also a point of contact. For example, if you are receiving tax notices or notices regarding your business, they can deliver those to you. You may also receive payment reminders, as well as other documents, courtesy of your registered agent.

Maine Registered Agent

Do You Have To Have A Registered Agent?

If you are operating your business in Maine, and you have an LLC, you are required to appoint a commercial clerk. This individual also referred to as a registered agent, is essential in the operations of LLCs and corporations. As with all other registered agents, legal correspondence and the service of process are handled on behalf limited liability company courtesy of this individual or business. They must have a physical address from which they do business in order to qualify as a registered agent.

What Paperwork Do You Need To Form An LLC In Maine?

If you have a registered agent, this likely means that you have gone through the process of creating an LLC. If you have not done so, you still need to gain access to a registered agent that can act as your intermediary. The paperwork that is necessary for starting an LLC in the state of Maine includes first determining if the name of your LLC is going to be available. Second, the registered agent needs to be identified. However, the paperwork that you fill out will begin with the Certificate of Formation followed by the Operating Agreement.

What Is A Certificate Of Formation?

In the state of Maine, this document is referred to as document MLLC-6. This can be accessed by going to the state of Maine Secretary of State website. On that document, you must list several things. This will include the name of the LLC, the date by which the certificate will be effective, whether the LLC is for profit or not, and it must state if it is for professional purposes. Finally, you must place the name and address of the registered agent and then sign the document as the authorized person. The filing fee is $175, and can be brought directly to the Secretary of State’s building, or simply send it in by mail.

What Is The Operating Agreement?

The operating agreement is a little bit different. In fact, it is advisable to have one, but the state of Maine does not require it. This internal document is going to simply reveal how your LLC will operate. The responsibilities and rights of the managers and members will be documented, and it will also show how the LLC will be managed. It will also have information clearly stating that this is a separate business entity from yourself and your possessions. Finally, you will also need to obtain an EIN number for tax purposes and file annual reports. Once all of this is done, you will then look forward to having the protection of an LLC.

Are There Easier Ways To Complete This Process?

Fortunately, there are companies that specialize in the formation of LLCs. On top of the fees that you will pay to form one, you can also pay them to do everything for you. There will be some mandatory participation on your part such as needing to sign certain documents. However, the process of filling everything out can be done in conjunction with these businesses which will ensure that they are filled out properly. Likewise, they can submit the documents for you so you do not have to. All of this is possible with these businesses that can help you form your LLC.

In the state of Maine, if you are filing papers to create an LLC, you will need to have a registered agent. Make sure that this individual or business has a physical place to conduct their business, which is a prerequisite for them having this position. They will handle all of the mail that will come to you regarding your LLC, acting as an intermediary. If you have not filed to start your limited liability company, there are businesses that will be more than happy to provide you with this type of assistance.

Hire your registered agent at the best price

Hire your registered agent at the best price