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How LLC Formations Can Help You Become a Mississippi Registered Agent

A registered agent is responsible for collecting official documents of a company on the owner’s behalf. In Mississippi, a registered agent is the point of contact between the government and your company. He collects crucial documents like compliance information, legal summons, and tax notifications. But how do you become a registered agent in Mississippi? LLC Formations, a company run by elite entrepreneurs, help to make the entire process easier.

From starting a business to ensuring that you become a registered agent in Mississippi, LLC Formations assists in everything. They explain every step in detail so that you don’t have any questions in mind. You can discuss the procedure, fees, and steps involved in changing a registered agent in detail.

Becoming a Mississippi registered agent

Mississippi has a straightforward process to become a registered agent. You need to fulfill a few conditions.

  • You should be 18 years or older.
  • Your physical address should be in Mississippi. The company under which you work should also have a working address in the same state.
  • Your duty is to collect documents on your company’s behalf. Therefore, you should be present within the standard business hours to collect official paperwork.

Although a few business owners believe that they can become registered agents to save money, it isn’t a wise decision after all. You may save money, but you need to dedicate your time collecting documents and attending your business meetings. This isn’t always possible. You will eventually have to pick one job over another. Moreover, a professional registered agent knows his duties. It would lower the risks of losing any official documents. Plus, you wouldn’t miss any important meetings of your business.

A business owner can elect one of his company members to become a registered agent. The above conditions are applicable for that member also. There are two ways to elect a registered agent in this case: online and offline.

Online – The business owner should fill out a registered agent form and pay the fees online. He needs to provide his company’s Certification of Formation while providing the registered agent’s details.

Offline – First, the business owner has to down the form and fill it out manually. Next, he has to submit the form to Mississippi’s Judge of Probate. The form should also contain his company’s Certification of Formation and registered agent’s fees. Usually, it takes approximately 7 to 10 business days for the Judge of Probate office to send the approval.


Procedure to change a registered agent

A business owner in Mississippi has the right to change his LLC’s registered agent. Suppose you are in line to become a replacement registered agent. The hiring company will need to follow the steps below to appoint you:

  • Download the Department of Revenue’s form and fill out the area that says “Requesting a Change in Registered Agent.
  • The owner has to fill out your details. Make sure you mention your company’s address in detail to avoid rejections. The owner also has to pay your fees to the Judge of Probate for appointing a new registered agent.
  • Next, the owner has to take your consent and submit your application online.

The owner may not need to provide his company’s Certification of Formation in this step.

Prerequisites of a Mississippi registered agent

According to the Mississippi State Code, registered agents should work for a company whose physical address is in Mississippi. This will give you the right to access business documents, service of process, and summons if someone sues the company you are working for. Most importantly, the registered agent’s office should remain opening during business hours, and you should deliver the documents to your clients as quickly as possible.

Scope of a registered agent in Mississippi

The Mississippi government states that every LLC or corporation must have a registered agent. This means you will never run out of a job if you opt for this profession. A registered agent is one of the most crucial workers of a company for many reasons.

  • You will handle a company’s legal documents. This is a huge responsibility because the company’s stake depends on your service.
  • You can provide report reminders and real-time information updates on pending documents. Apart from receiving documents, you are also responsible for sending paperwork from your company to other companies.
  • You should also scan the hard copies of documents and upload them into the cloud. This allows your employer to access the documents from anywhere he wants.

You need to get training before becoming a registered agent. Many institutes in Mississippi provide registered agent training to help candidates become professionals. Most companies look for certified registered agents. Completing the training enables you to become a certified professional and apply to companies looking for qualified and experienced service of process experts.

Contact LLC Formations today to finalize your registered agent procedure in Mississippi.

Hire your registered agent at the best price

Hire your registered agent at the best price