Professional Registered Agent In Montana

Included In All LLC Packages

  • Helps Preserve Your Privacy
  • All Correspondence Forward to Your Private Personal Address
  • Email and SMS notifications
  • Permanent Physical Address in the State
  • Stay On Top of Important Deadlines
  • Automatic Mail Forwarding
  • Helps Manage Documentation From the State
  • Digital Dashboard to Store Important Documents
  • 1st Year Free with Incorporation Service

Montana LLC Registered Agent

When it comes to filing for your Montana LLC, you’ll need to determine who is the right Registered Agent for dealing with your Montana LLC. In essence, your Registered Agent is simply the person who collects legal mail for you. They even collect the mail in the event that your LLC gets sued for some reason.

When you hire a Registered Agent, this serves as one of the general points of contact for receiving legal documents. They’ll receive payment reminders, tax notices, and various other documents that are issued for your Montana LLC. In order to hire an agent in Montana, they must have a street address; PO Boxes are not allowed for this purpose.

Additionally, your agent should be available during regular business hours between 9 am and 5 pm. This is a must since there are instances where Service of Process arrives. If you didn’t already know, Service of Process is another term used for documents that involve complaints, subpoenas, or summons.

Montana Registered Agent

Who Can Be Your Registered Agent In Montana?

During the formation of your Montana LLC, there are three options for a registered agent. These are as follows:

  • You can be your own Registered Agent for the LLC.
  • A family member or friend can be the Registered Agent for your LLC.
  • You can easily hire a regular Commercial Registered Agent.

It should be noted that if you’re intending on your Registered Agent being an individual, they need to be a resident of the state of Montana.

How Do I Know Which Option to Choose?

  • Simply put, if you’ve got a local street address in Montana (offices and homes can be used) that is available during business hours, it’s easy to list yourself as the Registered Agent for the LLC.
  • If for some reason you don’t have a street address, you can use a family member or friend’s Montana Address. Their address should also be available during business hours.
  • In the instance where you don’t have friends or family in Montana and you don’t have your own street address, you can now hire a Commercial Registered Agent.

Commercial agents within the state of Montana offer the best form of privacy for LLCs in Montana. Hence, your address will never be public and it’s actually more reliable than most options.

How To Keep Your Address Off Of Public Records?

Most businesses are started from an owner’s home. Due to this, it’s important that you remember that your addresses are required for all of your LLC’s Articles Of Organization. Hence, it ends up being listed publicly and it can even be found on google searches.

So, if you’re thinking of using your regular home address but prefer to have it off the records, it’s a great idea to hire a Registered Agent. When you hire a Registered Agent, you’ll be able to use their address without having to put yours on the Articles of Organization. This service is offered by the Northwest Registered Agent at no additional costs.

They usually offer these services at a cost of $125 each year and you can easily use their address as you complete your Articles of Organization. When any form of mail is sent to them, they’ll scan and even upload them straight to your online account.

Are There Risks If You, Or Friends, Or Family Members Act As The Registered Agent?

Just like everything else, there are risks involved. While they don’t always happen, there’s still the chance that they can. In the instance that they do, you’ll lose your liability protection. If for some reason your LLC’s Registered Agent is unavailable when the Montana Secretary of State contacts them, you can lose the good status and the state can even dissolve the LLC.

Even if the process server is unsuccessful when trying to establish a connection, court cases can go on and you wouldn’t even know. The worse thing that can happen is judgment being placed against you and you’re not there to defend yourself. The following are some common reasons why your Registered Agent is unavailable:

  • They are not available during business hours.
  • They’re on vacation
  • You moved and forgot to change the Registered Agent. Hence the state wasn’t aware of the move.
  • When you hire commercial Registered Agents, they provide a more reliable setup and give you the freedom to be anywhere that you want at any given time without worrying about these things.

Registered Agents also keep everything in compliance since they send you periodic reminders of various reporting requirements.

Hire your registered agent at the best price

Hire your registered agent at the best price