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Easy Ways To Obtain A Local Ohio Registered Agent

For every LLC that is filed, they must all have a registered agent, a business, or a person that can receive mail for them. This is a mandatory prerequisite on the part of every state that requires limited liability companies to have registered agents on board. If you have not filled out the paperwork for your Ohio LLC yet, prior to doing so, finding a registered agent should be at the top of your list of tasks to complete. The following information will show you why you need one, and also where to find one so that you can complete your paperwork and obtain your LLC.

What Does A Registered Agent Do?

In Ohio, every LLC that is created must have an agent for what is called the service of process. Registered agents will be able to receive your legal papers on your behalf. They are intermediaries between you and the state when it comes to receiving important documents. Each registered agent could be a resident of Ohio, or they may be a foreign corporation that is licensed to do this type of business in the state. Whether they are domestic or foreign, as long as they have the capability of acting in this capacity, you will be able to use them for your LLC.

Why Must You Obtain One Before Filling Out Your Articles Of Organization?

Prior to filling out your Articles of Organization, it is essential that you find your registered agent. That is because, on the form that you must submit to get your LLC, their name, address, and sometimes their email, must be listed. Additionally, you will first have to obtain the name of your business. You will use Form 534A which is the name registration document. Once this is submitted with their $39 fee, you will have reserved the name you will want to use with your LLC. Both the name of your limited liability company and the registered agent must be on their Articles of Organization. From that point forward, there is more information that must be presented, but it can be done after you have your name and registered agent.

Ohio Registered Agent

How To Complete The Articles Of Organization

On this document, the name of your LLC goes at the top. This will be followed by the effective date of the articles. If the LLC does have a termination date, meaning it is not perpetual, you must list the state on the document. The purpose of the limited liability company is going to be listed as well. However, this particular step is optional. The phone number, email, and address of the LLC must also be written in. For the registered agent, their address, name, and signature must be on this document. Most limited liability companies have more than one member. It could be you and several other people. You can designate them as authorized representatives, managers, or members, and once they have signed this document, along with your signature, this can be submitted to the Ohio Secretary of State.

What Happens Next?

Over the next few days, after your submission, the Secretary of State’s office will evaluate the paperwork. Unlike many other states that can drag this out for as many as six weeks, they can complete this process for you in just three days. In some cases, overnight approval could happen, but it depends on how many LLCs have been filed. Once that is done, or at least while you are waiting for the LLC to go through, you should be obtaining your business licenses and permits that you will need for your company. There are a few other things that you should consider prior to completing the process of obtaining your LLC.

Final Thoughts On Ohio Registered Agents

If your final thoughts regarding registered agents are you should work with one that is well known and highly regarded. There are some registered agents that are working with multiple clients. If you can find one that is reliable, or if a business that you are working with can recommend one, you will want to sign up with that company as soon as possible.

This overview of what a registered agent is, and what their role is in the creation of your LLC, should help you understand the process. The information on the Articles of
The organization should help you understand how to fill that document out. You may also want to complete your Operating Agreement. This internal document can be kept by you, and it will detail many things. This will include the members that are part of your LLC, what their rights are, and it will also state how your limited liability company will typically function. After all of this is completed, in the span of just a few days, your LLC will be fully operational.

Hire your registered agent at the best price

Hire your registered agent at the best price