Professional Registered Agent In Oklahoma

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The Purpose Of Obtaining An Oklahoma Registered Agent

Creating LLCs in Oklahoma business straightforward process. One of the prerequisites to have one is to first retain what is called an agent for the service of the process. These are also referred to as registered agents, and these can be people, or businesses, that have a physical place of business or mail can be sent.

Why Are Registered Agents Necessary

They act as an intermediary between the state of Oklahoma and the person that owns the LLC, in regard to legal documents. They are sent to the registered agent, who will then notify the owner, and then they will forward that information to them. Without a registered agent, the LLC cannot exist, and if you don’t have one after the creation of your limited liability company, it could jeopardize its existence. Therefore, it’s important to find one before you ever set up a limited liability company in the state of Oklahoma.

How To Appoint A Registered Agent In Oklahoma

There are two ways that you can go about doing this. If you are doing this yourself, you will simply search for a registered agent, or an agent for service of process, when you will find websites where these professionals are providing their services. The other way is to work with a business that sets up LLCs, perhaps across the nation, that will have a reliable registered agent that can serve this purpose for you.

Oklahoma Registered Agent

Defining The Criteria For A Registered Agent

In the state of Oklahoma, a registered agent must fit certain criteria. First of all, they must be a resident of Oklahoma in order to qualify. Second, they must also have an Oklahoma LLC. Finally, they must be a business that is in Oklahoma, one that is authorized for doing either domestic or foreign business. And finally, they must have a place of business, a physical location where mail can be directly sent. If you can find someone or a business with all of these qualifications, you can then retain their services.

Why Would You Need To Get A Registered Agent?

The primary purpose of a registered agent is to provide this service for someone setting up an LLC. A limited liability company is a separate entity from a business that can act as a buffer from those that would try to go after the assets of the owner of the business. It is for this reason alone that many people set up limited liability companies. As the name suggests, it limits your overall liability in regard to litigious activity. To set one up, you must submit a request, using a document called the Articles of Organization that is sent directly to the Oklahoma Secretary of State.

How To Register An LLC In Oklahoma

The process for getting an LLC in Oklahoma is very reminiscent of all of the other states in which you can set up a limited liability company. You do have to have a registered name that is available for your LLC, and you must also have a physical place of business. It is also necessary to have an email address which means you will likely have a website focused on the products and services that you sell. When you are filling out the Articles of Organization that you will submit through the Entity Filing webpage on the Oklahoma Secretary of State website, you must also state how long the LLC will be in existence.

At the bottom of this document, there are signatures that are required which will come from representatives, members, or managers that are involved with the limited liability company. This will be submitted, along with a $100 filing fee, so it can be processed in as little as a couple of days. If it is extremely busy, meaning there are many applications being sent in for this purpose, it may take up to 10 days before your request is approved.

If you have not set up an LLC in Oklahoma for your business, it’s an easy process that can be accomplished by you or by a professional business that creates limited liability companies in Oklahoma. All you have to do is obtain the Articles of Organization document, and submit that paperwork. It is also recommended that you create a simple Operating Agreement that is going to present who the members are of the LLC, and what their liabilities, powers, rights, and duties are going to be within the context of this separate entity. Once this is done, and it is approved, you can take advantage of all of the benefits that a limited liability company can provide. While this is being processed, you should set up your bank account, get all of the business licenses and permits that you need, so that you are ready to business under the protection of an Oklahoma LLC that you can set up on your own or with the help of another business.

Hire your registered agent at the best price

Hire your registered agent at the best price