Professional Registered Agent In Tennessee

Included In All LLC Packages

  • Helps Preserve Your Privacy
  • All Correspondence Forward to Your Private Personal Address
  • Email and SMS notifications
  • Permanent Physical Address in the State
  • Stay On Top of Important Deadlines
  • Automatic Mail Forwarding
  • Helps Manage Documentation From the State
  • Digital Dashboard to Store Important Documents
  • 1st Year Free with Incorporation Service

What Is A Registered Agent And What Do They Do?

After you’ve formed your LLC in Tennessee, you’ll need to hire a registered agent for many reasons. Your newly appointed registered agent will act as the main contact point for your LLC with the state. Your agent will be responsible for receiving legal documents, tax notifications, and even compliance information as it applies to your LLC.

Additionally, a registered agent will also be able to accept the service of process. So if ever your LLC is going to be sued your registered agent will be the one responsible for accepting a summons on behalf of your LLC in Tennessee.


Am I Eligible To Be My Own Registered Agent Within The State Of Tennessee?

If you’re leaning on the idea of being your own registered agent, you can if you desired. You can also appoint a friend or a family member to be the registered agent for your LLC. However, you’ll need to take into consideration the following things:

  • LLC agent should be older than 18
  • Has a physical address within the state of Tennessee for business to be conducted
  • Is required to be available during regular business hours to ensure that they can receive the service of process in person if need be

Additionally, if you’re not entirely interested in the above, you can always hire your very own registered agent. However, there is the disadvantage of this since they’re a bit more expensive than if you did the job on your own. With that said, hiring a registered agent still has its perks.

When you hire a registered agent, you’ll be able to avoid any legal issues that can be cause with simply misplacing documents and notices. In essence, a registered agent will always save you both money and time in the future.

Should I Hire A Registered Agent In Tennessee?

While there are a couple of disadvantages, there are still many advantages of hiring a registered agent on behalf of your LLC. It should be noted that Registered Agent Services are also often referred to as commercial registered agents. The following serves to give some more clarity on the benefits of hiring a registered agent:


  • Privacy – Hiring a registered agent allows you to make use of their address. This is the same address that will be used and listed on all public records. So if you’re planning to run your LLC from the comfort of your home, a registered agents address will come in handy to ensure that your information stays off of public domain.
  • Convenience – If you’re still on the fence about being a registered agent, you’ll need to ensure that you’re available at a moment’s notice for receiving legal and other documents during business hours. When you hire an agent, your schedule will be as flexible as you want it to be.
  • Discretion – In the case of having your business sued, your agent will notify you in a private and discreet manner. This makes it easier because you’ll never have to get that type of news in the presence of your customers and employees.
  • Added Peace Of Mind – Agents will always ensure that you’re reminded of compliances and other requirement that is needed to ensure that everything is in working order. This allows you to be at peace since your LLC will always be in good standing. Hence, you’ll be able to focus your attention and time in other areas such as running your LLC.
  • National Coverage – If you’re thinking about expanding to another state, a certified agent will be able to continue your services at a new location.

The List of Best Commercial Registered Agent Services


  • Cost – Registered agents are generally more expensive than if you had done these tasks on your own.

What Is The Best Registered Agent Service In Tennessee?

We highly recommend: Incfile Registered Agent

If you’re looking for true professionalism, then Incfile is your best bet. They’re one of the leading companies and they offer the best prices for their services as they fulfill all of the requirements. With Incfile, you’ll also be able to enjoy Worry Free Compliance which easily alerts you in the event of sudden compliance events, provides expert support, and even covers your annual filing.

Incfile also offers a state-of-the-art online filing system that makes compliance alerts hassle free. They’ll ensure that your legal documents are always scanned and updated. All of this is then uploaded to your personal dashboard so that you’ll be able to access it on time anywhere.

So, if you’re looking for exceptional quality and service, then Incfile is the one for you. They’ll provide excellent customer services as they represent and offer the best knowledge for maintaining and forming your LLC.

How Do I Select An Agent In Tennessee?

When it comes to hiring a registered agent, you’ll only be able to do so after you’ve completed your Articles of Organization in Tennessee. If you didn’t already know, the Articles of Organization is one of the main documents that you’ll need as you form your LLC.

How Can I Appoint A Registered Agent Online?

If you’re forming your LLC online within the state of Tennessee, you can do so via the Secretary of States website. However, there’s a minimum fee of $300 with a $50 per member fee or a max of $3000. So, after you’ve completed the required information, you can easily choose the agent that you want.

How Can I Appoint A Registered Agent By Mail?

If you’re forming your LLC via mailing services, the previously mentioned fees still apply and you’ll be required to fill out the fields as you submit a physical copy. However, the copy must be submitted to the Secretary of State and all of your agents contact information should be completed according to Section 4.

How Can I Change My Registered Agent?

If you’re not satisfied with your registered agent in Tennessee, you’ll be able to easily change the service. You’ll be required to download a Change of Registered Agent form followed by submitting a physical copy to the Secretary of State. However, a $20 fee is required.

Before you can select a new agent, you’ll need to ensure that you submit that contract that your registered agent signed. It should be noted that this particular step can be different for each state.

Hire your registered agent at the best price

Hire your registered agent at the best price

Your Tennessee Registered Agent FAQ

Besides New York, all other states require that all LLCs have a registered agent. While the term registered agent changes from one place to another, you’ll need to hire a registered agent if you reside in other states except New York.

You can be your own agent in Tennessee if you desire. The following should be kept in mind:

  • Your agent should be over 18
  • A physical address is needed
  • You’ll need to be available during regular business hours in the event that you’re receiving a service of process

As previously mentioned, registered agents ensure that all the necessary paper work is up to date. They’re also responsible for receiving official mail for the LLC including that of tax forms, legal notices, and both federal and state forms.

While you can act as the agent for your LLC, there are always several conditions that business owners prefer to do instead of hiring an expensive company. If you’re intending to be your own agent, it’s best to keep in mind that there are more responsibilities that you’ll need to take up. Hence, most small business owners prefer hiring a a service company.

So, before you make this decision, you should think about all the advantages and disadvantages that come with being your own agent.

This service is usually carried out by a third-party company. They take responsibility for various tasks in your LLC for a fixed rate.

The requirements for being an agent changes from state to state. However, they tend to usually allow both businesses and individuals to serve as the agent for LLCs. In order to be an agent, a person must be older than 18 and they must be properly registered to conduct these services.

Additionally, a physical location is required and they must be available during business hours. While you can successfully be your own agent, it is recommended that you hire a professional service to reduce your stress. Reliable agents serve as a huge benefit to you.

Simply put, the cost of agents tend to vary. Some can be free while others cost well over a couple hundreds of dollars. However, it saves you a lot of money in the long run.

No, agents and owners are two completely different persons. The agent accepts legal documents for the LLC. With that said, an LLC owner can successfully be their own registered agent if they desire.

Most if not all states require that you hire a registered agent for your LLC. In the instance where it isn’t required, hiring an agent gives you privacy and it allows for more peace of mind.

In some instances they are responsible if damages are sustained if they didn’t meet their responsibilities. One of the main ones is not informing the company if it was being sued.

Agents can be changed by firstly completing the paperwork needed. Since each state has its own requirements, you’ll need to learn about the details before you do so.

Before you do this, you’ll need to determine if this is the best option for you. Agents provide many benefits but also come at a costly price. Hence, you’ll need to determine if you can afford the service at the beginning or if you want to later on.

This type of agent is the same as a Registered Agent.

A service of process is a legal document. However, these legal documents can be a court order, or a summons.

LLC owners should provide the full contact details of their agent. However, non-commercial agents are referred to as individuals whereas commercial agents are simply registered agents.