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What To Know About Choosing a Registered Agent in Utah

If you are planning on starting an LLC in Utah, you will need to understand the importance and role of a Registered Agent. Registered Agents are required for a Limited Liability Company, Limited Partnership, or Limited Liability Partnership and have a range of responsibilities and requirements you should know about.

Utah Registered Agent

What is a registered agent?

As you fill out your articles of organization, you may come across terms like “statutory agent”, “resident agent” or “registered agent”, but all of these terms refer to the same individual or entity that will be acting as your official contact point with the public and state department.

The primary function of a registered agent is to receive important legal notifications and official correspondence for your company. This can include tax documents, service of process, and other official notifications.

What happens if you don’t have a registered agent?

You will be required to register the agent that will be performing this role when you form your company or organization as well as maintain them throughout your operations in Utah. Failure to appoint an individual or company to fulfill this important requirement can lead to problems for your company.

Furthermore, if the person or entity you have tasked with this important role does not fulfill its obligations, your Utah-based operations can run into specific problems.

Not Receiving Legal Notices – as the contact point between your company and the government, your Registered agent must receive all legal notices. Without a reliable registered agent operating on behalf of your organization, a process server will be unable to deliver the service of the process. This may result in the courts proceeding with a case and even reaching a judgment without your knowledge. The results of which could be scathing.

Penalties and Fees – Any business that is not properly maintaining a registered agent in Utah, could suffer specific penalties and fees. The owners of this business may also suffer similar penalties and lose liability protection and face personal risks.

Administrative Dissolution – a business or organization without a reliable registered agent runs the risk of being dissolved by the state of Utah.

Who can be a registered agent in Utah?

The role of a registered agent can be easily filled, but it will be very important to choose a registered agent that is reliable and dependable. According to the statutes set down by the state of Utah a registered agent can be anyone who meets the following requirements:

Registered Address — Your registered agent must be a resident of the state of Utah and have a physical address. This could be a home or office address or the home or office of a trusted friend, relative, or acquaintance, such as a lawyer or accountant. As a matter of fact, any physical address can be used. P.O. boxes and virtual offices will not be accepted as the registered address of your registered agent.

Physical Presence — it is also important that your registered agent can be found at their registered address at all times. Because they will be receiving subpoenas, court summons, or any other legal documents, it is essential that they are present at their registered physical location during regular business hours Monday to Friday.

Hire a Commerical Registered Agent

Can I be my own registered agent in Utah?

You may also choose to fill this role yourself. Actually, anybody over the age of 18 or an entity can be registered as an agent of your company. Nevertheless, considering the great importance of this role it is important to choose a registered agent that is reliable and most importantly, present at their registered location.

Even though you could conceivably be the registered agent for your business or choose a member of your staff to perform this task, there are some reasons it would be best to choose a professional registered agent service to act as your company’s registered agent in Utah.

Privacy – one reason to choose a professional service is that the address of the registered agent will be placed on the public record. You may not want everyone to know where you live and a friend or acquaintance may not want their address open to the public — especially if they run a different business.

Furthermore, having your registered agent located at a different physical location than your actual business will avoid being serviced with a lawsuit in front of employees and valued clients. If an angry client were to show up at your place of business this could be an especially bad thing.

Availability – one of the most important points is that your registered agent is present at the physical location without fail between 9 am and 5 pm Monday to Friday. This can place a serious limitation on your capacity to come and go as needed. When using a registered agent service, you can take vacations, step out for business meetings and have the liberty to move about as you wish without jeopardizing your operations.

Hire your registered agent at the best price

Hire your registered agent at the best price