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LLC Corporation’s Role in Helping You Become a Washington Registered Agent

Do you want to become a Washington LLC registered agent and accept legal and tax documents on your employer’s behalf? The booming demand to hire registered agents in Washington provides you with surefire job opportunities. Every LLC, Limited Partnership, and Corporation, operating in Washington must hire a registered agent with a physical Washington state address. If you are not aware of the procedure to become a registered agent, contact LLC Formations today.

LLC Formations is a reputable company that helps people start businesses in Washington. It can help you regarding registered agents in three ways:

The registered agent is responsible for receiving notices, service of process, and annual reports on the organization’s behalf. You should provide a physical address where you can collect these documents during standard business hours.

How to become a registered agent in Washington?

There are three conditions that you need to meet to become a Washington registered agent.

  • You must be at least 18 years older or more.
  • Your office should be within a Washington physical address.
  • You should be present at your office to collect your employer’s official and legal documents within the standard working hours.

Apart from these three conditions, you may also receive training and certification for a registered agent’s job. However, it isn’t compulsory. Even business owners can become registered agents for their businesses if they meet the three conditions above. Therefore, you may or may not receive professional training to become a registered agent here. You can become a certified registered agent if you want to improve your chances of getting a job. Most companies look for experienced and certified agents.

Demand for Washington registered agent

Washington has a high demand for registered agents throughout the year. The Washington Secretary of State made it compulsory for every company to have a registered agent. Since it’s sometimes not practical for an owner to become a registered agent, it opens doors for others to work for his company. Moreover, there are various benefits of hiring a registered agent for companies.

  • Easy to get documents – With a registered agent ready to deliver essential documents quickly, it saves the owner time and energy from receiving the documents alone. It makes the job convenient for him and frees his time that he can instead invest in expanding his business.
  • 100% privacy – The employer doesn’t need to disclose his business address to the state or anyone he does business with if he hires a registered agent. Instead, he can give the registered agent’s office address where everyone can send their documents. This is helpful for those who operate their businesses from their homes. Imagine if you had to answer the doorbell a hundred times a day to receive business paperwork. On the other, the registered agent collects all the documents of the day and delivers them together. Apart from the address factor, your employer can also rely on you to deliver crucial messages discretely. For example, if someone sues your employer, you need to deliver the summons personally and not break the news in front of his employees. It saves your employer from an embarrassing situation.
  • National coverage – You can still work for your employer if his business expands to another country. Washington registered agents have the permission to continue offering their services if their employers’ companies register as a foreign LLC.

The List of Best Commercial Registered Agent Services

Changing a registered agent

A business owner has the right to change registered agents as many times as he wants. The Washington Secretary of State has the following rules to change a company’s registered agent:

  • Fill out a replacement registered agent form from Washington’s Department of Revenue.
  • Pay a $25 fee while submitting the above form.
  • Fill out the form with the registered agent’s details, such as full name, contact number, and office address. Again, the registered agent should have a physical Washington address. The business owner must get a consent form signed by the registered agent before posting these documents to the Secretary of State.

You may come across various names of registered agents like a resident agent, statutory agent, and agent for service of process. They all mean the same thing.

Types of registered agents

Washington has two types of registered agents: Commercial and Non-commercial. A non-commercial registered is a member of the company. If the owner or any of the company members appoint themselves as a registered agent, it comes under non-commercial agent. On the other hand, a commercial registered agent means hiring someone from a different company with a physical address in Washington.

You can become a Washington registered agent if you take help from LLC Formations. They walk you through each step so that you can get your dream job soon. Contact them at +1 786-686-3113 to set up a meeting immediately.

Hire your registered agent at the best price

Hire your registered agent at the best price