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What You Should Know About West Virginia Registered Agents

Any business that is in West Virginia has the option of creating an LLC to provide them with extra protection. It is common for some of these businesses to be sued by prior clients, and when this occurs, they may be trying to get their personal assets. With your limited liability company in place, this cannot happen, especially if you have also created your Operating Agreement. To ensure that you will be able to avoid these legal issues, you will want to set up your West Virginia LLC as quickly as you can. Unfortunately, legal issues can still occur, which is why you need to have a registered agent there to receive these documents that will be sent from the West Virginia Secretary of State. Here is an overview of how you can set up an LLC in West Virginia, and how to find a registered agent to represent you.

What Does A Registered Agent Do

Registered agents are individuals, and often businesses, that are able to receive mail for you on your behalf. This is legal mail, documents that may pertain to a legal issue or lawsuit, and it must be received by the registered agent that has a physical address. In some cases, the registered agent will live in West Virginia proper. Others will simply have the right to offer their services, though they will not be in the state. It is necessary for all LLCs to have an official agent for service of process, and you can find them easily either online or from a company that creates limited liability companies that can make a recommendation.

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What If You Do Not Have An LLC Set Up In West Virginia?

To understand the importance of registered agents, you must first have an LLC. If you have a business, but it is not protected by a limited liability company, you will want to set one up. You can do this by first registering the name of your LLC by visiting the West Virginia Secretary of State business name database. When you do a search for the name of your business, and it does not show up, this means that it is not registered at all. You can easily file the Application for Name Reservation to secure it. Simply search for Form NR-1 so that you can complete it and send it in. This must be submitted by regular mail to the West Virginia Secretary of State. You can reserve this for up to 120 days before securing it officially. Once this is done, you will have just one of the many things required on the Articles of Organization.

What Are The Articles Of Organization

In the state of West Virginia, the Articles of Organization are actually referred to as Form LLD-1. You will need to fill this form out and submit it via the West Virginia One Stop Business Portal, or you could also send it by mail with a $100 filing fee. This is one of the most comprehensive Articles of Organization in all of the states. It is requesting quite a bit of information from you. At the very top, as with all other Articles of Organization, you are going to list the LLC name that you have just registered. You also need to have the physical address for the limited liability company listed. In addition to this, you must state whether this is for professional or regular reasons. The website address, email address, and the term of existence for the LLC must also be presented. Finally, you need to list whether or not you are operating your business in more than one state, and list all of the organizers and members that are involved. The signature of the organizer also needs to be at the bottom of the document. There is also miscellaneous information regarding whether you are assuming liability debts if this is for a scrap metal dealer, and if the owner is a veteran of the Armed Forces. Once done, you will submit this document for its approval.

How Long Will It Take To Get Approval?

Although the Articles of Organization is much longer, the turnaround time for approval is quite fast. It can take between 5 and 10 days for the LLC paperwork to be received and approved. If you prefer, it can be done even faster by taking advantage of expedited processing for an additional fee.

The Operating Agreement For A West Virginia LLC

One final thing to consider doing is creating the Operating Agreement. This will definitively show that the LLC is separate from you and your business. You will need this if you are ever the recipients of papers regarding a lawsuit. They will not be able to pursue any of your personal assets once this is displayed in court.

If you are filing for an LLC in West Virginia, you now know how to do this. It’s a process that can be accomplished in a matter of just a few weeks. Once done, you can rest easy knowing that all of your personal assets will be protected in case a litigious person comes your way. You can also request the help of professional businesses that set up LLCs. This is a good choice for people that do not have the time to complete all of these steps. Once it is in place, your business will be protected, by a limited liability company in West Virginia.

Hire your registered agent at the best price

Hire your registered agent at the best price