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How To Do A Rhode Island Business Entity Search

In the state of Rhode Island, the very first step toward forming your LLC is to do a business entity search. This is a search for the name of the limited liability company that you would like to have. Some people prefer using the same name as the business, and if it is not taken, they can register it and use it when filing for their LLC. This process is very easy to do, but it does require you to use the proper forms to properly reserve that name just for you and your company.


Where Do You Do This Search?

By going directly to the Secretary of State’s business name database for Rhode Island, you can access this information. By entering the name of the business you would like to use, you can see if it has been registered. If it has not been registered, you will then fill out Form 620. This is the Reservation of the Entity Name form. You must then submit this form directly to the Rhode Island Secretary of State’s Corporation Division. This can be done by mail or you can submit it online. Once that is done, and it is approved, that name will be yours to use with your Rhode Island LLC.


Rhode Island Business Entity Search

What Is The Next Step Toward Forming Your LLC?

There are other prerequisite steps that you should take before forming your LLC. The first one has been done. The next step is locating a registered agent. This is a person or business that is going to act as an intermediary between you and the state when they send you legal documents. These typically portend to documents related to lawsuits. Therefore, the registered agent must be there, by state law, to receive them.

They will then notify you upon receiving them, forward them to you, and this process will continue while you are in a legal lawsuit. Registered agents can be found and obtained by doing a simple search online. If you are currently working with a business that is forming your LLC, they may actually have a business entity authorized for this purpose in Rhode Island that you will be able to use.


Setting Up Your LLC Physical Location

Unless you are setting up a home business, it is likely that you are using a location for your business. You can use this same address as the LLC address when you are filling out your Articles of Organization. It is recommended that you have a phone number and an email, and perhaps even a website, to make your business more authentic. However, all that is needed when you submit the paperwork is the physical location of your LLC.


Determining Who Your Members And Managers Are

Finally, if you are doing this on your own, you will be the member and manager of your own LLC. For those that are creating a larger company, or that need more help with their LLC, they will likely have other people that will be members and managers. It is important to define this before submitting your Articles of Organization as it will need that information listed. Once this is done, you will be ready to complete and submit your Articles of Organization.


How To Fill Out The Articles Of Organization

This is the form, Form 400, that is used to create your LLC. Once it is completed, it is submitted to the Rhode Island Department of State for approval. On this form, you are going to list the LLC’s name, the name, and address of the registered agent, the principal office address, and the members and manager names and addresses. You also need to determine if this is a manager-managed or a member-managed LLC.

That will also need to be on the document. The date that the limited liability company will be active, and the signature of the authorized person for your limited liability company must also be presented. Once this form is completed, you can file it online, or you can send it to the Rhode Island Department of State by mail. You must accompany this with $150 so that the form can be processed.

This overview of how to find and reserve the name of your LLC will help you toward getting your limited liability company set up. As you can see, this is the first step that you need to take prior to submitting your Articles of Organization. Along with the other information that you need, and the other activities that you need to do, you now are fully aware of what is required. Simply follow the steps, or if you would prefer, work with a reputable business that can set up Rhode Island LLCs for you to eliminate some of the difficulties that you will experience while forming your limited liability company.

Finding a Good Domain Name

Finding a good domain name for your business is a great idea, but can sometimes be tricky without the right tools. We recommend using the Business Name Generator tool from The Really Useful Information Company.