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Get a Rhode Island Business License with Help from LLC Formations

Starting a business involves a lot of planning. Most importantly, you need to implement those plans to perfection. But before all these things happen, you need a business license. Just like you can’t drive around without a license, you can’t run a business without a proper license from your respective state.

While many people think that getting a business license involves many complicated steps, LLC Formations believe otherwise. Sure, you will come across various hurdles after starting your business, but getting a license isn’t one of them. And LLC Formations Rhode Island can make sure that your entrepreneurship journey starts smoothly. With highly talented individuals ready to walk you through the business license procedure, you don’t need to scratch your head thinking about what to do next.


Rhode Island Business License

Starting a business in Rhode Island

Do you want to start a business in Rhode Island? You will need to obtain the state license first and complete a set of state registration as a part of the entire process. LLC Formations will help you at every stage. Here’s how they will work with you to ensure you receive your business license soon.

1. Familiarize with the website

The Rhode Island state government has an official website containing a Business section. You will find a link here that says “Starting a Business.” Clicking on that link will take you to linked websites for sources related to small businesses, such as the Secretary of State (SOS), the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation (RIEDC), and the Business Information Center.

2. Get your business license

The Rhode Island government allows you to get one or more business licenses, depending on the type of business you want to engage in. On the other hand, some businesses don’t require a license. LLC Formations will list all the types of businesses that require a license and the ones that don’t. In addition to a few professional and occupational licenses, you will also need permits and licenses for commercial purposes to sell specific items.

The Department of Business Regulation website contains a Commercial Licensing & Racing & Athletics section, where you can find more about commercial licenses applicable in Rhode Island. You can also check the Business Application, Registration, and Form Bar for sales-related licenses.

Additionally, a few businesses may require local licenses. Their requirements vary depending on the town or city involved. LLC Formations will do the legwork on your behalf to find out these details and provide a comprehensive report to help you make a faster decision.

3. File records

Once you are confident about the licenses your business requires, your next job is to file records. Apart from permits or licenses, limited liability companies and organizations require filing records with Rhode Island. You need to file organizational documents immediately after receiving your license. Send your documents to the Rhode Island Secretary of State. The Business Filings section in the Secretary of State website contains detailed information about the records you may need to submit.

4. Obtain professional licensing

This is essential if you are a member of multiple occupations or professions. The Professional License Renewal section in the Rhode Island state government website contains information about the dos and don’ts of professional licensing. LLC Formations provides another option called DBR that contains links for specifics occupations and professions, such as insurance professionals. In addition to the online listings, LLC Formations also goes through the state professional regulatory board to search under what category your business would come from.

For example, if you want to become a licensed professional land surveyor, you need to apply for your license under the Rhode Island Division of Design Professionals. Apart from land surveyors, the BDP is also responsible for handling the licensing of architects, professional engineers, and landscape architects.

5. Register your business name

Most small businesses in Rhode Island don’t operate under business owners’ names. Instead, they use the business name. Also, LLCs and corporations may register in Rhode Island under one name. According to licensing terms, this name is also known as a true name, actual name, or registered name, but you can choose a different name later. Depending on your business or business structure, people may also call the alternate name DBA (Doing Business As), trade name, fictitious name, or assumed name.

According to Rhode Island law, an LLC, limited partnership, or corporation that operates under an assumed name must register its alternate name with the Secretary of State. Cities like Providence also require you to file your alternative name.

6. Register your trademark

You should register your trademark before selling your products in Rhode Island. This would differentiate your product from similar products of your competitors. You can register your trademark from the Rhode Island government website.

LLC Formations is the friend you need before starting your business in Rhode Island. You can call at +1 786-686-3113 or fill out the contact form to connect with one of the company representatives.

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