From SS-4 Mailing Instructions

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Form SS-4 is used for obtaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN). This form must be filed with the IRS in order to open a bank account. You will also need to file this form if you are changing your legal structure or name, merging with another business, or adding a new location. If you plan on filing this form and need help understanding what goes where then please read on!

Get Form SS-4 Online

When it comes time to file for your EIN, you’ll need to complete IRS form SS-4. Following the instructions closely, this can be completed online by visiting and clicking on Employer ID Numbers (EINS).

You have a few options when it comes to sending in your SS-4 form; however, if convenience is what matters most then submitting through their website should suffice without any issue as service is free of charge with no payment information required from applicants seeking nine-digit numbers instantly via email or postal mail delivery within two weeks following application approval status notification confirmation receipt verification completion submission acknowledgment validation notification reception response nodal processing unit inspection commencement proceedings

What’s the IRS Fax Number?

You can fax your SS-4 form as a PDF to 1-855-641-6935. The United States Internal Revenue Service maintains a list of fax numbers for their department on its website. You can either send in your completed form as one, or you could choose to wait until after receiving an EIN number before sending any documents over.

Mailing The SS-4 Form to Obtain Your EIN

Applying by mail may be easy, but it can also increase the processing time. You want to ensure you have completely filled out the form in its entirety and there are no errors in your submission. It is recommended to include your contact info in case there are any issues.

If you decide to mail the form you can send it to:


Internal Revenue Service

Attn: EIN Operation

Cincinnati, OH 45999


Obtaining Copies of Your SS-4 Form

If you’ve got your Employer Identification number, just call the IRS at 800-829-4933 and they can help.

Do you need to tell them about what type of position you have in the company as well as other identifying information like when was the last time we received an EIN from them?

That should do it! The representative will release a copy of form W2c to us electronically or on paper if that is preferred.