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Articles Of Organization In Tennessee

If you’re planning on registering your Tennessee LLC, then you’ll need to file within the state for your Articles of Organization.


Tennessee Articles of Organization


1 – Obtaining The Articles Of Organization Forms

You can easily download and complete your Articles of Organization before submitting. This can be done in either hard copy or electronically via online means. The following serves as a guide for each of the mentioned methods.

Option 1

You’ll need to visit the Secretary of State’s online services. Next, you’ll need to select the start now and then select the option Limited Liability Company from the dropdown section.

Option 2

On the Secretary of State’s site, you’ll be able to download a PDF copy of the Articles of Organization. However, you’ll need to either submit the completed version by hand or mail it into the Secretary of State.

2 – Filling Out The Articles Of Organization

This step serves as a walkthrough of how to fill out the Articles of Organization for your LLC. Before you can successfully complete the form, you’ll need to know the following:
* The name of the business
* Name consent if it is applicable
* Designation if it is applicable
* The name and address of your Registered Agent
* The closing month of the fiscal year
* The effective date
* The total number of LLC members
* The LLC duration
* Governing authority type
* LLC location address
* Your LLC mailing address
* If applicable, certificate to show nonprofit LLC
* Professional LLC Designation if it applies
* LLC Series Designation if applicable
* Member entity information if applicable
* Business restrictions is they apply
* Other provisions

The Business Name

If you’re aiming to stand out, you’ll need to be smart and creative in selecting a business name. However, you’ll need to ensure that your final selection is 100% accurate from a legal perspective. So, when choosing a name for your LLC, you’ll need to keep in mind the following:
* Not already in use by another LLC in Tennessee

The following are the naming Guidelines for LLCs in Tennessee

* Your final selection must include the abbreviation or the full phrase limited liability company. The abbreviations are L.L.C. or LLC. However, you can use them in another language as long as it means the same.
* Your name will not hold if it has either incorporated or corporation in it or even the abbreviations.
* The name you select should not indicate that your LLC is affiliated with veterans, religion, fraternal, services, professional organizations, charities.
* Your LLC name should not contain any word or phrase that suggests that you’re affiliated with the State Department, the Treasury, or the FBI.
* In some states, words such as University, Attorney, or even Bank requires a licensed professional and additional paperwork.
* Your name should not indicate that the LLC participates in illegal or unlawful activities.
* Your LLC name can include reserved names that are unique from other businesses in the state.

Name Availability

If you’re unsure about the name availability within the state of Tennessee, you’ll need to determine if it is available. This just simply means that your LLC name shouldn’t already be taken by another entity.

Name Consent

This simply refers to using a name that isn’t different from an existing business. So, if your LLC name meets these particular criteria, you’ll need to check the box non-distinguishable and also submit the required forms.

Additional Designation

In the instance where your LLC has another designation, you’ll need to note it in this section. These can include but are not limited to insurance companies, banks, series LLCs, or PLLCs.

Registered Agent

When you hire a registered agent, they will collect all of the legal mail for your LLC. So, if you’ve decided to hire an agent, you’ll need to list their contact and address. It should be noted that your agent is over the age of 18 and is always available during regular hours of business and your address cannot be a PO box.


Closing Month Of The Fiscal Year

In this section, you’ll need to input the month which concludes the fiscal year of your LLC. In the instance where it is left blank, the date will auto set to December.


Effective Date

If you’re intending for your Articles of Organization to be effective at later dates, you’re required to list them in this section.


Governing Authority

This section involves you stating whether the LLC will be managed by members or managers.


Number Of Members

At the filing date, you’ll need to state how many members that your LLC has.


The Duration Of The LLC

You’ll need to indicate if there is a dissolution date or a perpetual existence date for your LLC.


Principal Office Address

The street address, the state, the city, and the zip code are required in this section. This is the executive office for the LLC as well as its country of origin and the location of the office.


Mailing Address

In the case where your principal address is different than your mailing address, you’ll need to input it here.



If your LLC is a nonprofit, check the box.


Professional LLC Designation

If your LLC is that of a qualified LLC, you’ll need to state the type and check the box.


Series LLC Designation

If you’re forming a series LLC, you’ll need to check this box.

Obligated Member Entity

If you’re registering as an Obligated Member LLC, you’ll need to check this box.


Business Prohibition

If for some reason your LLC is prohibited from doing business within the state of Tennessee, you’ll need to check this box.


Other Provisions

This section allows you to include more information on your LLC. You’ll be able to state the names of the managers as well as the purpose of your LLC. However, this can include, tax-deductible status, tax-exemption and others that apply to professional licenses, or the IRS.


3 – Filing For The Articles Of Organization

This is done with the Secretary of State and there are two ways in which it can be done. These are as follows:

Online – After you access the online services on the Secretary of State’s website, you’ll need to select start now. Next, you’ll need to select Limited Liability Company from the menu and fill in the relevant fields.

Mail – The form can be completed and then mailed in or delivered by hand to the Secretary of State.

It typically costs $50 for each member and has a minimum of $300 and a max of $3000. Both mailing and submitting in person are done at the Snodgrass Tower at 312 Rosa L. Parks Ave, on the 6th floor.