Terms of Use

Terms of Use

LLC Formations Terms of Service


Hello from Us at LLC Formations!

Welcome to LLC Formations, a company that’s devoted to helping entrepreneurs start businesses and develop corporations. LLC Formations is located in Florida, USA, and strives to walk individuals through all the steps necessary to formulate, develop, and progress with their business venture.

Although we are happy to offer entrepreneurs with a wide range of services, we ask that all website visitors agree to the following terms of use. By using the website and information included, you are automatically agreeing to comply with our stipulations. If you are unwilling to follow these term of use, you need to go elsewhere for your business needs.

When we use the term “LLC Formations”, “we”, “us”, “our”, or “team members”, we are talking directly about LLC Formations. Terms like “you” covers any website visitors or those who use our services.

1. Accepting Our Terms of Use Agreement
When you visit our site (the “Site”), you are automatically agreeing to the terms and conditions that are explained in this Terms of Use Agreement (“Agreement”). The terms and conditions outlines in this Agreement help to present the only agreement between LLC Formations and you. Regardless of other spoken or written understandings, this Agreement supersedes them all in regards to the Site itself. We reserve the right to amend the Agreement at any time and with our own discretion without noticing you. We will keep current Agreements posted on our Site, making it possible to easily keep up with the Agreement by reading it each time that you visit the Site.

2. Our Copyright Stipulations
The things displayed on our Site including content, copy, graphics, images, design, magnetic translation, organization, digital conversion, and all other items and images included on the Site are under copyright and trademark of LLC Formations. You are not legally allowed to copy, use, or distribute any of our content unless you follow Section 5 below. There is no way for you to own any of our content or materials that are available on this Site. While we are proud to offer content for our visitors to enjoy, such publication does not present a waiver of any rights. We reserve the right to use copywritten third-party content on our Site.

3. LLC Formations Marks of Service
The name LLC Formations and all other service marks and trademarks belong to us alone. Any other company names or brands mentioned on our Site are trademarked by their specific owners.

4. Limited License Options
We offer our website guests the option to use our Site content through a non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable license. This license works alongside this Agreement, giving you the opportunity to use our content for your personal use. You can print Site information for non-commercial purposes and use it for your own good. All copyright and policies must be maintained. You are restricted from using any printed or electronic version of this Site for litigation or arbitration matters, regardless of the situation or circumstances.

5. Restrictions on Website Use
You are welcome to access and use the information, materials, and documents on this Site for your own personal use; however, there are some restrictions in place. We have the following restrictions on website use: You may not (a) copy or print any of our Site content outside of the stipulations listed in Section 4. You may not republish, repeat, sell, profit from, or distribute any of our content or materials presented on the Site. You may not (b) use the Site or our content to develop similar online resources or Sites that provide guests with similar information; (c) use the content and materials on our Site to make compilations or derivative works. You may not (d) use Site content or materials in a way that will infringe on our copyrights, personal rights, property rights, or third-party rights. You may not (e) take any of our content and remove or disfigure the copyright or other notices from content on our Site – this includes written copy, graphics, and photos. You may not (f) share any section of the Site through any type of service bureau, timesharing system, the internet, technology that is currently developed, or future developments. You may not (g) use software or products to remove, understand, disassemble, or monitor our Site; likewise, you are prohibited from (h) harvesting Site details through automatic or manual processes. We prohibit individuals from using our Site to (i) gather personal information for unsolicited personal emails, emails that deceive others, unsolicited telephone calls, and emails that use invalid domain names. You are not allowed to (j) use the Site in a way that will violate or break laws in the state or federal level involving email, facsimile transmissions and telephone calls. Last, we do not allow (k) our Site or any portion of it to be exported in violation of export laws and United States regulations.

6. Site Documents, Forms, and Agreements
At LLC Formations, we make certain forms, checklists, documents, and agreements or other “Documents” available on our Site. These Documents are available only for your personal, one-time use. You may not use these Documents for commercial purposes. Our Documents are often provided at cost and, while they offer great sources of information, may also contain some flaws and are only suitable for certain purposes. These documents come with no warranties and are provided “as is” and “with all faults”. While we consider these documents to be a great source of business information, they may not be appropriate for your specific business needs.

7. We Do Not Provide Legal Advice
The content and information provided on this Site is not considered to be legal advice and should not be considered such. By using our Site, there is no attorney-client relationship. None of our content or details are warrantied or guaranteed to be completely accurate or complete. The information provided on the Site is used at each individual’s own discretion and knowledge. LLC Formations is not a group of lawyers or attorneys, and should not be treated as such.

8. Site Linking
At LLC Formations, we welcome linking to our Site as long as you do not frame links with other advertisements or notices. Linking is only acceptable if your site is not involved in illegal activities or pornographic content. We reserve the right to force link discontinuation at our own disposal.

9. Advertisements on Our Site
At LLC Formations, we reserve the right to use advertising, sponsors, and affiliate programs in direct accordance with our Site. The information provided by these third parties is their responsibility and these businesses are responsible for the materials that are included on our Site. This Site reserves the right to receive compensation from third-parties such as advertisers and affiliate programs.

10. Site Errors
LLC Formations strives to provide information that is completely correct; however, we have no warranties that all of our Site content will be error-free and free from defects. We work hard to ensure that our Site provides only the best for our visitors; however, some information may not always be correct, reliable, or on time. We reserve the right to correct mistakes, edit information, and delete content at our will and as we deem necessary.

11. Content from Third Parties
As we deem fit, we include third party content on our Site through open website content or links. The information provided by these third parties is not our responsibility and we don’t guarantee that it is correct and error-free. Third party websites may not reflect our opinions or beliefs.

12. Illegal Activity
At LLC Formations, we work hard to prevent illegal activity and reserve the right to investigate any suspicious behavior. If we believe that this Agreement is being violated, we will take action that may include contacting law enforcement and providing them with personal details about the perpetrator along with details such as their history using our website.

13. Indemnification of Us
When using our site, you automatically agree to not hold us or our associates responsible for any losses that you may experience when you violate this Agreement.

14. Sharing Your Information
When you use our Site, you are not allowed to share or transfer your specific site information. The password, rights, and usernames that we may present so that you can specifically obtain information and documents cannot be given to another individual; these are for your use alone.

15.Site Disclaimer
The information that we provide on the LLC Formations site along with content and documents offered through the site are all “as is”, “as available” and with “all faults”. None of our content or documents come with any warranties. The items and our Site are completely disclaimed and provided at the risk of the user. In some cases, our information may contain errors, problems, inaccurate information, and bugs. We are in no way liable if you choose to use our information or services aside from that explained in Section 17. Likewise, our affiliate parties provide no warranties and are not allowed to be held liable. We and our affiliates are in no way liable or responsible for any damages that you may experience individually or for your business. This Site and our content along with any information given through writing or by word-of-mouth is not warranted or guaranteed. In the case that a virus is contained in one of our electronic files or documents, we are in no way responsible for damages to your personal property.

16.Liability Limitations
At LLC Formations, we and our affiliated third parties refuse any liability for losses, damages, or injuries that are the result of (1) Site errors, services, or products that we provide, (2) Site interruptions and omissions that render a product or service from being available, (3) the way that you choose to personally use the Site, (4) the Site’s content and copy, and (5) any problems in performance or delays.

17.Services from Third Parties
Through our Site, we reserve the right to allow third party “Merchants” who may provide products and services the opportunity to advertise and promote by using our website as a platform. By making purchases or learning more about the items offered by the Merchants, you automatically acknowledge that we at LLC Formations do not have any control over these items or Merchants. Merchants themselves are held responsible for the products that they offer along with the process of ordering, shipping, billing, and providing customer service. The relationship that happens between you and the Merchants is completely done at your own risk and we offer no warranties or guarantees of their products and services. Regardless of what happens, we are in no way responsible for damages or losses that may occur due to our Merchants or anyone else that is linked to our site.

18. Website Links
We are happy to offer links to other websites that provide our users with additional information and assistance on their journey to starting their own business. While these links can be helpful, we do not take responsibility for the sites that are linked to us. These websites may include content and opinions that are not accurate and do not reflect our views. When you visit other sites through links, you are doing so at your own risk and must proceed with caution.

19. Complying with Rules and Laws
As a user of this Site, you are agreeing to comply with all the laws, ordinances, statues, and regulations of both domestic and international locations. You must comply with all these rules during your use of the Site along with the contents and materials included on this Site.

In cases where legal controversy arises due to a breach of use with this Agreement, we reserve the right to pursue legal action. We will settle disagreements through arbitration in our own state of Florida. Legal action requires each individual to cover their own legal fees while each much pay half of the costs and fees associated with arbitration.

At LLC Formation, we are happy to have you visiting our Site. As a Site guest, we are excited to provide you with information that has the potential to help your business grow. By observing the Agreement above, we are sure that we will have a wonderful relationship.

The information on this site is not legal advice, but general information researched around the web. Under no circumstances should any information from this site be used as professional financial or legal advice. llcformations.com is not licensed by or affiliated with any third-parties on this website and third parties do not endorse, authorize, or sponsor our content except where clearly disclosed.