Trademark Name Search

How to Effectively Perform a Trademark Search

It’s crucial that you understand how trademarks work before proceeding to secure yours. The most critical issue to know is whether the mark is already in use by another American corporation. If it is, you’ll need to go back to the drawing board to come up with a new idea.

The purpose of a trademark is to create a unique and robust brand association. There’s no reason to choose images or text that is similar to products that are widely known. That confuses the minds of the consumer, which is the whole reason the system of protection exists in the first place.

One needs only consider iconic logos like the ones used by NBC and CBS. They are instantly recognizable to people, which is the classic definition of what a trademarked image does. Consumers will have no problem differentiating between the two networks because of their marks. The same holds for Nike and Adidas shoes, or any famous brand that consumers know at once.

Since you’re planning on making your brand instantly recognizable yourself, the best place to start is by creating your trademark. It’s an excellent idea to start right at the beginning by searching to ensure the TESS database so that you steer a wide berth from infringement problems.

To put it bluntly; nothing good comes from trademark infringement. Companies that misuse trademarks risk facing substantial lawsuits. Defending against these types of actions will cost them significant sums of money and set them back in terms of development. Such a costly misstep is one that you must avoid if you want long-term success. That’s why trademark searches are a mainstay item. Always perform a search before attempting to use any logo or term that may carry a trademark.

How to Search the Trademark Database to Avoid Trouble

trademark name search

Tess is the system for trademark searches in the U.S. It hosts an older interface which may cause some confusion at first. You need to enter precise terms in the search engine to ensure accurate results.

The broad category of trademarks includes names, words, symbols, and devices that not only identify but also distinguish one product from another. The mark identifies the primary source of the product so that consumers know who they’re dealing with immediately. Not only are trademarks active branding elements, but they also help the consumer identify products they hold in esteem.

Service marks are nearly identical but are mainly for identification of service providers instead of manufacturers. You will decide on a trademark or service mark based on your business type. Once you have the kind in mind, performing searches becomes a simple matter. Either way, you’ll want to create a mark that resonates with your product or service and industry.

Design Mark Search Requires a Bit of Learning

The USPTO offers a Design Search Code Manual which lists the codes for logo and image searches. The USPTO website provides a wealth of information about the subject of trademarks, so it’s worth spending time their deep diving. Learn about how the process works, so you know the basics before you embark on creating your mark.

Design search is always a bit tougher, so polishing up on the subject is a smart idea. Once you know how to search correctly, you can begin the process of finding anything that looks similar to your design concept. If you find a match, you’ll need to consider alternative logos.

Use Plurals and Variations When You Search for Text

Text searches are a bit more straightforward. You need to enter precise terms and include variations like plurals. The engine will not automatically show you results that are “similar,” so enter them individually instead. It pays to be thorough because any mistakes will be costly.

Entering searches for a variety of words should eventually turn up matches for registered trademarks already in TESS. When this happens, keep a note so you can continue through your process. You’ll need to keep going, looking for misspellings and variations, to ensure you’re not missing anything important.

Professional Federal Trademark Application Preparation

Professional Federal Trademark Application Preparation

Searches Help You Turn up Potential Matches

There are many trademarks in place, so only extensive searches will turn up the gems that are still available. Be flexible because you may have to make alterations in your mark to proceed. Having a distinctive image or text phrase make the most sense anyway because you want your brand to stand out from the competition.

No matter how precise your search, consider that there are other variations which could cause a snag. Professionally conducted searches are a reliable alternative because they reduce the chance of a mistake because of expanded database options. Unless you become an expert in searching and registering marks, you will be better off using a service.

Searching is a process of elimination. The key is to continue to try and find alternatives that are similar to the desired trademark. When nothing turns up for a lot of tries, you’re onto something good. If all this sounds like a bit of a hassle, don’t worry, there are viable alternatives for professional trademark searches that will handle everything on your behalf.

DIY Trademark Searches Can Lead to Costly Mistakes

Like so many other things, doing it yourself with trademark search and registration can be costly. You may decide, instead, to use alternative services that will remove the guesswork from the process. Instead of entering multiple raw searches yourself, our service will do all the heavy lifting. You’ll receive a report with the results of the search, confident that you’re avoiding walking into a typical registration pitfall.

When you search and turn up registered trademarks that are very similar to yours, it’s tough to know what to do next. Unless you have a trademark lawyer present, you’ll need to rely on your judgment. If you’re wrong, you will receive some nasty consequences, which makes the whole experience stressful. Why put that pressure on yourself when quality services exist to help you secure your mark with a minimum of hassle? Start now, and you’ll be on your way to registering the ideal trademark soon.

Avoid the Pitfalls of Trademark and Service Mark Search

Misusing trademarks is a severe problem that can result in censure and liabilities. Companies must enforce protection of their marks fiercely, or they will lose their claim. That’s why any mistake leads to a ferocious resistance. Why lose fees or sleep over a botched trademark search when you have the pros handle the whole thing instead? Stay focused on your product or service and leave the registration process for your service or trademark to a dedicated provider.

Now you know the basics of how to perform a trademark at the TESS website, and you also know why to leave it to someone else! Although some beginners will enjoy the process and use it correctly, it’s not worth the investment of time and possible hassle for most. Only you can decide what your time’s worth, but if you love saving some of that precious resource, our team will help. We’ll handle every aspect of your search and provide you with an actionable report.

Properly registering a trademark is a fundamental step towards your success. With the mark in your possession, the brand you’re working so hard to build will stand out from competitors. The action may seem daunting at first, but the dividends you’ll receive are worth the effort. Contact us today to start the process. We know it’s a stressful time when you plan on launching a new business, product, or service. We’re here to take your dream and make it a reality! Visit for more information.