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How To Properly Do A Utah Business Entity Search

In the state of Utah, when forming an LLC, the initial step that you must take is determining whether or not the name of your limited liability company is available. You can do this through what is called the business entity search. This is the same on most websites for all of the states, allowing those that would like to set up an LLC to determine if the name they want is available or not. Here is a brief overview of how you can use this database that will show you all of the registered names for the state of Utah, giving you the information you need prior to creating your Utah limited liability company.


What Is A Business Entity Search?

To access this database, you will go directly to the Utah government website, specifically the Division of Corporations and Commercial Code section to access the business search options. The tab at the top will specifically state the business name, and in that search box, you will enter the name you are looking for. It also states that the businesses that are listed are going to be registered with the state of Utah, and they may either be in Utah or simply doing business in the state. Once you have gone through your search, if your name is not listed, you can then register that name using the Application for Reservation of Business Name form.


Utah Business Entity Search

Why Should You Do This Before Setting Up An LLC?

On the Certificate of Organization form that must be submitted to the Utah Division of Corporations, the very first question that they ask is what is the name of the LLC. If you have not registered for it, then you would not be able to put anything, which is why this must be done in advance. You may also notice that it is going to ask for your principal office location. This is where the LLC will be doing business. This is the address of your place of business, and therefore you should have some type of office with the physical street address. It will also ask about the registered agent that works hand-in-hand with your LLC. This entity, which could be a person nor a company, is responsible for receiving your mail. They could either be a resident of Utah, or they could be permitted to do business in Utah as a registered agent. Once you have done all of that, along with reserving and registering your LLC name, you can then move on to the Certificate of Organization.


What Is The Certificate Of Organization?

This is a document that must be submitted to the Utah division of corporations. You will do this on the Utah Online Business Registration website. The form itself is relatively short, but without having done the three steps mentioned above, you would not have nearly half of the information. The other information that is requested will be the signature of the organizer. Therefore, if you have an organizer for your LLC, their signature must be at the bottom of the document. In regard to the rest of what is requested, it is optional. It is going to ask if you have any members or managers, and if so, you can put their names and addresses. Other types of optional information will include the duration of the LLC and its purpose. Once done, you will submit this form to the Utah Division of Corporations, and within weeks, your limited liability company will be formed.


Can You Expedite The Process Of Forming Your LLC?

Expediting this process may be possible. If it is, you may be able to have this done within a period of days. As with all of the other states, this feature is going to cost extra money. Therefore, you need to decide if it is worth the extra expense. If you have not set up your business yet, or obtain permits or licenses, this delay could be beneficial. Likewise, if you don’t have your EIN number down, or if you don’t have your website or telephone number set up, this delay can be very helpful.

When you are forming your LLC in Utah, you absolutely must have a registered name for your limited liability company. If you have not done this, you must do this first, before ever attempting to complete the Certificate of Organization. You should also have set up a physical place of business that can be listed, and you must also have your registered agent. If you have all of this, and you submit your request for an LLC in Utah, it will be done in no time helping to protect your business and your assets. Whether you have a large company that is already generating cash flow, or if you are just starting out, seriously consider working with the company that can help you set up your limited liability company.

Finding a Good Domain Name

Finding a good domain name for your business is a great idea, but can sometimes be tricky without the right tools. We recommend using the Business Name Generator tool from The Really Useful Information Company.