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How To Do A Vermont Business Entity Search

A business entity search must be completed before you decide to create an LLC in Vermont. What you are looking for is if the name of your business, or the one you want to use for your limited liability company, has already been taken. In Vermont, you will go to the Vermont Secretary of State business name database. It is there that you can do this search. Simply enter in the name that you would like to use, which could be your business name, and then you will see if it is registered or not. The reason that you want to do this initially is that the document that you submit to create your limited liability company will ask you for this name. There are also other factors involved in getting your LLC. Let’s go over how you can properly use this business name database to determine if your name is available and how to register it to you.


Overview Of The Vermont Business Name Database

The database can be accessed by going to the Vermont Secretary of State Corporations Division website. It is there that you will find what is called the Express Search where you can research to see if your name is available. By simply entering in the name you want to use, you can see if it is listed. If it is not, you can go to the next step which is where you will register that name. The form that you will use is called their Application to Reserve a Specified Business Name. This form will be submitted to the Vermont Secretary of State. It is easiest to do this online, but you can also print it out, and then send it by mail. The filing fee is $20, and once it is approved, it will be your name to use.


Vermont Business Entity Search


What Do You Do After Your Business Name Is Registered?

The next step of the process is to find a registered agent. These are people or businesses that are registered to receive mail from the state of Vermont on behalf of the owner of the LLC. This is specifically for legal documents, typically pertaining to some type of civil lawsuit, and the registered agent will alert the LLC owner to their arrival. Once they have forwarded these documents, the owner of the limited liability company can then address the issues presented. It is mandatory for every LLC in Vermont, as well as in most states, to provide this type of service.


Filling Out Your Articles Of Organization

Once you have your business name registered, and you have a registered agent, you also want to have a physical place of business to list on this document. It’s also necessary to state what type of LLC you are applying for. This can be for a professional, low profit, or just a regular limited liability company. The month of December will be listed as the fiscal year final month, and you will also list a brief overview of its overall purpose. The names and addresses of the members, managers, and registered agents must also be presented. This is also true for the organizer who is also going to sign this document. Once completed, this can be filed online, or it can be sent by mail. It will cost $125 to file it either way. In the span of 7 to 10 days, the LLC will be approved, and then you will receive confirmation from the Vermont Secretary of State.


What If Your Business Name Is Already Taken On The Database?

If the name that you want to use is taken, there is an option on the website to find similar-sounding businesses. This will give you a few ideas on how to augment the name that you want to use. Keep in mind that it should be as different as possible from all of the other registered names. In addition to this, the name of your LLC doesn’t necessarily have to be the same as your business name. It can be anything. The purpose of a limited liability company is to simply act as a barrier between those that would like to get your personal assets as a result of a lawsuit. There are other benefits to having them, but this is the primary purpose, which is why so many people are filing for LLCs today.

By using the business name database located at the Vermont Secretary of State Corporations Division website, you can easily register your business name for your LLC. If it is not in the database, it will be easy to register, and you can also modify it if it is in the database. This information must be presented in the Articles of Organization, and once you have completed this process, you will only have to do it once. If you need help in finding a business name that you can register, or if you need assistance in applying for your LLC, contact a business that specializes in the formation of limited liability companies.

Finding a Good Domain Name

Finding a good domain name for your business is a great idea, but can sometimes be tricky without the right tools. We recommend using the Business Name Generator tool from The Really Useful Information Company.