Articles Of Organization In The State Of Virginia

Before you can begin your LLC in Virginia, you’ll need to file for your Articles of Organization. With LLC Formations, you’ll be able to start your business with the least amount of hassle. LLC Formations is trusted by many and takes care of even the smallest task involved with helping your start your business.


How To Form Your LLC In Virginia

Before you can get your LLC up and running, you’ll need to first file for your Articles of Organization. However, this must be done with the Corporate Commission in Virginia State and costs only $100. Business owners also have the option of applying by mail or by online methods.

In essence, the Articles of Organization is the first official legal document that allows entrepreneurs to create their LLCs.


Articles of Organization Virginia

Steps For Starting An LLC In Virginia

Step 1 – Naming Your LLC

Selecting a meaningful name for your LLC is the most important step within the state of Virginia. When you select a name, it should also follow the naming guidelines as required by the state. These are as follows:

* Entity’s name should contain the abbreviations of the phrase limited liability company or the phrase itself.
* The naming convention suggests that names cannot include phrases and words that suggest that it is associated with the government.
* Some restricted words are only authorized for lawyers, doctors, and other professions that require special licenses from the state.
* Your LLC name should be unique and different from other LLCs within the state.

2 – Checking The Availability Of The Name
Before you can issue a name for your entity, you’ll need to make sure that the name isn’t already in use. This can be checked by performing a Business Entity Search on the state’s website.

3 – Buying The Domain Name
At some point or the other, you may decide to create a website for your LLC. However, if another entity has already bought the name, then you won’t be able to purchase it. To prevent this from ever happening, it is recommended that you purchase the domain name.


Step 2 – Choose A Registered Agent In Virginia

For your operations to run smoothly, you will be required to appoint a registered agent for your LLC. If you didn’t already know, registered agents are the main contact point between your organization and the state. Your registered agent is also responsible for receiving all of your legal documents such as tax, lawsuit notices, and mail from the state.


Who Can Be A Registered Agent?

Simply put, your registered agent should be a legal resident of the state. Registered agent services can also be hired to meet this need. However, your registered agent should be able to meet the daily demands of your LLC.


Can I Be My Own Registered Agent In Virginia?

You can be your own agent if you desire. However, you’ll need to meet the following requirements:

* Over the age of 18
* Possess a physical address within the state
* Be available during regular working hours to receive mail


Step 3 – Filing For The Articles Of Organization In Virginia

Before you can successfully register your LLC, you’ll be required to file for the Articles of Organization. This can be done either by mail or via the online method and you’ll also need to determine if your LLC is either manager-managed or member-managed.


File The Articles Of Organization

Option 1 – You can file with the state through online means

Option 2 – You can file via the postal services for your Certificate of Organization but there is a nonrefundable $100 fee attached. If you’re filing via the postal service, you’ll need to send your package to the Corporate Commission office of the state.

If at some point in the life of your LLC you’re thinking about expanding your services to another state, you’ll need to form what is known as a foreign LLC.


Step 4 – Creating An Operating Agreement For Your Virginia LLC

Even though it is not really required, having a written legal operating agreement for your LLC is always a good idea. From the business point of view, it’s better to have good business practices to ensure that things are in place when you need them.


What Is An Operating Agreement?

An operating agreement is simply a legal outline of the ownership of the LLC. It also contains special and regular operating practices for the LLC.


Why Are Operating Agreements Important?

A well-formed agreement ensures that all parties involved are updated on how the company should operate. An operating agreement also reduces the need for conflict if ever members forget the workings of the LLC.



As we conclude, we have just looked at how you can start an LLC within the state of Virginia. It should be noted that before you can begin operations you’ll need to file for your Articles of Organization. When you work closely with LLC Formations, you’ll be guided to the easiest path of forming your LLC in Virginia.