How To Complete A Virginia Business Entity Search

When you start an LLC, before you submit your paperwork, you must first do what is called a business entity search. This is a process by which you go to a business name database. It is there that you will see if the name you want to use for your Virginia limited liability company is already registered. If it is not, you can then register for it yourself. By doing this ahead of time, you can add the name of your LLC to documents related to its formation. In Virginia, this must be done in a specific way to determine if the name is available, and then subsequently filed to retain that name for your limited liability company.


What Is A Business Entity Search?

This search will begin on the Virginia State Corporations Commissioned website. It is there that you will access the Virginia business name database. When you go there, it’s a very simple webpage. You simply enter in the name of the business you would like to look up, and it will find out whether or not it is registered. You may want to start with one of the words for your name, or you could do an exact match search by entering in the full name that you would like to register. If it is not there, you can then submit Form SCC631 in order to obtain it. This will be sent to the Commonwealth of Virginia State Corporation Commission. For a nominal fee of $10, you can file this by sending it to them directly.


Virginia Business Entity Search

Why Is It Important To Do This First

If you do this first, and you register the name, you will then be able to enter this in as you are forming your LLC. The papers for filing the LLC are called the Articles of Organization. This is Form LLC-1011. On this form, it will ask for the LLCs name. However, it’s also going to ask for a few other things. This will include the name and address of the registered agent that you have chosen to work with. You also need to have a principal office address to put in this document. Finally, if there are any organizers, you will want to have them sign the bottom to complete the project.


What If You Want To Use A Different Name?

If you want to use a completely different name, that is permissible. You are simply searching for a name that is not in current use. If you happen to be lucky enough to find that your name for your business is available, it is probably a good idea to use that one. On the other hand, this business that you are operating could be just one of many that you have, and your LLC can provide you with protection for all of them. It literally acts as an umbrella for all of your companies and protects you and your personal assets, which is why you need to set one of these up.


How To File For An LLC In Virginia

If you want to file for an LLC in Virginia, you must submit the Articles of Organization. Once you have done this, including all of the information that you have just collected, you will be able to have it approved within a few days. The cost is going to be $100 to file this form, one that is one of the shortest available. All you need is the name of the LLC, the registered agent, the office address, and the signature of the organizers to be complete. The easiest way to submit this is to go to the Virginia New Entity Formation webpage to complete this process. Once this is done, you will soon have an LLC providing you with legal protection for your personal assets.


Completing Your Operating Agreement

If you want to complete your operating agreement, this would be the final step of the process. However, it is only an internal document that you will use infrequently. From one standpoint, it’s a good summary of how your LLC is going to be operated from the standpoint of your managers and members. The rights and responsibilities of these individuals will be stated on paper, and this can be helpful as you are deciding how to run your business. It’s also a good document to use, especially with legal issues, to define the separation between you and your LLC.

It is so important to do a Virginia business entity search. It is the first step toward setting up your LLC. If you can, try to get the name of your business that you are using so that it is the same as your limited liability company. Once you have done this, you can feel confident about operating your business, knowing that your products and services, and the profit that you make, will be safe. You can also work with a business that can help you complete this process for a nominal cost, allowing you to save time and feel confident that it will be done properly the first time.