How LLC Formations Help in Getting a Virginia Business License?

Virginia’s state tourism slogan says, “Virginia is for Lovers.” But it is also for those who want to start a new business. The good news for enthusiastic entrepreneurs is Virginia has a high business success rate. Therefore, if you plan to start a new business and think whether Virginia is the right state or not, go ahead with your eyes closed. However, don’t forget to get your business license first. The Virginia state government is stringent about licenses and may take severe actions if you start a business without one.

And when it comes to licenses, there’s no company better than LLC Formations to help you get one in Virginia. It has a team of highly-talented entrepreneurs with one aim in mind: to make the process of starting your business easier. You can count on them to explain each step in detail to ensure you get your business license quickly.


The requirement for a business license in Virginia

The Commonwealth of Virginia doesn’t have a statewide licensing rule for entrepreneurs apart from a few specific professions. For example, you will need a license to work if you are a barber, engineer, real estate agent, home inspector, or auctioneer. However, some of the other professions like marketing consultants, designers, or writers don’t require a working license. LLC Formations will provide a list of all the businesses that require a license by visiting the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation website. The experts will also check local municipality requirements for zoning licenses or permits.


Getting your Virginia business license

Virginia has a straightforward process to get a business license. But it may seem a complicated process if you are not tech-savvy. LLC Formations experts will walk you through the following steps one by one.

1. Visit the website to learn about license requirements

If your business comes under the one that requires a license, you should visit Virginia’s Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation website to read the guidelines. Your next job is to call the county or city department to consult on what you need to do next. The LLC Formations professionals will talk to them on your behalf. It helps to save from hefty penalties later.

2. Keep key details handy

Most Virginia businesses require the business owners to fill out an application that asks for various details. It is best if you keep the details handy while starting to fill out the application. It helps to avoid unnecessary errors. Here are some of the details that the application asks:

• Your business’s official name.
• Your business’s type, such as partnership, sole proprietorship, or LLC.
• Your EIN or Federal Tax ID. Sole proprietors need to provide their Social Security Numbers.
• Your phone number and address.
• Your business plan, including your expected expenses and revenues.
• A seller’s permit number if you want to sell goods.
• Your driver’s (if any) license number.
• A Certificate of Insurance that shows you carry your business insurance policy.

Remember, the time to receive your business license depends on how quickly you fill out and post this application. Therefore, collect the above details as soon as possible and receive your license soon.

3. Check your business’s application process

Virginia provides business licenses according to different professions. Hence the requirements may change from one profession to another. For example, you should pass an exam if you want to get a barber or contractor’s license. Other professions, such as boxers, wrestlers, or professional athletes, only need to fill out and submit the application form. LLC Formations will let you know the requirements of your profession before applying for your license. Some professions need the business owner to fill out an additional application apart from the state’s paperwork.

4. Send your business license application with a fee

The licensing form is available to download from the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation website. Fill it out and send it to the Commonwealth of Virginia, along with licensing fee. The association or committee will go through your documents in detail. It takes the committee a few working days to get back. Therefore, don’t expect to receive an approval letter overnight.

5. Virginia business license

There is no fixed cost for a Virginia business license. It depends on your business and profession. For example, a contractor’s business license may cost more than a cosmetologist. Most professions also require business owners to renew their licenses annually. LLC Formations can provide a detailed report on whether your business needs to renew its license every year, the cost of license renewal, and if there’s a penalty for late renewals.

LLC Formations ensures that you don’t face any roadblocks during the process of receiving your Virginia business license. You can call them at +1 786-686-3113 or fill out their contact form to get in touch with their company representatives.

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