How To Submit Your Articles Of Organization For Washington State

Forming an LLC in Washington state involves is a somewhat elaborate process. There are certain forms that must be filed and sent to the appropriate locations to create your limited liability company. This is a beneficial step toward protecting yourself, and your business, and can be done in the span of just a few days. If you are in Washington state now, and you are operating your business, you can set up your LLC following these simple steps which involve submitting Articles of Organization.


What Are The Articles Of Organization?

Articles of Organization is the document that you will submit to the Secretary of State in Washington. In this case, it is referred to as the Certificate of Formation, but regardless of what it is called, it serves the same purpose. It is the document that they will use to approve your request for an LLC. It contains very specific information, some of which must be obtained prior to filling out this document which must be completed.


Articles Of Organization Washington State


What Information Is Needed On This Document?

The information that you will need will include the name of the LLC. This is the official name that you have registered. You also need to include, among other things, the name, address, and signature of the registered agent you have chosen. It is also important to have a physical place of business, with an address, that will be related directly to your LLC. Let’s first look at how you can register the name of your limited liability company.


How To Register The Name For Your LLC

If you want to register this name, you must first go to the website of the Washington Secretary of State. You will navigate to the business name database where you will begin to do a search. What you are searching for is the exact name that you would like to use for your LLC. If it is in the database, you will not be able to use it because it has already been registered. If it is, or if there is something similar, you can simply choose something that is slightly different which will distinguish you from other companies. To reserve this name, you will fill out the Name Reservation form, and by doing so, you can reserve it for up to 180 days. It must be filed by mail, and once this is sent in, you can then move on to the next step.


Finding A Registered Agent For Your LLC

the second step of the process is to locate what is called an agent for service of process. This is the registered agent that is currently residing in Washington that can act on your behalf. They must have a physical address, and moreover, they must be able to receive mail at this address as well. When the state of Washington sentence documents to you, they must first send them to them, and these are documents that often pertain to legal situations. An example of this would be someone that is trying to sue you, and in doing so, pursue your personal assets. The LLC will protect you because it has its own separate identity.


How To Ensure Your LLC Is Distinguished From Your Personal Assets

To distinguish yourself even further, there is a document called the Operating Agreement. This is an optional document, one that you will keep for your personal use, but it does play a large role in helping you with these situations. At the very least, it will be defined beyond reproach that your LLC is separate from you and the assets that you have. In this document, you are going to list the managers, members, their rights and responsibilities, and other information. This is not something that must be filed in order to set up your LLC. It is the Certificate of Formation that the state of Washington months when considering your limited liability company.


What Is The Certificate Of Formation?

The Certificate of Formation is a unique document, one that is specifically designed to help you get your LLC in the state in which you are in. In this case, it is for the state of Washington and is going to require that you input certain types of information. That is why you need to register your LLC name officially because it needs to be on this document. The address, signature, and the name of the registered agent that you have retained also need to be there. The effective date of formation, whether it is a limited or perpetual LLC, and the principal office of the limited liability company also need to be listed. At the bottom, the executor will then put their signature. This is what you will submit to the Washington Secretary of State. If this is done by mail, it will only cost $180. However, if you do this online, it will cost $200 and will be processed in 2 to 3 business days.

Whether you refer to them as the Articles of Organization, or the Certificate of Formation, this is the document that you need to complete to form your LLC. Once it is done and submitted to the Washington Secretary of State’s office, they will then approve this, and finalize the creation of your LLC within days. As long as you have already registered the name of your LLC, and you have your registered agent, they will likely have no problems with your submission. To eliminate any possibility of holdups that may occur due to mistakes that can be made, consider working with the business that specifically creates LLC is in different states.

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