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How To Apply For A Business License In Washington

Before you can set up shop in Washington, you’ll be required to file for permits, licenses, or certificates. Depending on the nature and location of your business, you’ll need quite a few of these. When you sign up with LLC Formations Washington, they’ll work closely with you as you file for your business licenses. So, read on as we dive into everything that you need to know about the Washington state business license.


Federal Permits And Licenses

Most small businesses aren’t required by the federal government to file for permits or licenses. However, specific activities do require permits or licenses. These are as follows:

* Sale of alcoholic beverages
* Agriculture
* Aviation
* Ammunition, firearms, and explosives
* Wildlife and fishery
* Commercial fisheries
* Transportation (maritime)
* Drilling and mining
* Nuclear energy
* Television and radio broadcasting
* Logistics and transportation

If you’re involved with activities that are regulated by the federal government, you will need to contact them. This is done to ensure that you’re aware of permits and any requirements necessary to successfully and legally run your business. If your business requires you to be involved with alcoholic beverages, you’ll be required by the Local Alcohol Beverage Control Board and other relevant bodies to be regulated.

More information on this topic can be found by visiting the Small Business Administrations’ website.


State Of Washington Business License Requirements

Within the United States, there are quite a couple of states where business licenses aren’t required. However, there are some instances where all are required and the state of Washington requires its businesses to apply for business licenses. Before you can obtain your license you’ll be required to complete the License Application and pay a small fee of $19.

To file for the license, you’ll also be required to register your business with various relevant state agencies. These are as follows:

* Employment security
* The Department of Revenue
* Labor industries

After the registration process is completed, you’ll soon receive your license and the UBI number for Washington state. Your UBI is simply your Unified Business Identifier number and comes from the business licensing services. As such your UBI consists of only 9 digits and allows you to conduct business in the state.


Occupational And Professional License

Besides attaining your business license, you might need to have a special license based on your occupation or profession. As previously stated, some certificates, licenses, and permits are needed for specific activities. These include the following:

* Lawyers
* Doctors
* Accountants
* Occupations that revolve around the construction industry
* Engineers
* Architects
* Cosmetologists
* Barbers
* Salespersons
* Real estate brokers
* Security services
* Private investigators

Before you can secure your license, you’ll need to check by profession and certain conditions should be met. In some instances, persons are required to ensure that they gain relevant experience within the field and they’re also required to pass related exams. After the hard work has been completed, you’ll be able to get your Washington state business license.


Do You Really Need To Get A WA State Business License?

Yes, you do need the license. Before you can operate legally, you’ll be required to attain the relevant licenses to support your business operations. In the instance where you don’t have a license, it only takes one mistake to ruin your rep and even lose your entire business. It should be noted that if you’re caught and fail to ever obtain a license, it’s considered a crime.


How To Get A Business License In Washington State?

While there are a lot of legal implications, obtaining a license is pretty easy. When you visit the state website, you’ll be guided according to the requirements and you’ll even be presented with a series of links that put you on to some amazing content. Even though some towns allow business owners to apply in person or by mail, others allow them to file via the website.

To do so, you can easily download the application and email it after you’ve completed it. However, it should be noted that before you can successfully apply, you’ll need to know the following to complete your form:

* The start date of your business
* The proper description of your business activities
* Your annual sales and the number of employees that you have
* Social security number
* The doing business as name or the DBA for your business
* Business contact and address
* The contact information of the owners
* Your sales tax number if it applies

After you’ve supplied the information above to the state, you’ll receive your business license within just a couple of weeks and you may be required by the state to display your license at your business place.



As we conclude, we have just looked at how you can apply for a business license in Washington state. Applying is a relatively easy process and can be made even easier when you use the services provided by LLC Formations. Remember, your business license allows you to operate your business legally!

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