How To Obtain A West Virginia Business License

If you will be starting a business in West Virginia, you may be concerned about whether you need a business license. There are many states that require certain businesses, if not all businesses, to have proper licensing and permits in order to operate. In the state of West Virginia, you must get what is called a business registration certificate. To file this application, you must do so through the State Tax Department. Specifically, you can file on the main Business for West Virginia Website, or you must file the BUS-APP directly with the Tax Commissioner. If you are going to open up multiple locations, you will need a separate certificate for each location. Unless you change the legal name of your business, this will be a permanent license, and the same is true for those businesses which change ownership, location, or if the Tax Commissioner decides to revoke it. However, if there are members within the business or LLC that change, you do not have to reapply for a business registration certificate. It is also very easy to apply for a limited liability company if working with a professional business that can set it up.


What Is The Easiest Way To Get One?

It is very easy to go to the West Virginia website for business to obtain your business license on their online portal. By visiting the website, you can begin the process, plus you are also able to bring an out-of-state company into Virginia and go through a similar process.


West Virginia Business License

Business Registration Forms

In most cases, you’re going to go directly to the business registration forms area. However, you can also visit the section on information and instructions for business registration to understand what needs to be done first. If you are going to open a business that is going to offer medical cannabis, you must get a statement of good standing in order to operate. You can also get a statement of good standing for a business that sells other goods. Getting your EIN number is also necessary. If you will have employees, you will need to have one, plus it is necessary when filing taxes regarding your business. You can also apply for a refund if you decide to not pursue your business endeavors, after which you will file for a declaration of final business activity. Need help filing your SS-4 application? Let us know and we can help!


Business Licenses For Nonprofit Cemeteries And Collection Agencies

If you are going to set up a business that is nonprofit, you can apply for many different types of licenses as well. This could be anything from providing the game of bingo at a state fair, offering raffles, or if you sell raffle boards are games. If you are registering a cemetery, you must do so officially with the proper requirements and fees. If you are starting a collection agency, you must get a collection agency bond in order to get started.


What If You Do Not Know How Your Business Is Classified?

If you do not know how your business will be classified in West Virginia, you can go to the North American Industry Classification System. It is there that you can find information about the type of business you want to operate, and they can provide you with the proper business codes when you are completing your documents.


How Long Will It Take To Get A Business License In West Virginia?

The amount of time it will take will depend upon the type of business you are operating in the number of licenses or permits that will be required. Since it is possible that you may need more than one permit or license, or that you may need to complete various state registration forms, the start of the process can take weeks in many cases. The timeframe for obtaining one through different organizations can vary. For example, if you are applying through DHHS or the Department of Environmental Protection, this could take weeks to get each particular one. In certain cases, the licenses for these businesses are issued through the Secretary of State, which may fall under a different timeframe as well.


Will You Need To Get A Professional License?

Businesses that fall under the category of a professional or occupational business will need to get the same said license. You will be under a certain category, such as medical, or legal, or perhaps you are going to be a licensed manicurist. All of these will require some form of professional license, plus you must also get a fictitious business name. This is the tradename for your business which will be associated with your professional license and all of the permits that you will obtain.


What About Getting A Trademark

Although it is a good idea to obtain a certified trademark or service mark for your business to identify the products or services that you offer, you may not need to have one in order to operate your business. All of these will be registered within the state, and this is completely separate from federal registrations.

This quick overview of how you can obtain a West Virginia business license should help you get started. You now know where to go to get the additional information and all of the forms. The time for obtaining these licenses can vary depending upon your business, and whether or not you decide to set up an LLC to protect your personal assets. If you choose to do so, it is highly recommended that you work with a professional business that can do this for you. They can complete and file all of the paperwork in a timely manner. If coordinated properly, you can obtain all of your licenses, and your LLC, within the same timeframe. For more information on forming limited liability companies, find a professional business in your area that can help you out.