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How To Utilize The Wisconsin Business Entity Search

In the state of Wisconsin, when you are pursuing the creation of the limited liability company, one of the first steps that you must take is to register the name of the LLC. It is common for people to use the name of the business that will be protected by the Wisconsin limited liability company. However, they need to know if it is available. In some cases, that name will be something they can reserve and ultimately use for their LLC. However, they can also do a search, if it is not available, to find something comparable using the different search parameters. Here is how you can use the Wisconsin business entity search to see if the name of your LLC is available.


Wisconsin Business Entity Search


How To Use A Business Entity Search Platform

In each state where you can reserve a name for your LLC, they will provide you with a platform called a business name database. It is in this database that you will find all of the names for businesses and LLCs that have been reserved when trying to determine if the one you want is available. When you arrive at the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions business name database page, they have made this as easy as possible. By simply entering in the keyword related to your business, usually your business name, you can then search the records to see if it is listed. If no one has registered your name, then you can proceed forward by submitting the Name Reservation Application. This will be sent to the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions on Form 1 which you will send through the regular postal mail with a payment of $15.


How To Proceed Forward From This Point

Once you have registered your name, you can now move forward toward forming your LLC. The next step would be finding a registered agent. These are businesses or even individuals that are currently living in Wisconsin that have a physical address that will allow mail deliveries. They may also be businesses that have the right to work in Wisconsin, providing this type of service. As long as they have a physical address where the mail can be delivered, they can act as your registered agent. The purpose of having an agent for service of process is so that you can receive documents from the state of Wisconsin regarding legal matters. If there is a lawsuit, you will then be alerted to this fact, and then be able to defend yourself in court.


How To Create Your LLC In Wisconsin

To create your limited liability company in Wisconsin, you must access Form 502. This is also referred to as the Articles of Organization. It is on this form that you will list the name of your LLC that you have recently registered along with the name and address of the registered agent that you have chosen. There are a few other things that must be listed including the organizer’s name and address. You should also list the email and phone number of your LLC, the signature of the organizer, and if someone did draft the Articles of Organization for you, you will need to list their name as well.


How Much Will It Cost To Set Up Your LLC In Wisconsin?

To officially set up your LLC, you must submit this document to the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions. It can cost as little as $130 if you are filing online, but if you file by mail, it will be $170. The turnaround time will be 4 to 6 weeks, and expedited processing will be about 10 days. There are also other things that you should obtain while you are waiting which will include your EIN number and also create your Operating Agreement.


What Is Your Operating Agreement?

This non-mandated document is for internal use only, unless you are facing a lawsuit where it will be needed. It is going to present information about your LLC, specifically how your limited liability company is going to function. This will typically include the members of your LLC, and what their obligations, powers, rights, and duties are. It will even line out what their liabilities may be, and most importantly, it will distinguish you from the limited liability company. This is what will help in preventing those that are suing you from pursuing your personal assets. Once you have completed all of this, and your LLC is approved, you can then begin to conduct business.

This overview of how to use the Wisconsin business entity search will start you on the path toward obtaining an LLC in this state. It is important to register this name, find a registered agent, and then complete the process by submitting your Articles of Organization. In the span of a few weeks, you will have access to the protection that an LLC can provide. It all begins by using the business entity search, plus you can also request help from professional businesses that can help you complete this process.

Finding a Good Domain Name

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