How To Complete An Articles of Organization in Wyoming

The process of filing Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State in Wyoming is how you form an LLC in Wyoming. The Secretary of State provides two viable ways of the submission of your files. It may be filed online or through the mail. Considering it is much more convenient, the majority are filled online. Forms that are considered to be special are the only ones that must be mailed in. An additional note is that all Articles of Incorporation are filed for a Wyoming Corporation.

An example of this would be any LLCs or private trust companies that use any type of protected words will need to be mailed in. If you file by mail, there is a fee of $100, whereas filing online will require an additional $2. The added two dollars is for the convenience of using a credit card for the service. If you plan on filing the Articles yourself, there is no way to keep your limited liability company anonymous.


Wyoming Articles of Organization

Wyoming Article Filing Requirements

One must understand first that this will be a document that is available to the public. An example of this would be your bank searching for them. With this in mind, you may want to publish as little about the company as possible. However, the Wyoming Secretary does require some standard and specific material.

The name of the limited liability company. It will need to end with a specific designator such as Limited LC or LLC

A business as well as a mailing address. If you plan to use our service, you will be able to use our address. In addition, all of our virtual offices feature a specific business address.

You will also need a “Consent to Appointment” through your registered agent. If you are going to be filing online, you will simply check the box stating that you consent. If you file by paper, the document will need to be signed by the agent.

You will need to provide a working email address for further correspondence. This information will also be publicly listed. If you use us, we will use our own email address.

The signature and name of the Organizer. This is the person that is filing the documents. Once again, this will be public information.

There is also a need for proper payment. For online filings, it is $102 and by mail, it is $100.

Wyoming’s Secretary has worked tirelessly to ensure that Wyoming features a nationwide competitive nature. They have strived to ensure that online filings are accepted as quickly as possible. It is through this process that we are able to provide a 24-hour guarantee for all new companies. However, mailed documents will require an additional 3-5 days of processing. There are no expedited options for mailed-in documents in Wyoming. They do allow for nominees.

LLC Article FAQ

If the document requires a signature, is the LLC no longer anonymous?

This is actually a very good question. The LLC can remain anonymous if you select a professional formation service. In this situation, they will place a name, address, email, as well as a phone number for all public information. There is not an extra charge for this service if you decide to continue with us. However, many other services do charge an additional fee for this service. This is why you will want to pay careful attention when placing an order. When the Articles have been accepted, there is no way to have the redacted. We have had a number of clients who had their filing done incorrectly and wish they would have started the process with us.

Is A Registered Agent In Wyoming Required?

Yes, you are unable to use an agent from another state if you live elsewhere. Every company is required to have an agent who is physically located within the state of Wyoming. The agent is needed to act as the public face of the company, so you are able to remain anonymous. If you are unable to comply with maintaining an agent, your company will be dissolved.

Can I Review Them Before Filing?

Your documents will not be submitted for review. One of the few things that will change from one filing to another is the name of the company and the address if you plan to purchase a unique or virtual office. Other than the name, there is really nothing else that will need to be reviewed.

How Much Are Article Amendments?

When amending your filing through the state, you can expect a fee of $50. This is typically used to change the name of the company or transition from an LLC to a close or vice versa. This filing will be accepted and eventually posted online.

Final Thoughts On Articles of Organization

There is absolutely no need to worry about the filing of Wyoming LLC’s Articles of Organization if you decide to hire our formation service. We will take care of the entire process including the filing and the fee. We will use all of our information to ensure you remain anonymous and the process will be done correctly the first time. This is the promise we give to every client who uses our service.