Business Entity Search In Wyoming

Forming an LLC is going to involve choosing the right LLC name for your business and ensuring it is available.

You will have to go through the records to see which names are taken and which ones aren’t. It is best to learn more about what the process entails including the requirements that come along with the process.

The search can be done through –

Key Tip: When you are using the tool, make sure to change “Starts With” to “Contains” as this is going to make it easier to filter out specific names in the database. You will want to make sure nothing is being missed as even a slight mistake can get your application rejected when it is time to apply for an LLC. You have to be as unique as possible or you are going to end up losing your $100 filing fee.


Wyoming Business Entity Search


Searching for an LLC Name

When it is time to begin the search process, you will want to look out for anything remotely similar. This means if you want a name such as “ABC Farms LLC” then it is important to start by typing “ABC” in the database.

The idea is to focus on the core word, so you don’t end up missing specific names where the ending modifier is different. For example, there could be a company named “ABC Farmers” out there.

Also, make sure to remove the designator such as “LLC” when searching. You should also remove all types of punctuation that are in your desired name whether it is quotes, periods, or commas.

The database doesn’t pay attention to capitalization, so that is not going to matter in the process at all. You will also have to pinpoint how similar the name is to other names, which is why you want to use “contains” as the search modifier.

Analyzing the Search Results

1. With a process such as this, you are going to want to look for any name that is similar to yours in Wyoming. If there’s something similar in the records then you should take the safe route and look for another LLC name. It is similar and safer.

2. If you end up with “NO RESULTS FOUND” then you will likely have an LLC name that is unique and can be used.

3. If the LLC name is already on the list then you are not going to be able to take the LLC name in Wyoming. This means it is time to come up with a new name that is available and can be filed for.

4. You should always pay attention to the results that pop up and make sure nothing is remotely similar. Even if it is slightly different, this may be enough to get a rejection from the state.

Active vs. Inactive

There are times when specific businesses will be listed as “Active” or “Inactive.”

With inactive businesses, you are going to see one of two phrases being used – Administratively Dissolved or Revoked.

If you are wondering whether the inactive names are available then it is going to depend on the date. If it has been two years since the name was made inactive then you are good to go.

Naming Requirements for LLC

As you move forward with an LLC name, you will want to understand what the underlying requirements are in the state of Wyoming for LLC names.

Here’s a look at some of the key requirements:

* A complete designator will be required for the LLC name
* The LLC should not be named as if it is an official corporation
* Commas can be used in the LLC name before the designator
* The LLC name cannot be similar to another name in the records
* Specific names involving education or banking have to go through a special approval process

LLC Designators

The LLC Name should include some type of designator including:

* L.C.
* L.L.C.
* LC
* Limited Liability Co.
* Liability Company
* Limited Company

Restricted Designators

When you start using designators for an LLC name, you cannot move forward with anything similar to Limited Partnership or Corporation.

Restricted designators in Wyoming include:

* LP
* Incorporated
* Corporation
* Corp.
* Inc.
* Limited Partnership
* L.P.
* Trust
* Comma in LLC Name

Please note, you do not require a comma in the name.

It is okay to file a name such as “ABC Farms, LLC” or “ABC Farms LLC” and both will be approved as long as there is nothing else matching the name in the records.

Should Not Be A Match or Similar

One of the key details to keep in mind when it comes to LLC names has to do with similarities. You have to make sure everything is organized and stands out when it pertains to the LLC online. If not, it is quite possible for the LLC to not go through as intended and that can lead to frustrating results. You could even end up losing the $100 filing fee that is paid upfront.

This is why it is important to think about your LLC name and how it matches up as a whole. You need something that is unique and is going to stand out for the right reasons. This can be done by taking the time to call or reach out to the Wyoming Secretary of State. The staff is going to be more than happy to help out with the core details including an LLC name’s availability. To do this, just give them a call at 307-777-7311 or send an email to [email protected]

The Wyoming Code is clear when it comes to an LLC name having to be dissimilar to everything else in the records and it shouldn’t be deceptive in how it is named. This means anything similar in terms of trademarks, service marks, or general business names in Wyoming will be deemed ineligible.

You will have to account for designators such as corporations, Inc., LLC, Ltd., LP, and L.L.C.

A good example of this would be wanting a name such as ABC LLC and then noticing there are other names already in the records such as ABC Corp. or ABC Inc.

If that is the case, you will not be permitted to move forward with the name in Wyoming.

It is also important to pay attention to plurals, singular words, and possessive. A good example of this would be wanting to move forward with the name ABC Clinic LLC and then realizing another name such as ABC Clinics LLC is already available. This would mean your name is ineligible.

With the designator rules, you will want to understand this applies to plurals as well. You will have to look for these even if everything else is different or one is singular and the other is possessive.

Punctuation plays a role in this process as well when it comes to specific trademarks in Wyoming. You will have to look out for question marks, hyphens, periods, commas, quotes, and/or apostrophes.

For the state, it all comes down to the core name even if you have tried including punctuation to change things up.

A good example of this would be wanting a name such as ABC Renovation LLC but then realizing there is already a company named A.B.C. Renovations LLC in Wyoming.

If you try to add words such as “The” or “A” before a specific name, this is still going to count as being similar to another business name that doesn’t have the filler word. As mentioned before, Wyoming only looks at the core words rather than what you are using around them.

An example of this would be naming a company “Charming Renovations LLC” and then realizing there is a business in the state named “The Charming Renovations LLC.”

Tips for Making Your LLC Name Unique

Let’s assume you are ready to go through the core details and want to make the LLC name as unique as possible. What are you going to do so this does happen?

You will want to focus on choosing a solution that is unique and can be tweaked. For example, you can start adding numbers as a way to make them different. A good example of this would be ABC Three Renovations LLC.

Special Approvals

There are specific LLC names that have to go through strict approval with the help of the Department of Education or the Division of Banking.

These can include names involving the woods:

* Education
* College
* University
* Insititute
* Institution
* Educational

The same goes for banking words such as:

* Banker
* Bank
* Trust
* Banque
* Banca
& Banquers

Additional Tips

If you have to apply for an EIN, please wait until the Wyoming LLC goes through.

You should not move forward with any business-related expense until this happens including marketing materials, letterhead, signs, and/or business cards.

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