About Business Licenses In Wyoming

Are you preparing to launch a Wyoming small business? If your answer to that question was a yes, there are a number of steps you’ll have to complete in order to get your business off the ground. For example, a permit or state license may be necessary. It may also be necessary for you to register your business with the state. Below, you’ll find additional information about important steps you might need to complete, as well as some of the resources available to you.

Information On Starting A Small Business In Wyoming

If you visit the website for the Wyoming SOS (Secretary of State), you’ll find a section covering Business & UCC. Here, there is information on starting a new business and operating a business. You can find links to many useful resources in this section.

There’s also a resource network on the WBC (Wyoming Business Council) website. In this network, there are links to many organizations that are designed to help people start and grow businesses in Wyoming.

The United States SBA (Small Business Administration) can also be a useful resource. Their Wyoming district office is located in Casper. On their website, you’ll find news and resources relevant to small business owners, as well as a list of upcoming events. In addition, you can find a small business resource guide that’s specifically designed for business owners in Wyoming.

At the Wyoming SBDC (Small Business Development Center), you can learn more about building a successful business. The center offers online and in-person classes, which you can learn more about on the SBDC website. There are also a number of resources, including information on building and marketing your business. You can also find financial assistance resources. Wyoming’s SBDC chapter is actually a part of a nationwide network of centers focused on small business development.


Wyoming Business License


Obtaining Licenses For Your Business

It isn’t always necessary for businesses in Wyoming to obtain a license. With that said, for some types of businesses, permits or licenses are a requirement. In some cases, permits and licenses are intended to be regularly. In other cases, they are specific to occupations. The latter case is covered below.

Categories of regulatory permits and licenses may include:

Environmental Protection


Health & Safety


Public Land

Projects of a Large Scale

With that said, there are a number of other notable categories. There are also permits that are related to taxes.

A number of state agencies issue-specific regulatory permits, including the Department of Environmental Quality and the Department of Agriculture. There is a useful guide on permitting and licensing published by the WBC. Here, you’ll find an overview of different permits and licenses in Wyoming, as well as the agencies that issue these permits. The guide can be downloaded on the WBC site.

In some cases, a license may be issued locally. Requirements for licensing based on the city or town you are in. As an example, there are specific licensing requirements if you are based in Cheyenne. You can learn more about this if you visit the website for the county and city where your business will be operating. In some cases, state or federal law may exempt a business from local licensing requirements.

Filing Business Records

In addition to securing any permits or licenses that are needed, there are certain forms of business, like LLCs (limited liability companies) and corporations that may need to file records with the state of Wyoming. These documents will need to be filed with the Secretary of State (SOS). If you visit the SOS site and head to the Forms & Publication section, you’ll find more information on this.

Securing Professional Licensing

Depending on your occupation or profession, you may need licensing from the State of Wyoming. On the Wyoming DAI (Department of Administration and Information) website, you can find a list of many of the regulatory boards that handle licensing for occupations and professions. If you know the name of the regulatory board you’re looking for, you can try searching the Governor’s Boards and Commissions site for more information. Lastly, the publication from WBC mentioned earlier has a list of the state agencies that handle professional licenses.

Registering Fictitious or Assumed Business Names

It’s common for small businesses to operate under a business name rather than the name of a business owner. On top of that, it’s very common for LLCs and corporations to register their business with the state of Wyoming under one name but use a different name later on. There are many terms that can be used to describe these alternative business names, including “trade name,” “fictitious name,” “assumed name,” and DBA, which stands for “Doing Business As.” Wyoming requires businesses operating under a fictitious name to register that name with the Secretary of State.

Registering Service Marks or Trademarks

Service marks and trademarks have distinct definitions under the law. Still, both service marks and trademarks are a way to ensure a unique and distinct name for a product, service, or business. This can be a way for a business to stand out from its competition. It’s possible to register both service marks and trademarks with the state. It should be noted that this is different from federal registration. You can find additional information on Wyoming’s trademark FAQ websites.

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