ZenBusiness & Northwest Registered Agent

Trying to decide between Zenbusiness vs Northwest Registered Agent service. Do you want to avoid the complexities and hassles of forming your own LLC? If so, you have come to the right place. If you want to form your own LLC without all the complexities and hassles involved in the process, you should work with a reliable LLC formation service.

With hundreds of LLC formation companies out there, choosing a reliable service provider isn’t easy. There are many factors to consider when looking for the best LLC formation service to form your own LLC. We have done extensive research on different LLC formation services operating in the market today and found out that ZenBusiness & Northwest Registered Agent are two of the best LLC formation services on the market today.

ZenBusiness & Northwest Registered Agent are reliable LLC formation services. But how do you choose the right company for your job? ZenBusiness is affordable and Northwest Registered Agent is somewhat expensive. But both the service providers offer excellent customer service, free registered agent service, and many other features to compensate for their prices.

Both these services have their own advantages and disadvantages. You should choose the right LLC formation service depending on your specific business needs and budget. This article provides a comprehensive review of ZenBusiness & Northwest Registered Agent to facilitate your purchasing decision when choosing the best LLC formation service to form your own LLC.


ZenBusiness Vs Northwest Registered Agent

What Do They Have In Common?

Affordability – You will save a significant amount of money in forming your own LLC with the help of these service providers compared to hiring a business attorney to handle the formation process. Northwest Registered Agent is expensive and ZenBusiness is quite affordable for people who want to save money in the process.

But both services offer excellent packages to suit the needs and budgets of different customers. Don’t just choose an LLC formation service looking at their price. You should look at all the features offered by both companies before opting for the best service provider to form your own LLC.

Registered Agent Service – ZenBusiness & Northwest Registered Agent offer a full year of free registered agent service with all of their LLC formation packages. Since every LLC needs to designate a registered agent to receive important document deliveries from the state when forming the company, this is a highly valuable feature. You should take advantage of this feature by choosing one of these service providers to form your own LLC.

Customer Support & Feedback – Both the companies provide excellent customer support while ZenBusiness has a higher volume of customer reviews. Both companies have received high ratings from past customers. You can access Zenbusiness’s customer support via phone, email, and a web-based chat portal. The customer service team is friendly, accurate, and provides timely answers to your questions and concerns. They will reply to an email within one business day.

The team answers phone calls and chats within a couple of minutes. On the other hand, Northwest offers dedicated customer support to each client account. That employee will assist the customer in every step of the LLC formation process. The company will provide the client with its direct contact information so that the customer can contact them whenever he/she encounters a problem.

Efficiency – Both ZenBusiness & Northwest Registered Agent are quick in forming your LLC. They are efficient and can get your formation processed with the state in a matter of days. Even though most other LLC formation services base their turnaround times on the processing speed of each state, ZenBusiness will rush to form your LLC depending on the package you choose.

Compared to most of the other LLC formation services, ZenBusiness is quicker or much faster. To find out your turnaround time, select your state on their website and see how much time it takes to complete the formation process. On the other hand, Northwest Agent bases the turnaround time on the specific state’s turnaround times. Some states process LLC formations in just a few days while other states may take several weeks for the process.

Experience – Northwest Registered Agent was found in 1998. They have already formed around two million business entities up to date. Their website shows that they are currently working with 200+ clients every day. With so many clients, you should expect to see thousands of customer reviews on their website. But you will find only 100 customer reviews on their site. All these reviews are positive. On the other hand, ZenBusiness is fairly new to the scene.

The company was founded in 2015. Even though they are relatively new to the market, you will find thousands of customer reviews on their website. The company has helped thousands of customers with LLC formations and received positive feedback from a majority of these clients.

Additional Services – Both Northwest Registered Agent & ZenBusiness offer many other services to their clients. The client can focus on building the business and less on paperwork thanks to these additional services provided by the service providers.

Side By Side Comparison

Pricing & Value – ZenBusinese has priced its starter LLC formation package at $39 while Northwest Registered Agent’s pricing is much higher at $225. ZenBusiness has the advantage when it comes to the pricing since their pricing is less than 20% of Northwest Registered Agent’s pricing. This is not the only category where ZenBusiness has an advantage over Northwest Registered Agent. But it should be stated that Northwest Registered Agent offers a premium service and the higher pricing is most often justified.

The pricing of ZenBusiness covers many features such as the registered agent service, an accounting assessment, and a corporate bylaws template. If you want to access other premium features such as the annual report service, compliance monitoring, a banking resolution template, and a federal tax ID number (EIN), you can opt for their pro plan which is priced at $149.

On the other hand, Northwest Agent will form your LLC and provide one year of registered agent service for $225. After the first year, the registered agent service can be renewed at a rate of $125 per year. But their service is far from a bargain if you want to save money in the process.

Features – The entry-level LLC formation packages of both companies are almost the same. Both companies offer full preparation and filing of your articles of organization as well as one year’s free registered agent services. Beyond the basic package, ZenBusiness offers a free accounting/tax assessment and an LLC operating agreement template to help the client with his/her accounting, tax, and bookkeeping needs.

In fact, ZenBusiness provides more features than Northwest Registered Agent for the price they charge the client. But the value of additional features might vary depending on your specific business needs. Northwest Registered Agent offers more premium service to specific clients who need their services. The most important thing is to choose the best service provider depending on your specific business needs and budget.

Ease Of Use – The platform of ZenBusiness is user-friendly and easy to use. In fact, ordering business formation services from ZenBusiness is quite simple. You start by selecting the LLC package depending on your needs. You then provide some basic information about yourself and your business. Then you can add the other features depending on your needs. In fact, it is a streamlined process and never gets confusing. On the other hand, Northwest Agent also provides an easy-to-use platform to their customers.

You can place the entire order with Northwest Registered Agent won’t take you even ten minutes. There is no third-party information or upsells throughout the process. Northwest Registered Agent has a slight edge when it comes to ease of use because their website is more straightforward than ZenBusiness.

Registered Agent Service – Every LLC needs to designate a reliable registered agent when incorporating their LLC. This online agent service will receive all the important document deliveries from the state government. They should accept such documents on behalf of the LLC client. The state needs to have a reliable means of contacting your business whenever it needs to do so. That’s is where a registered agent becomes important.

Both ZenBusiness and Northwest Registered Agent offer one year of free registered agent services to all of their clients. This service will cost you at least $99 per year if you order the service separately. On the other hand, Northwest Agent bundles a year of registered agent service with all their LLC formation packages.

You will have to pay $125 a year if you wish to continue with the service after the first year. You should also note that Northwest Registered Agent is the only major national registered agent service that scans every document they will receive on your behalf. The competition will scan only the government-issued documents that they are legally required to scan.

Turnaround Times And Customer Support – Both these service providers show on their website the actual time taken to complete the formation of your LLC. You need to select the state on their website to see how long it will take to form your LLC. But both these service providers are much faster than most of the other LLC formation companies out there. On the other hand, both service providers offer excellent customer support.

Northwest is the leader when it comes to customer support thanks to its Corporate Guide system. They have some of the most helpful representatives compared to other LLC formation services out there. They will answer all your questions and concerns about LLC formation within a short time period. ZenBusiness offers email, phone, and chat customer support from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 9 pm ET. They also work on Sundays from 11 am-8 pm ET. Whenever you contact ZenBusiness, you will receive prompt and accurate responses from their customer support team.

Additional Services – You have access to many other services when you choose either ZenBusiness or Northwest Agent. Both services will help the customer with annual reports, EIN acquisition, foreign registrations, and more. But both these services provide some important services that the other doesn’t provide. ZenBusiness provides bookkeeping services, tax, and accounting services while Northwest doesn’t offer such services. On the other hand, Northwest offers their customers virtual office and mail forwarding options.


What Is The Biggest Advantage Of Each Service?

There are very few services that can beat the price offered by ZenBusiness. All you need to do is pay your state fee and $39 ZenBusiness service fee to form your own LLC. On the other hand, Northwest’s most important benefit is its customer support feature. They have the best support in the industry right now. The high level of personalization offered by Northwest cannot be matched by other LLC formation services in the industry.

Which Is The Best Package From These Services?

Both ZenBusiness and Northwest offer superior quality service packages to their customers. If you are looking to save money, you should opt for ZenBusiness that charges only $39 for its basic LLC formation package.

On the other hand, if you need an LLC formation service that provides quality customer support and walks you through every step of the process, you should opt for Northwest Registered Agent. They charge $225 for the basic package. But you get superior service for the money you spend.

Which Company Offers More Help With Ongoing Compliance Requirements?

Both companies can help you when it comes to keeping your LLC in good stead down the line. If you want to continue with the registered agent service provided by ZenBusiness after the first year, you should pay $99 compared to the $125 charged by Northwest. On the other hand, if you need annual reports, you should be willing to pay $75 to ZenBusiness and $100 to Northwest Registered Agent.

Which Is The Better Option If I Need Publication Service?

In some states including New York, you need to publish the formation of your LLC in a regional newspaper. If you decide to form an LLC in New York, Arizona, Nebraska, Georgia, or Pennsylvania, you should opt for ZenBusiness since they provide publication service and Northwest Registered Agent doesn’t offer this service.

Do These Services Have Upsells Or Third-Party Partnerships?

Northwest doesn’t offer too many upsells or third-party partnership offers on their clients. Instead, Northwest will focus on providing the highest quality service to their clients. You won’t find too many distractions when doing business with Northwest.

On the other hand, you will find a host of upsells in the basic package sold by ZenBusiness. If you don’t prefer upsells and similar distractions, you should opt for Northwest Registered Agent.

Can I Get A Refund?

Once ZenBusiness submits your LLC for filing with the state, you cannot ask for a refund from the company. You should contact ZenBusiness before the LLC has been filed with the state. They will charge a $50 cancellation fee if certain conditions are met. On the other hand, Northwest has a much generous refund policy.

They give the client 60 days to request a refund. If you request a refund within 60 days, the company will refund your money without asking any questions. But they have a $25 cancellation fee.

Final Thoughts

ZenBusiness wins in the pricing and features category while Northwest Registered Agent leads in the customer support category. Even though Northwest has better service quality overall, you need to pay much more for their services.